Friday, December 28, 2007

Little Boy with CF Needs Prayer and Help

Please check out This Blog and post something there if you can help.

Pray for little CFer, Dameron!



Jane-Jane said...

Nate and Tricia, you guys sure do know how to make a girl cry!

It's people like you two that give hope to my heart for this world. It's times like this that I KNOW that there are Christ followers putting feet to relational living.
It's times like this that I can't wait to get to Heaven with those that have accepted Jesus as their savior so that I can "hug your neck"

There's so much to do in such little time, so I don't claim to desire to see everyone this side of Heaven. I just pray that in Heaven there will be time for talking with all my blog friends that are also Christ followers.

Livin' Out Loud for Jesus!

MilePost13 said...