Friday, October 7, 2011


Tricia and Gwyneth and I are spending a month in France...yes, we have already arrived and are into our second full day. You might remember that we came to Grenoble, France for a week with my church band two summers ago on a mission trip. I've been on several overseas trips, but France is the first place I've ever been where, as I got on the plane to go home, I began trying to figure out how I could return as soon as possible. We loved the people, the culture, the food! And, my specific skill set with music and creative arts is something that can really be used.

So, after over a year of planning, we have returned. I am working with a few local Grenoble churches and their musicians. We'll also be looking to serve the local Cystic Fibrosis community in any way that we can. We are also scheduled to visit Rome for a few days to scout out another mission trip that our church is planning for 2012!

We have good internet access at times, so I will be posting photos and updates from time to time.

au revoir