The Book

I officially began writing the book in February of 2012, although I have been considering the thought for a few years. I've had way too many people encourage me to do so to completely ignore the idea, and it is a project that has definitely intrigued me.

Our story has been well documented and publicized due to the power of the internet. Thanks to  handful of friends and family using mostly word of mouth, emails and blog comments our story went “viral”. As of today, the blog has received over thirteen million (13,000,000) unique hits, including one single day that surpassed one-hundred thousand (100,000) hits.

I have been encouraged by many people, family and friends and total strangers to write a book about our story. If I’m going to take the time to put a book together, I want to produce something that people, from the avid CFHusband blog reader to the person who has never even heard of Cystic Fibrosis would consider purchasing and reading…and sharing with others. Which means, a book about our story should offer something, if not many things, that cannot be experienced by reading the blog. Which, brings me to answering that question, “Why a book?”

Let’s face it, if the only thing I were to do with this book was to copy and paste my blog, I wouldn’t even bother to read the book myself for grammatical errors…I certainly wouldn’t expect anybody else to want to purchase a copy when they could read it for free online.

What I am really excited about with this book is that I have had over four years to process the events that took place in 2007 and 2008. I now have a new and different perspective on those events and have been able to filter our story through what has taken place since. If you wish, you can think of this book as a revised, second edition of the blog.

I've created a Facebook Page as a way to keep myself accountable to consistently work on this project. I'll be posting updates concerning my progress, as well as some information about the book as that information is available.

Thank you for your support!