Monday, August 4, 2008


We're now at 91% of our goal of $3000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!! Looks like I'll be going bald for sure!

Also, I'm at 70% of my goal of $15,000 for our Great Strides Walk which takes place in a little more than a month!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who is partnering with me to support blood cancer research through the LLS and a search for the cure for Cystic Fibrosis through the CFF!! I continue to be amazed and humbled by how kind and generous total "strangers" can be.

A commenter pointed out earlier today that I seem to be spending a lot of time recently with fund-raising, and asked if I could "get back to the good old days" of just blogging about life and family, when I wasn't "asking for money all the time". Yeah...well, just a few thoughts...

1) If you want me to really "get back to the good old days", you'll notice that 10 out of 40 of my posts from last September (the first month that this blog was in existence) talked about fund-raising for CFF and/or organ donation. That's 25%. My average (of posts related to fund-raising efforts) over the entire existence of this blog is about 20%. You do the math...

2) Life flows in cycles. I, for one, am incredibly thankful that I can spend more time blogging about fun and world changing things like CFF and LLS instead of what I ate for lunch in the hospital... If you're not into what I'm blogging about this week, but you sure did love me last week, just show a little patience, because I promise it will come back around. It just so happens that our Great Strides Walk is upcoming in five weeks, and my wife is experiencing the effects of her first round of CHOP, all in the same short's a natural thing that I'll be spending more time than usual talking about fund-raising.

3) Fund-raising is a HUGE part of my life now. You want me to blog about my life...well, here it is!!! You find yourself married to a CF, TX, cancer, diabetes, etc. patient and then try to tell me that I should stop blogging about fund-raising and just "blog about my life". If you don't like my life, don't read it! Simple. I blog about what I'm passionate about, and I'm passionate about helping my wife and the millions of others affected by these health issues. Unfortunately, that means talking about finances at times...some people find that uncomfortable...those are just the facts of life.

My blog readers are incredibly generous and compassionate people. I never demand or expect anyone to come with me, but I'll always extend the invitation to people to become passionate about the things I'm passionate about, whether that means giving monetarily, praying, offering encouragement, or simply becoming more educated. Anyone who continually comes back to read about our journey is my hero, no matter how involved they become. The fact that the extreme majority of people who read my blog are totally supportive says a lot about what I blog about.

Neither have I ever tried to take advantage of the fact that I have so many readers. Yes, the fact that thousands of people read my blog every day does shape my blogging to a certain extent, but I'd still be blogging about all of this stuff even if I was still having 50 hits/day (like I was in Sept.)...I might just be asking for $300 instead of $3000. However, I do realize that I've been given a platform, and, with the help of those who are willing and able, I can use that platform to do good things for a lot of people.

So, once again, Tricia and I say THANK YOU! to the thousands of you who read and, through your words, actions, and even silence, show my family and I (and the thousands of others who find themselves in similar situations) unconditional love and support. We wouldn't be here without you!


PS. I encourage you to read through the comments sometime...the stories that others share in the comments are no less inspiring than our own.


Jennifer said...

I guess my comment would have to be that I'm constantly amazed that "total strangers" feel free to comment negatively about anything at all that you post. I think that's pretty nervy! It's your blog. You get to say what you want and you're right...if someone doesn't like it they should stop reading. I will continue to read everyday and I will continue to pray for all of you from here in Michigan.

Tammy C said...

Since you are very fortunate to be able to fund raise for the causes not for yourself-blog all you want about fundraising.The more money used for research then one day there will be cures!

I am looking forward to the bald picture of you!

Curlyqfun said...

I am honestly amazed at what people comment on your blog. Have they forgotten this is YOUR blog??? I'm sure if they don't like your blog then they'd really not like mine - Here's an idea they could stop reading.
I think what you are doing in regards to fundraising is GREAT! You have a platform and why not use it.
I love your blog and have been a faithful reader for over 8months now.
Keep up the stories, rants/raves, fundraising and pictures.

God Bless you and your family!!

Susan said...

Nate: I can't believe some people. What you are doing in the fundraising arena is wonderful - it's not like you are asking for money for yourself - you are out there helping others!! Keep on asking and we will give when we can. You are helping so many others with this money going to research. I just pray that you continue to keep up with your hard work.
Hugs to you.
Susan from California

Katanya said...

Well done on the fundraising efforts! the reason I keep coming back is read about the amazing way you deal with a very challenging life situation, your passion, love and humour are what inspires me..keep up the amazing work

Sara said...

You've been given a great platform and God bless you for using it to it's full extent! As a cancer survivor - until there are cures - we keep fundraising because these diseases will not cure themselves! Blessings on your efforts!

Momof2bz said...

Hopefully, the good kind words of many offset the ignorance of those very few people. I am consistently amazed at how many people are touched by your story and the affect that God has on your life. In a time where some search for any sign of God, you guys are a prime example that He is with us. I thank you for sharing with us and for reminding me that God is always there and available to each and every one of us. I hope that the next few miracles that I get to witness are that of cures being found and Tricia living a wonderful long life. PS - I love reading through the comments and seeing how you touch the lives of others too. If anyone wants to comment negatively, just don't read it. We are here b/c we CHOOSE to be.

*Lissa* said...

Keep at it Nate! You are doing amazing things and don't let anyone take that away from you!

Rick Lawrenson said...

But you know what? No matter how many times you say it or how you say it, there are some people who just don't get it.

You've already heard accusations that you're getting rich off your blog, or the church is buying you a house or whatever the ignorant say.

Keep doing what you're doing because it's a good thing. Although I'm not looking forward to seeing your chrome dome. Been there, done that and it ain't pretty.

Marty said...

I believe God blesses people so they can be a blessing to others. That is what I see Him doing through you. I think it's great that God is using you to raise money for CF and LLS.

Wilson Ramblings said...

Keep on fund raising through blogging! It's a great way to reach many with your story and in turn help many through the fund raising!!! :)

Cara said...

Some people...

What she said is not only offensive to you, but also to the people you are fundraising for, like CFers such as myself.

THANK YOU, not only for your fundraising efforts, but also for raising CF awareness like you have.

You have to make the best out of what life hands you and you guys are going above and beyond.

Always praying for ya'll.

Mrs. Wilson said...

I saw my first CF advertisement on the bus the other day. Before your blog, I probably wouldn't have taken another glance. You and Tricia have brought it to my attention and I thank you for that. My grandfather died of a heart attack that I think was linked to his diabetes. He suffered from it his whole life. My grandmother is a HUGE runs the diabetes campaign in my hometown, so diabetes is definitely a passion of mine.

I wish I could help with your fundraising now, and in the future I know I will be able to. For now I will just pray.


Jen T. said...

Good grief! How sad that people feel the need to comment in a negative way.

I would love to support your efforts for LLS, but I'm gearing up to run my 3rd marathon with Team in Training in January to raise money for them myself. My first two raised over $6,000 each...I'm hoping to do around $10,000 this time. We'll see what happens! (Now that I think about it, it's probably a heckuva lot easier to shave my head than run 26.2 miles, lol.)

Blessings to all of you!

Oma & Opa said...

I would assume that anyone who is not interested in you blogging about what is real has never had to encounter in their family the life threatening diseases of CF or cancer.
I lost a brother to "malignant hyperthermia" at the age of 24, my father to cancer at the age of 53 and another brother to cancer at the age of 36. Last June my son and daughter-in-law had their first child, a son, Lil Chris, who was born with Cystic Fibrosis.
I am proud of you, my daughter-in-law & son, and the many others who share your lives with the world and fundraising happens to be a part of your lives. Our family & friends did the Great Strides Walk and I am proud to say that we raised over $1800 and my son & daughter-in-law raised over $1900. So to you, Nate...YOU GO!!!!!! To those who don't like reading about fundraising...DON"T READ the blogs but I would encourage you to read about the diseases so you have a better understanding.
Praying for you guys.
Betty Ann in New Jersey

Oma & Opa said...

correction to my comment, Lil Chris was born in June of 2007. I said last June.
Betty Ann

Eliza said...

Sometimes it irritates me when people harp on fundraising like something for a personal vacation, or do posts disguised as regular content that are in fact ads instead, or have so many ads that their blog crashes my browser...but I have to say I have never ONCE been offended by your fund-raising on this blog; it's not like you're asking for people to donate to you personally so that you can get a new car or something (although if your family's vehicle was crawling toward the woods and trying to die and you were strapped and needed a new one to get everyone to appointments I think I might, while I can't personally give even five dollars, at least link to you on my blog and urge my readers to do so if they could afford it)...I agree that if you have a platform such as a blog as well-read as yours, then using it to raise money for genuinely worthy causes (and giving people ways to check that that is really where the money is going, as you have) is a great thing to do! And as someone who as read every single post on CFHusband, I can absolutely see why you are passionate about these things; if there was a name yet for what is wrong with my youngest (something genetic, but our geneticist and all of the experts across the country she has consulted, are stumped; every test is negative and the child's constellation of symptoms can be a lot of different things, some of which only time will rule in or out) then you can bet I'd be doing everything I could to help efforts to better treat children just like mine! I am in awe of how much you "give back" in the midst of everything you have going on, and wanted to add my "good job, Nate!" in. If anyone has a problem with my blog, I always do say that there is an x at the time of their browser that can solve it :)

Hopesrising said...

Nate I have lost count a figure on what I have raised as well as what my friends and family have done in my behalf for LLS. But I can honestly say we have that done that for Autism Speaks as well.
I wouldn't change any of it. Its a passion I have because I m so very blessed to still be here.
I talk to people every day in behalf of support for Lymphoma and other cancers.Online in Oncochat. I have learned one thing and that once you help you receive so much in return. It makes you go out and do it again. There is nothing in life like another person who totally understand the road you walk and your family. To me thats my biggest gift knowing there are others out there who know.
I think there will always be negative comments. I ignore them because I refuse to change who I am.
People never lived with a chronic illness such as CF or Lymphoma just don't understand the cost or the finicial cost to families either. Sadly it needs talking about uncomfortable or not its how it is and what happens to many.

My thought is I know what it takes for one week of research for one the countries finest researchers to study something pertaining to the cure of these disease. IT takes $1,ooo per week. Now in that aspect. One could ponder things. Also $3,000 provides six patients with financial aid. This means help with treatment,travel back and forth education and support.Locally . Then there are other ways to think about.
I know myself whats its cost my family over a long time frame for treatment three times as well as follow up care after treatment.

So all I can say Nate and Tricia. As well as to all of you out there who are kind and compassionate enough to care.

You both Rock in my eyes.
Thoughts and prayers

Shari said...

Sheesh! I am amazed at people these days! I fund-raise for what I am passionate about, too. I fund-raise for the American Cancer Society because I am a current cancer survivor in remission. If it's any help, I had family PO'd at me because they thought my blanket email that talked about fund-raising for Relay for Life was a ploy trying to get money for myself. Some choose to be negative and some are positive and completley supportive! I hear ya! I ignore negative and drive forward and don't look back!

BreezieGirl said...

I'm SO impressed that you've nearly reached your goal and SO grateful that so many people have donated to LLS. It makes me so excited. I love hearing about your fundraising efforts (and I'd LOVE some tips if you have them... my fundraising? Not going as well).

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people don't think twice about a certain cause/event/whatever until it hits home.
You guys with CF and LLS and premature hits you RIGHT where you live.
Our family has gotten involved with a different cause because it has hit home and is no longer just something on the son is a soldier in Iraq. We've gotten involved with fixing care packages for the soldiers, sending goodies for them to give to the children over there, stuff like that...
SO...for all those who have an "issue" with you discussing fundraising, etc...just wait until something hits you where YOU live...and you see how fast you marshall any and all resources for THAT cause.
To have something that is so life changing hit your home is something that is VERY difficult to deal with at times, and to find support from others who at least almost more precious than gold.
Not all families live an "easy, breezy life" and when we feel almost helpless, we get up and DO something, even if it feels like the boy who was tossing the starfish back in the DOES matter!
With much affection from VA...


Jamita said...

I've been a reader and a pray-er for awhile but not yet commented. I agree with most of these people that it's YOUR blog and can do with it as you please. I think it is a wonderful way to raise money and awareness for CF and the others and if the people don't want to donate, they won't. But hey... it doesn't hurt to put it out there and ask. So sad for the people who only look for the negatives! Keep up the good work!

melissam2 said...

I think it would be a shame if you didn't use this platform to raise research funds. You all have been very clear that you're not raising funds for your own pocket... and as one who has a currently incurable chronic illness, I wholly understand the desire to make research advances!! And the fact that you are making it FUN while raising funds and awareness is awesome! I consider these the best days, and I've found it fun to check your progress toward your goal daily!! Keep up the GREAT work! My hubby works diligently to raise funds and awareness for my chronic illness, and it is one of my favorite things about him (one on a list of hundreds!)

Beverly said...

Keep blogging about fundraising. It is a huge part of your life, and it's important to raise awareness along with funds.

Anyone who complains obviously doesn't love someone with an incureable disease.

We know.

Jarboetwingles said...

It is safe to say that each of your readers has been touched by the illness or circumstances of a person close to them and had the desire to "do more". You, Nate, have been touched by so many that God has given you this platform to share your passion to "do more". So, I challenge your readers to find a cause they can be passionate about and go for it! DO MORE!! Our insipration to "do more" comes from Riley, a 13 year old girl in our church. Her family has lost their only 2 sons to a cancer condition only ever seen in these 2 boys. Riley has organized Alex's Lemonade stands through out our community for 4 years now raising over $70,000. Her efforts this year in coordnating 200+ volunteers and numerous stands raised over $23,000 in ONE DAY!! You can see the video from this year on You Tube. Just search for Bowling Green's Alex's Lemonade Stand 2008 (wish I knew how to put a link in here :)
Thanks Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth for being the example of hope for all the causes you care about!!

Katie said...

I just want to say Thank you for doing all that you do supporting all of us CFers. Your an amazing person and you have two very amazing girls in your life. Just continue what your doing and ignore those negative people they don't know what they are talking about your blog is great!(If it wasn't I wouldn't sit here and read it everyday!)

Allison Craig said...

Please do not ever let those people who post negative things to your blog discourage you from reaching out and asking people for help. I think it is absolutely amazing the things you are doing while faced with so many challenges. You are taking something so difficult and trying to help others along the way. The world needs more people like you!

Cfer said...

THANK YOU for continuing to raise money for CF! It is very much appreciated! God bless you guys!

Jane-Jane said...

Nate, I LOVE your blog, every post. It's your life and the passion God has given you. Without passion, life is rather boring. I for one am disappointed that my life is ramping up to be REALLY busy and my reading time is somewhat limited. However, my prayer time is still going strong, so I'm still praying for you, Gina, Anthony & his friend, and the young lady in S.Africa...along with all the others that I pray for on a VERY regular basis. As well as the donor families.

Keep on being passionate! Live out loud!

careysue said...

You know it saddens me that you have to keep addressing this issue of money.
Please, you don't owe anyone an are a man that loves his wife and daughter.
We do the same for our son that has CF.
It's a natural thing to do. You just happen to have a forum that reaches hundreds of thousands of people. So, Nate, keep doing what you're doing You're helping so many people.

You are a wonderful human being and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the money you have raised to help find a cure.

Anonymous said...

Praying for those that do not really understand your purpose in blogging. Thank you for doing all you do to help others. It is incredibly selfless and, I believe, just how God planned it.

Niki Nickel said...

Nate- your dad is a very wise man.

Rachael and Travis said...

Can I just say...oh, nevermind. You've already asked us not to many posts ago. Oh, well. I'll just say thanks for blogging. :)

Somer Love said...

Keep up the great work!!! You are simply AMAZING!


Kerry said...

I appreciate your fund raising efforts!! This is helping my sister, who has been waiting 6 months for new lungs, plus sooo many others! So thank you for doing what you are doing. Your blog has made me feel that we are not alone as we continue to hope and pray for a cure. You have a great platform and I thank God that you are using it. You Rock!!!

Grammie said...

Keep up your wonderfully selfless good work with fundraising!

You are following your big, generous heart and trying to make the world a better place for those that follow you. What a purpose-driven life...and what a beautiful tribute to the love and passion that you have for your family.

I say, "Good for you!"
You certainly have my blessings!
Take care.

JJ&K said...

I, for one, think that you have and continue to do amazing things through your blog--the least of which is to raise money for some very worthwhile causes. My father is a researcher in maternal-fetal medicine and a lot of the advances they have made in that field couldn't have been done without the kind of awareness and fund raising people like you do. Way to go, Nate!

seven is enough said...

Very well said Nate !!
I am one of your loyal readers that not only applauds you for all of your many attempts to help Tricia and others in need, but I have been touched by you in ways you will never know. I have not been able to help you out money wise , but I have been a prayer warrior for all the people you have brought to my attention.I find myself a happier person due to the reason that I now know how petty some of my complaints are based on the stories I have read on your blog.Keep doing what you do best,telling it like it is , and lets both pray for those that have not found their compassion yet in regards to fundraising and helping those in need.

holly said...

I think its great that you are fund raising for causes that are close to your heart. I will be walking in the Great Stride Walk here on the Outer Banks next month. I lost a friend to CF in college and your blog has really opened my eyes to what he had gone thru in his life. I am also fund raising for a walk that I am doing in October for Juvenile Diabetes. My 5 year is diabetic...and I will do what ever it takes to help find a cure for this awful disease. Way to go. I think it's awesome that your blogging is making a postive impact.

Carey said...

Wow! I'm a bit backed up and just catching up on you guys. Personally, LOVE that you're fundraising!!! With my daughter just finishing chemo for leukemia, we're equally as passionate. It just breaks my heart that Tricia has yet another hurdle to overcome, but I know she will.

LLS is a fabulous organization, are you participating in a Light the Night Walk? We're doing fundraising for that right now, and in fact I had a question about that for you, but would prefer email. Also had a Mac question for you, you seem pretty computer savy. (I talk like I know you, ha! Just a regular reader!)

Well if you can, email me at:, thanks!

Carey and Chelsea

ktsmom said...

From a mom to a CF'er, thanks for raising awareness and funds. I keep your family in my prayers.