Friday, August 8, 2008

Time Zone?

For those of you who are trying to figure out what time the live video will be showing where you live, Click Here.

We're in the same time zone as New York City.



Stacemoe said...

Am I really the first to comment??? How exciting!!! Can't wait for tonight Nate! You are awesome and doing so much good! I promise not to make fun of the bald head! I am sure it will be beautiful!!!!!! Enjoy the last few hours with a head full of hair! :)

LJR said...

So Mr Clean jokes wouldn't be very appropriate? LOL Good luck tonight and I am sure you will look just as handsome as ever. I will try to stop by. What a wonderful thing you are doing and I hope you realize that!

(emmas mom)

Anonymous said...


I have linked it on my page if that is o.k. This is an amazing story, PRAISE GOD! Your family will now be in my thoughts daily. Again, Amazing. Our God is an awesome God.

Carol said...

Bummed I am going to miss this! Hope you post a video for those of us who cannot watch it live. Way to raise $ and awareness!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nate

Thank you for the link - I work with a company based in Rochester so I should have been able to work it out lol.

I will see what I can do but I'm not sure if I will still be up at 1am!!!!! (BST)

Han =D

Julie D said...

How appropriate that it's 08/08/08...because when those clippers get near Nate's head he's probably going to be saying "Oh wait! Oh wait! Oh wait!!!"

Can't wait to see pictures!!

jamie said...

Oh Lordy. This should be VERY interesting. Gwyneth may decide "I don't be knowing any bald dude!!..Mommy, HELP!! heh
God Bless you all
Jamie in Texas
PS Does this mean you'll be wearing more ball caps? I could overnight you a Stetson! ;)

Jarboetwingles said...

Do you realize that your balding is taking place in the middle of the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics!?! Ah Who cares!! We can record that, this is a monumental feat! And I am sure it will be more entertaining!!
Can't wait Nate!

Jennifer said...

90 minutes until buzz off. :)

Angela R. said...

In about an hour you will be BALD! Cant wait to watch!!!

Good Luck!!