Tuesday, February 10, 2009

65Roses4PattySue Update

Tricia has updated Her Blog! I think our family and friends will especially enjoy this post...



Rachel E. said...

I love the list of what she'd like to pass on to Gwyneth. It inspires me to want to grow into a person who will be that kind of mother someday. Thanks for sharing, Tricia!

Sarah said...

I love the picture on the main page. Gwyneth looks like one of those print ad babies.

Rebekah said...

Tricia and Nate,
can't figure out to leave comments on trica's blog...somehow i missed your blog a bit ago on G's bday. i remember that day too. from afar completely. but i remember carolyn being alone at cheryl's wedding and joe being down there with you all and just praying and hoping for you guys. i can't thank you enough for opening your hearts to everyone the past year. many days you were my only source of hope and i kept saying, if they can keep believing, so can i. thank you. thank you, Father God for miracles and hope and never ever leaving our side.

Cathy said...

I have tried to get into Trica's blog but for some reason I can't. I really would like to read it since I have kept up with your blog for the past year. Is there another link or something I could type in to get to it?

Willow Academy said...

over a year after starting to follow your story I am so happy for you all. you are very inspiring and isn't God good?
you are a great family.

The High Family said...

Am I the only one who can not view Trish's website?

The words have a black covering over them. Is it because the site was created by a MAC? I've noticed this happening with other sites that were created on MAC too.

I did see Gwyneth's pic though...too cute!

Thanks for sharing. :)