Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Operation Backpack - Free School Supplies for Dare County

Operation Backpack offers free school supplies for Elementary School children in Dare County, NC.

Distribution will take place at Nags Head Church (MP 13, just south of Jockey's Ridge) on:

Wednesday, August 12 from 6 - 8pm
Friday August 14 from 6 - 8pm
Saturday, August 15 from 8:30am - Noon

Supply lists and supplies for 1st through 5th grade for KHES, FFES, NHES and MES will be provided. Supplies are limited.

Call 441-7548 for more information about distribution, or to inquire about making a donation.

Operation Backpack is a Community Event sponsored by Nags Head Church, Staples, and OBXtreme Magic.


HoundDogMom said...

They do this in my hometown (Bloomington, IL) as well. It is amazing how much stuff they get to assist the kids with their school supplies. It is so great to see these kids when they receive their school supplies, they are so proud. Have a great day. Sherri

Anonymous said...

This is a great thing that your community is doing...I wish my small town would work together to do something so great for families that cant always afford the things their kids need.

Megan and Company said...

Elisha: Contact your local churches, schools and/or civic organizations to get it going! "Small towns" are often the best at getting great grassroots operations started.