Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Transplant School Part 2

I attended my second class of transplant school today. Here are some observations and facts.

> About 7 people have received their new lungs in the past few weeks. They say that these things happen in spurts...a few months with just a few, and a few weeks with several.

> Learned more than I ever wanted to know about the surgery and immediate recovery...I'd write more if this blog wasn't PG rated... Just pray you NEVER have to have a lung's basically equivalent to surviving the most severe blunt-force trama car crash you can imagine.

> Duke seems to have NO idea what they're doing...they're short-staffed, they've recently gone to a "business style" with their transplant proceedures, lots of miscommunication, etc. It's very comforting..........

> Tricia is most definitely the youngest patient in the room the past two 40 + years, at least.

> There are four (depending on who you ask) stages of transplant prep: Evaluation, Candidate, Listed, Activated. Technically, Tricia is still only a candidate.

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Sounds pretty tough...

Our prayers are with you.