Thursday, November 8, 2007


Tricia's sleeping beside me. It's our last night here at this home.

We've got several people coming tomorrow to help us pack and move. Thanks in advance!

The drive home tonight was especially was either that it was dark the entire trip, or it was that I ate about 10 pieces of pizza immediately before leaving, or a combination of both.

Thanks Megan and Leah for flying down just to hang out with us this week, and Agnes for driving out to spend time with us (Leah). ;)

Ralphie is always excited when we get home for the weekend. My dad and/or Sue usually come spend some time with him, but he's still starved for attention. He basically spends the irst few hours upon our arrival running around and butting his head against any available part of our bodies. He's laying on top of Tricia right now. I think he's going to love grandma.

BTW, my grandma is moving into this house on Saturday, and she's going to be caring for Ralphie for the time being. Meka will miss him. They are best of friends...can you say "Milo and Otis"?

This weekend is going to be crazy. I'm not completely looking forward to waking up tomorrow...



Megan and Company said...

Hope your weekend hasn't been too rough!

Thanks for the fabulous visit. Can't wait to plan our next trip.


Andy Lawrenson said...

uhhhhh, what about your now blogging uncle?

Great pics of the animals.

Check out my blog on burger chef (it's before your time)

CFHusband said...

what about him?