Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hospital Observations

> My elevator made a stop at every floor from 7-1 on the way down to the caf yesterday...that's the first time ever. Once in a lifetime was good enough for me.

> The one-serving Crystal Light packets are the cheapest way to get a good drink around here (except for the free chocolate milk).

> There are always a ton of people in the waiting room on the third floor.

> Most nurses have personalitities. Most doctors do not.

> Most male doctors have beards.

> Some nurses have beards (guys and girls...).

That's all for now.



Agnes said...

In my experienc, I have found that the nurses are the backbone as well as the heart of the hospital.

Janet said...

Don't worry. She's not biased at all. ;)

Janet said...

I should add, I made that comment. I'm here at P-land babysitting. In the craziness I didn't sign into my own account.

Patience Leino said...

ah, hospital life. gotta love it...

we've been thinking of & praying for you both hugely these past two weeks! love you guys!

CFHusband said...


Megan and Company said...

I should further add that "I" in the third post is me, Megan.

I blame the fact that I was stuck in a house with 4 kids under 3 for the serial, absent minded posting.

Thodgson said...

Megan, hats off to your bravery with the four under three. That is amazing. Tricia heard you are on the way home for sure. I am praying for safe travels and thanking Him for what a wonderful family (underlined, bold, caps) you have!!

Anonymous said...

just so you know, if i made hospital observations of my own. the list would be NEVER ENDING. thats all.


Emily said...

Hey Nathan and Tricia!
I have to say...from my own experience, you're not too far off- i've met a few female nurses with beards... :)

Its been great keeping up with you guys through this blog, know that you both are in my prayers constantly!

Your "cf friend" in california :),

CFHusband said...

Hey Emily...thanks for checking in. I keep up with you on Facebook.