Tuesday, April 30, 2013

(Bump) Organ Donation Myth #4

Myth - An open casket funeral is impossible after organ donation.

Truth - Unless you plan on being naked at your funeral, organ donation does not effect an open casket funeral in any way.

In fact, throughout the entire organ recovery process, the deceased body is treated with the utmost respect and care, in large part to insure that an open casket funeral is possible. Even bone, skin and eye donations are completely undetectable under normal circumstances (again, if the body is clothed and eyes are closed).



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Blessings From Above said...

Thanks, Nate. I have heard that before and must admit that although it did not influence my decision to become a donar, I believed the myth none the less.
Thanks for clearing things up!

You, Tricia and baby Gwenyth have been and will continue to be in my prayers!

Tracie said...

Nate, I loved your answer on this one!

Chelle' said...

Nate- I'm so glad you shared this information. This is actually something I've wondered for a while. (Not the organ donation in the core but the eyes etc.)

Thanks for clearing this up.

Kathryn said...

Could you do an open casket if the donor gave skin too ?

Just wondering, its a question I have had for quite a while.

Sara said...

wow, never heard this rumour, but glad you've put it to rest!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oops, tryin' it again.

My grandma always said how much she hated hearing comments on the deceased at funerals. She reminded us often not to have an open casket for her. "Dead people don't look 'natural', they just look dead."

This myth had never crossed my mind or affected my plans to be a donor. :)

Beth said...

My dad passed away suddenly last year and when they were asking about the organ donation, I knew the normal, heart, lungs, etc. But, they started asking about eyes, skin, bones, viens (for dialysis patients) I was amazed that they could use all of that. We agreed to it all and had an open casket for my dad and you couldnt tell one bit that any of the above was missing. Through the horrible sadness and tradgedy of my dad being taken away from me so early, the one thing I am comforted on is we heard that 2 people are now able to see because of him. His eyes were the perfect shade of blue. We have peace knowing that some other families have been helped and my dad still looked like the beautiful man he was.
Thank you so much for bringing so much attention to this matter!
Many prayers for you and your family. I am just so happy for you all. May God continue to bless you.

Anonymous said...

Nate & Tricia,
When the time comes, would you provide us with a safe address that we could send some diapers/wipes to? I'm sure your hesitant to post registry information to the whole world (that'll open up a can of worms about which "products are best" :) ) and you don't need that headache ... but I know that many of us would love to bless you with the necessities :)

The Browns said...

You know it is really interesting that you put this myth up. I went to my donor profile in TN and actually checked that I didnt want any of my tissue used for reasearch purposes only for transplant and live saving purposes,now the organs I said for both on b/c I know no one is going to want my CF lungs, (hopefully I will have a transplant by then and wont have them, but even my pancrease thats not a good one either for someone to get) but I want them to be able to reasearch that and see how CF affeted it.

Cassie said...

I have to say comming from a TX family these are hilarious to know that people really thinkg this way.

I am going to have to link these to my fmaily blog if you don't mind!

Becky said...

Dude, you have a way with words! LOL!

mom nana nelson said...

Nathan, hahahahaha
"unless you plan on being naked at your funeral......" hahahaahah
that just cracked me up ahhaahhaha,
I will be laughing for a long time to come, "unless you...." hahhaha
still praying for you & yours
Patricia N.

Anonymous said...

Nate,what happens to the old organs that are removed from the transplant reciever?
I know its not very relevant but im intruiged.

Laura (UK) CF sister

mooremom3 said...

Heya Nate,
Glad to see truth spoken with love, and some humor too. Our almost nineteen year old son gave all his organs, skin, tissue, corneas, long bone. I speak on organ donation now hoping to a) glorify God b) honor my son Brian c) equip others with truth, so they might give what they don't need, and bless a life that is waiting for a second chance. You said this so well!!! And, we did have an open casket, too. Brian's head trauma from a work accident was confined to the back of his head, but the swelling that happened is the only thing that so changed his appearance. That had so nothing to do with the life gifts he gave.
Please, for this momma's heart, address the use of the cold callous term some still use, when they refer to their donor....a man at the recent Lifesource "Celebrate Life" volunteer recognition event used it as he spoke, I wanted to cry OUT or RUN out...... here is that cold sharp term, doctors used to use. Cadaver.
My child was a gift giver, as he lived and breathed, and after he could not live here on earth, and fled to glory.
Deceased donor, is the proper term, if you need one, or most recipients I am so blessed and honored to know, say " my donor". It says it all.
Loving the pictures. Many prayers still coming your way, but to see these pictures, is an answer to my heart's cry, on your behalf.
Love in Jesus,
Deb ( Brian's mom always )

mooremom3 said...

ooops, to answer the one about skin, I can do that because I colead with medical people. Here are a few more facts. Our son gave skin, no one knew. It is taken from the donor's back, from the donor's upper thigh area. It can save lives, when used for burn victims..actually.
Another myth you exposed, about if it's on your driver's lisence, they won't try to save you. Oh I had that one, in my head, and no one told it to me, we just have those inner fears we don't usually speak out loud for fear of sounding foolish. Brian did not have his driver's license on him while he worked, it was in his car. The medical team at HCMC. here in MN worked with everything they had to give him every chance to live. It is true, it is our experience. All night, as they very painstakingly found no brain activity, they tested carefully for brain death. There was no rush. Had there been ANY response, ANY sign, the process would have spun around to again fighting to make his progress possible. I don't know if I phrased that right, it is an emotional memory, of the night my own son died. But I watched the fight for his LIFE. No one asks whether this is a designated donor. That thought is not there, until brain death is a fact. Brain death is death. It is irreversible. ( by the way, Terry Shaivo was NOT brain dead, she was deeply brain damaged. She breathed on her own, and could swallow. Brain dead patients cannot breathe on their own, they must be ventilated. They cannot swallow, their pupils are fixed, and she could and did see, and respond. )
Sorry. I get that brought up, so I figured I'd clear it up, if anyone thought of that here. That dear lady died by starvation, not brain death.
Another fact. The team of doctors who work on any person in the hospital, is a whole separate set of surgeons etc......from the organ procurement team. They are not together at all.
More here than you wanted to know, but for the sake of others who are waiting for organs, let's spread truth, and free people to sign up to donate. Only like 5% of us die in such a way that we CAN donate, and of those, 1% choose to donate. That is sad.

Kat said...

I hate that we didn't get a chance to donate my husband's organs when he died last year. It was something he did always want to do, and yes, telling your family your wishes is SO important. When you lose someone you love, making any decision is hard. But already knowing the answer eases that Burdon.

Mooremom3 - I am so sorry for your loss.