Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A New Stanfield On The Way

If you remember me posting about The Stanfield Family a few times, you might be interested to know that baby Faith is on her way tonight.

The first time I posted about Kenzie was when her premature son arrived and passed away on January's hard to believe it was that long ago and everything has now come full circle. Wow...feels like yesterday and an eternity ago.

Click Here to visit the Stanfields' blog and leave them a note of encouragement. We're hoping for great news soon!



Emily said...

I just happened to check in on the Stanfields earlier this evening & this news had not broken! I'm praying for them, too!! Thanks for letting us know!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

I have been following them and praying for them since you introduced their blogs.. I can not wait to meet baby Faith.

Vic said...

I can't believe Faith is coming! I am praying and can't wait to meet her. I have been following that blog for awhile thanks for letting us know.

Unknown said...

You've been tagged!!

Yes, I know. I know.
Been reading you for....well since ya started. And I just got my own blog.
I got tagged and wanted to link to my favorite blogs.

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Stephanie said...

I'll pop over and leave a comment. Thanks!

Jen said...

God is good.

Judy said...

Thanks for pointing me to this family months ago! It's been an honor to pray for them as God has carried them over this past year! And doesn't Kenzie always have the perfect verse to go with each post?! Her blog is always such an encouragement and I'm rejoicing at the blessing of this new baby girl for them!

Chris and Emily said...

Thanks for your update on the Stanfields. I was so thrilled when I saw their announcement.

I've been thinking about you guys even more recently as my almost 3 year old son just got tested for CF. His results came back fine( praise God) but I believe even the scare opened up a new way of praying for you guys.

I have followed your blog for I don't even know how long and am not sure if I ever left a comment before.

We have a true little miracle baby of own if you ever feel like popping on over to check us out.

Kenzie said...


THANK YOU so much for posting about our newest addition. We are SO THANKFUL for her and God has continued to answer our prayers... as He continues to do for your family as well. Thank you for your prayers and for the prayers of your loyal readers!

Much love and prayer for all 3 of you... great, optimistic news for Tricia. YAY!


~Luckily for us, Clare was an easy choice since it was my grandfather's middle name. Crazy huh? Rose is beautiful!