Thursday, January 29, 2009

CFHusband Lost Videos

So, there is a lot of video that we've shot over the past year that we've never shown anyone. In fact, we've been spending some time the past several days watching all of our video of Gwyneth, most of which we haven't even seen since we shot it. To be totally honest, it's incredibly emotional for us to watch a lot of this video, as much of it not only brings back old emotions but also brings on new emotions, knowing what we now know and loving Gwyneth as much as we now love her.

We'd like to share some of these videos, mostly uncut and unedited, with you. I won't post them in any kind of chronological order or importance, and I can't tell you how often or exactly how many I will post. What I can tell you is that these videos are very special to us...some of them are very quiet moments that might not be of any interest to you, and others are very silly times that might not make any sense to you. We share them because we believe that we still have stories to tell...we believe that God still wants us to remind each other of His gifts, both great and small that help to explain His love for you and I.

Look for the first of these videos tomorrow (Friday) sometime.




Christy said...

I love having a blog to be able to have a running commentary with pics of our life. You have done such an awesome job of posting entries, pics and videos. Even the hard parts. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your 'lost' video.

Amanda said...

no matter what, no matter when... if it means something to you, it means more to us "readers" because you choose to share it with us. I've come to love you and your family as much as I would my own. Please know that you are always in our prayers.

Love in Christ,


Renee said...

Same with us. You are in our daily prayer regime. I feel honored that you would choose to share these intimate moments with us. Looking forward to it!

Pam D said...

As much as I loved the video you just posted, I can't wait to watch what God lays on your heart to share.

Missy said...

Looking forward to whatever you are willing to share! You guys are an inspiration to me.

P.S. CF question....Does Tricia think living near the beach helps her CF? I am standing here in a foot of snow considering my options.... lol

Michelle Jamie said...

yay!!! Can't wait!

Em said...

Thank you for letting us become a part of your lives, as well as you become a part of ours.
I'm looking forward to these.

Hugs to all (((((( ))))))


Daniele said...

Speaking of gifts, I wanted to share a gift you gave to us without even knowing it:

We know and love some of the same folks up there on the ICN...happy belated birthday, Gwyneth, and thanks, Nate, for helping us establish a birthday tradition.

kidsworld said...

Amanda took the words right out of my mouth! You'll never know how much we look forward to your "meaningless" videos. I always remember you saying that you aren't a big thought sharer, but the real you always comes thru in your videos as well as your writing. Don't think for a minute that us readers might not care to understand you a little better or might not enjoy those quiet or silly moments nearly as much as you do. We remember what you went thru this last year and appreciate reflecting back to those uncertain times knowing where you are today. We are all changed in some way, not because of time alone, but your experiences and their impression upon us! I can't say enough, THANK YOU!

refreshing (daily) in ohio!