Thursday, September 17, 2009


I thought I'd make you a little jealous by showing you the slushy machine from a warning, if you don't want to see what the back of my throat looks like, look away from about :55 to 1:07...

Feel free to come on over and stay cool with me!



April said...

Looks perfect for healing from your tonsillectomy! I had my tonsils taken out when I was 30! I had watched my brother get his taken out when he was in his 30's too, so I knew it would be bad and put it off until my husband begged me to take care of it (my breath was murderous!)...yeah, the pain was just that for me too. I was thankful for the drugs and was surprised that I still needed full doses right up until the 2 week marker.

I was glad that my three kids have now all had them out when they were 3 because they indeed healed soo fast. I didn't want them to grow up and have the pain I experienced. They did have troubles with them with some sleep apnea, enlarged tonsils and restlessness when sleeping. I was also surprised that 3 year olds even have a better time than 5 or older kids do or so I noticed from other families that waited to have it done. My first one got done with surgery, made it home and was ready to eat mac and cheese and never acted like she had surgery. Same for my second child. In fact they never even knew that there should be pain with any of it, they missed that part (PTL!). My youngest one had them out in May and he did have some pain when the meds would wear off. I had a hard time keeping up with the meds in the middle of the night, but it got better and within 7 days he got over it all, whew!

Anyway, just sympathizing with you that I understand what you are going through and pray yours heals well and fast!

One more thing, my husband also has sleep apnea and they had said that taking his tonsils wouldn't help it. He did have his sleep test taken years ago and he also stopped breathing over 90 times an hour. I was so happy that he had the test done even when he was only 26 I think (hard to beleive that he has used a cpap for the past 9 years). Although it was strange once he started using the cpap mask that he sleeps so quietly...I was used to his train horns blaring all night! Funny what you get used!

OKay, one last thing and just a bit of a 4 year old was snuggling with us this morning and checking out daddy with his mask on. I asked him what that was that daddy was wearing and he called it his "nose picker". Yeah, 4 year old's see things differently don't they?!

Have a great day and may the Lord bless you and your family greatly today!!!

Anonymous said...

Does it make me a total nurse dork that I watched the video just so I COULD see what the back of your throat looks like?

Yeah, I thought so.

SaraG said...

Oh man, I want a slushy machine!!!
Hope you are feeling better Nate.
My hubby has sleep apnea. He had some nasal surgery in May and they also clipped his uvula (hangy down thingy)
Take care and enjoy those slushy's!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that is awesome - I would love a slushie machine. Unfortunately I am in Utah, so making it over to Sea Freeze would be an ordeal.

What I loved best about the entire video were the drug eyes. You looked like you might fall asleep at any moment.

Heal well and take care of yourself. I bet Tricia appreciates being on the other side of it for once!

Momof2bz said...

I looked away :) You look and sound good. I hope that you have a speedy recovery. I am sure that Tricia is taking very good care of you :) Enjoy your slushies!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I am REALLY IMPRESSED at how well you're talking! I could hardly whisper for more than a week!

I AM jealous of your slushee machine, but so thankful that you've got it! Maybe THAT'S why you're talking so well!

Sylvie said...

Thank you for showing us the back of your throat! Lovely sight! : )

We hope that you will feel better soon,

judith said...

Nate, glad you are feeling better however, my gag reflex kicked in when you were showing your throat...I am glad I had lots of paper in my trashcan :(

You sound pretty good too, how cute was Trish popping into the video!! Judith

purejoy said...

looks tasty. and you look loopy!! heal well!

The Goodman Family said...


Well, years ago my ENT suggested that I have my tonsils removed and I have been putting it off. After a horrible year with my allergies, I was re visiting the idea of having the tonsilectomy. I watched the video out of curiosity to see what your throat looked like post op. I have now offically decided that I WILL NOT have the tonsilectomy. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are doing waaayyy better than I did when I had my tonsils taken out by Dr. Scher last year! Funny how different bodies react differently. I literally couldn't talk for a week, barely swallow or even get out of bed.

I'm so glad you all are doing well. Glory to God!

Marla Vermillion

Hilary said...

Hang in there buddy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nate, it looks like your throat is healing. I never thought of it but since i have had a cold/sore throat lately i have been sucking down the icee brand popsicles,they come in cherry and blue rasberry flavors and are so yummy.~Darlene

Catherine said...

Ouch!!! I remember that surgery well. Had it when I was in my late 20's. You may not face this but I found I choked more easily after it for a bit and just needed to eat a little differently since that hanging thingy doey in the back of my throat was now AWOL.

Hope the surgery is successful for you!

Mmmmm...personal slushie machine. Great idea!!