Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yes, I am. I've had lots of blog readers ask if everything's OK because I haven't posted in a while...everything great, which is exactly why I haven't posted in a while. Too busy. With a week of vacation, and then a week in France on our mission trip coming up shortly, life has been full. Sorry if that's tough on you, but remember that you can always check in on my Twitter if you want to.



purejoy said...

busy is a good thing, and yes, i've missed you too, but i follow you on fb and twitter, so all is good.
i have tried to pop over to trish's blog and the link on your sidebar sends me to a page. don't know what that's all about but i thought i'd mention in case you weren't aware.
enjoy your preparations for france. with ur lil princess be going with you?

Kira =] said...

I figure no news is good news! so I'm glad to see you aren't posting as much. It means that you're spending that much more time with your girls! YAY!!

Skye said...

glad to hear you are off having fun! you shouldn't feel obligated to blog when the alternative is spending time with your family. keep enjoying the summer weather and have a wonderful time in France!

Jenn... said...

So glad you are able to spend time with Tricia and Gwyneth!

I volunteered at a Great Strides walk last month. It was great!

Rhonda said...

I completely had on my mind what Kira said. No news is good news, I do follow on Twitter/FB, and from that I know you are getting to enjoy your family which is the way it should be. We haven't forgotten you!

~j~ said...

whew! thanks for the update, went to your Dads blog just to make sure :))
love to all,

Jennifer said...

hahahahaha. Apologizing to your fans! I love it. I also love that things are going so well that you aren't posting several times a day like you were two years ago! Life is good.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything is going so well! :D All 3 of you deserve nothing but GOOD things! Gwyneth & Trisha are both so amazingly beautiful and amazingly brave/inspiring that I'm sure you can see why so many of us love following your blog. (Well, that and the awesome photos you take!)

I think it's cool you have Twitter. I'm one of the few folks I know of, however, who doesn't use it. *blush* It's mainly because I'm an adult with ADHD & I admittedly have very bad time management skills, not to mention a distracting addiction with all things Internet-related. :"< So I made a command decision long ago NOT to join Twitter. As it is, Facebook is an unbelieveable time vampire for me.

But since I just noticed "purejoy" mention that she keeps up to date w/ you on Facebook, I wondered if you'd be willing to friend me there? :) I'm Shari Kaplan -- there's a surprising number of folks w/ name name on FB, but I'm the one who lives in San Jose, California (if that shows up) & my current userpic is one of me & my boyfriend in a park, wearing sunglasses & looking to our right (or the viewer's left. *chuckle*)

Good thoughts coming your way as always,
Shari :)