Monday, February 21, 2011

Nathan Lawrenson Photography

I am gearing back up for business for the 2011 season over at Nathan Lawrenson Photography. I had the great pleasure of shooting for several blog readers last's always a blessing to meet those who have been praying for our family and following our story.

If you're vacationing on the OBX this year and are interested in setting up a shoot with me, please head over to Nathan Lawrenson Photography and contact me ASAP as my schedule is quickly filling up.



Unknown said...

I just love the new design of your blog. I would love to talk to my hubby and perhaps schedule a shoot. I have followed your story since before your beautiful daughter was born. I prayed and prayed for you guys when you were all in the hospital. I am so glad things have turned out well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan... a thought for the future perhaps? Looking at some of the photos you have recently taken of snow on the beach I thought 'That's gorgeous; wish I had a copy!'. Perhaps as a CF fundraiser you could post high-res images on your NLP blog which people could download and print at their leisure. I'm sure a small NLP logo in the corner wouldn't go astray either!! Good luck with all your new and continuing adventures! Neala (in Australia, Mom of CFer, age 3)

Michelle Long said...

I have been following your post for a few years and enjoy reading and looking at your awesome photography. I came across an article this morning in our state newspaper (Columbia, SC) that I thought would spark your interest. For all I know, you may know this mom personally, but I thought I'd not be doing this family a service if I didn't pass it along to such wonderful CF folks as you and your family.

Beverly said...

Hey Nate, didn't know you had a blog... that was stupid of me.. Knew your story was out there but never put two and two together. Hope Trish and little bit are well.. Sophie just had a two week stay at Duke.. kind of on edge now..