Sunday, April 3, 2011

Disney (Part 1)

Yes, indeed...I surprised Tricia and Gwyneth with a trip to Disney World's Magic Kingdom a few months ago! A birthday gift for Gwyneth, but something that Tricia has had on her bucket list for years. I'd been secretly planning this trip for nearly a year, and Tricia had no idea where we were going until we arrived at the airport! She didn't even know we were going anywhere until a few days before when I told her to start packing!

I did the Disney thing with my family when I was younger, but Tricia had never been. I have to say that it was just as fun (if not more so) to go as a parent. Although Gwyneth may not remember much about this trip when she is older, she definitely loved the experience, and it was so much fun to watch her face all day long. I'm pretty sure that Gwyneth still doesn't have any idea what "Disney" means...she's had very little exposure to Mickey and the gang before this trip, and she certainly had no idea what we were doing until we arrived. But she was amazed, nonetheless.

It was also great to have my sister Sarah and bil Terry join us (we stayed with them in FL for a few nights). They gave Gwyneth a Cinderella dress to wear as a birthday gift, and Gwyneth received a button to wear all day to let everyone know that she was celebrating her birthday. Everybody who worked at the park who saw her button wished her a happy birthday!

We arrived shortly after the park opened, and stayed all the way through the fireworks show that night. Here are some photos from the first part of the day!

Cinderella's Castle.

Check out her button...and her sparkly slippers.

The first ride!

Jungle Cruise

Gwyneth LOVED the animals!

She was a brave little girl to survive this one!

A Goofy kiss.

We knew going in that the only characters Gwyneth would immediately recognize would be the Toy Story crew. She carried her Woody toy with her everywhere all day, and we hoped that we would run into some of the characters...thankfully, less than an hour into the day, we found her two favorite people in the whole world, Woody and Jessie! In fact, other than Goofy, these were the only two characters we were able to meet all day!

She made sure to show big Woody her Woody toy.

It's a Small World After all! This was Gwyneth's favorite ride!

Aunt Sarah!

Underneath Cinderella's Castle.

Watching a show at the Castle steps.

Up of the mid day parade!



Erika said...

so sweet!!!!!! love these pictures! we are huge disney fans here (we go to disneyland) so it's always fun to see disney world pics! looks like an amazing memory. :-)

bobbie said...

Gwenyth is SO beautiful!!! And what a very lucky little girl ~

It is such a joy to see her and Trish having the time of their life ~ I know they will both remember it forever!!

Thanks for sharing with us ~

marcia said...

What a fun trip!!!
Wow! Sarah sure has your Mom's eyes! That close-up of her REALLY makes that evident! :) At least it looks like it to me, who has only ever seen pics of both of them.

Jill said...

Thank you for sharing your Disney pictures! Looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves!!

Di said...

Oh my goodness gracious!!! These pictures are precious!!!

KAL071203 said...

oh my gosh what a sweet princess!!! Can't wait to make those memories with my family!

Crafty Mama said...

What a wonderful trip!!! I had my first trip to Disney six years ago, I wanted to "be a kid before I had kids." In a couple of years we'll take our two boys and like you said, I suspect it will be even more fun experiencing it through their shining eyes. Loved the photos!

The Thornton Family said...

Awesome! She'll remember alot more than you think. I took my oldest 3 mos before he turned 3. He's 13 now and still remembers parts of the trip.

Great pics, btw.


Tammy C said...

Great pictures.I love It's a Small World.First time I went on it was the 1964 Worlds' Fair.We took our children to Disney the summer when they were 8 and 12.

Kristen said...

*tears up* What a speical trip for both girls in your life!!
I LOVE looking at Disney photos.
I know after taking Kiv in '08 (she was 3.5 yrs old) I discovered the joy of going to a disney park. We just went to world this summer and Kiv's in love...
You got the health pass right?

Sharon Sepanek said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Wonderful memories!

Sarah said...

Terry and I had a blast tagging along with you at Disney! It was really special for us getting to spend that time with you!

Shannon said...

What fun! It's so great that you could suprise them with such a neat trip! I love the pics of Little G and Jessie/Woody :)

Amy said...

Those pictures were a real treat! You are such a great should talk to Disney to sell some of your photos from the parade for their books, advertising, etc. Gwyneth looked so sweet in her Cinderella dress. What a fun trip for your family!

Kathy - mom of many said...

Such sweet pictures of Gwyneth with Woody and Jessie. I agree that it's much more fun seeing Disney through the eyes of a child, or even through the eyes of someone who hasn't been before (like Tricia).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the trip with us!!! We have never been (except my hubs once when he was a boy) but we will eventually get there. Our oldest one adores Woody too and we are so excited to see your Woody pictures!!! Thank you for your generous pictures...we love each and every one.