Monday, August 8, 2011

Update - Duke's Cystic Fibrosis Education Day

10:30am - 2:00pm

We will be speaking around 1pm. I will post more information about the other speakers when I receive it.

You are welcome to come for the entire event or just to hear us speak, but they do want you to RSVP. As soon as I have the RSVP info, I will share it here. You can also "attend" the Facebook Event and invite others who might be interested.



Lynn said...

I know you and Tricia will be wonderful, you are both so eloquent. I hope you will have a tape of it and will post it. I know you both have ben very busy with the operation and this oppurnity to speak. I will get back up with you in a few days after you get back and settled in. I have lots of questions. Lynn from Wanchese

jade said...

Dear NAthan,
I have finally finished reading all your posts from the beginning - what a story! I must admit I was kind of doubly relieved that you are now all so busy living "normal" lives, that you are writing less on the blog. I think I might never have caught up! If you ever do another Q&A, I am just wondering if Tricia likes cranberry juice again... I know you will inform us of important stuff that you want to share, so I'll just stick to my one silly question. Also: know that most links to Tricia's blog (the old one, and there are quite a few links to it) are no longer getting us anywhere - I don't know if you can change the links easily to her new blog? And lastly: you have two very beautiful girls in your life and a wonderful family! Kind regards and best wishes, jade (from tiny Belgium)

Carrie said...

Hey I think that I saw you taking photos on the beach in Duck, was that you? We are vacationing here and I did not want to make an idiot of myself if it was someone else!

CFHusband said...


I was in north Duck last night on the beach around 7pm shooting with a family. You should have said hello!