Saturday, February 11, 2012

Smartest Baby Ever


bkmanary said...

Oh, how sweet! Thanks for sharing! Loved the LHJ feature.
Hugs from us
Brad, Karen, Lauren, Dana
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Audriana said...

Her little voice is just so precious! I love the videos of her talking :) It has been such a pleasure to see her grow!

jade said...

Yes, I agree about her preciousness: you forgot to add that in your title! Hope Tricia is feeling ok.
Kindest regards, Jade

Amy said...

This is beautiful. My 3-year-old watched it with me and wanted to know how to make the "I love you" sign, so it was a learning opportunity for her, too!

Kristen Rice Photography said...

She is just so precious. My daughter was a 24weeker. She recently had a hospital stay for RSV and Pneumonia. When they went to put in the cannula Ruby was all upset and just kept saying, but I'm NOT a baby! She's so familiar with her baby photos and associates babies with the tubes ;) It's been such a joy watching your journey with Gwenneth!