Thursday, June 14, 2012

CAMPATH Tomorrow

Hey friends.

Tricia has had two good days since being discharged, but we need your prayers for Tricia tomorrow as she begins the difficult CAMPATH treatment.

If you are on Twitter and/or Facebook, please use #prayersforpattysue on Twitter and Facebook on Friday at 11am EST. Post link to the blog as well if you can.

Thank you!



Scott Family Blog said...

Praying for Tricia and will post a link on our blog tomorrow!

Michelle Jamie said...

Will be praying that just as God stopped the sun for for Gideon to win the battle, he'll stop this rejection in it's tracks for you to win the battle.

Never stopped praying for your family :)

Anonymous said...

Doing what I can...


jenny said...

Praying for y'all.

waterredwood said...

Nathan, I am so glad Tricia is out of the hospital. My thoughts are with her.

And they are also with my friend, the one who turned me on to this blog in the first place who just had her own double lung transplant. They have unexpectedly been denied insurance coverage and are suddenly on the hook for far more they can afford. Her husband just lost his job. And they may have to compromise hospital stay vs. hospital expense. Please, if you could possible share these links, I know you have an audience.

Of course you can check up on it yourself or delete this post if you need to.

This is her public fb page:

This is a link to the account that has been set up:

And this is a link my wonderfully crafty friends have put together to send thank you gifts to donators:

Rachelle Thomas said...

Will be praying for you guys every day!! I have PCD (Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia) and the closest thing it is similar to is thankful for all the research that has been done for CF as although the mechanisms are different and PCD isn't as progressive as CF, I benefit immensely from CF research and fact I'm doing my vest treatments as I'm typing. ;) I had a bronchoscopy today to determine what is causing my new "progressed" symptoms and decided to check out the blog cause I hadn't in awhile...nothing like God reminding you of perspective in trials are difficult, but He carries you through and many people have it so much worse than I do. However, as you have said many times through out the years He has carried you and Trica through as well. Will be praying for you as I know it is so incredibly difficult for my hubby to watch me suffer...

O for that Day when Christ comes back or takes us home and there will be no more pain or suffering from the effects of sin!

With much love and prayer,
Rachelle Thomas :)

Anonymous said...

Our family and our church have your family in our prayers.

Allison said...

Dear Nathan,

I never wanted to believe the things written about you -- that you're attention-seeking and exploitive -- but when I saw the Tweets that have gone out over the last few days, my opinion has begun to change, and I thought it only fair to share with you why that is.

Who on earth would think to Tweet publishers of magazines, or create a hashtag, or link back to their blog when their wife was in such dire health? Who does that? And why? What is that going to do for Tricia? She's such a sweet, quiet young woman just trying to get well. You, on the other hand, are her husband and you're supposed to protect her and honor her. All I'm seeing when Tricia's health begins to decline in attention-seeking behavior for yourself. In a sick way, it reminds me of someone with Munchausen by Proxy. They make the person they're supposed to love ill so that illness will bring them the much needed attention they so crave.

Please, from someone who has been very close to where Tricia is right now (and someone who has lost two family members to C Diff), just love your wife. Care for her. Be present with her. No Tweets, trending or not, are going to give you back that precious time with your wife when she goes to be with the Lord. Because in the end, none of that matters. It's all just selfish attention-seeking behavior.

I realize that Tricia's illness has made you a household name on the Internet. But how terribly sad is that? You're supposed to be her protector and all I ever see is her exploiter. You might try giving glory to God more than you do yourself. Humility goes a long with Him. And maybe ask Tricia how she feels being exploited by her husband for attention. My guess is she's too afraid to say anything and would very much appreciate you re-focusing your attention on your family and God and not your numbers.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.

Katy said...

Tricia will continue to be in my prayers...especially for her C-Diff to be gone. We have had a lot of experience with that in our family and it is stubborn!