Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Day in the Life Of...

Here's what a normal day in Durham is looking like for us:

Wake up sometime before 9:30am to get to the complimentary breakfast. The breakfast is very good and part of the reason we'll probably pick this place as our home in Durham over the next few months. Here's what is usually included in breakfast:

> Sausage patties
> Eggs
> Sometimes biscuts and gravy (my favorite)
> Sometimes pancakes
> Yogurt
> Granola
> Waffles
> Bagles
> English muffins
> Muffins
> Fruit
> 3 choices of cold cereal
> Oatmeal
> Several choices of drink

Back to our suite to get ready for the rest of the day, read the paper, catch up with The Today Show and Sportscenter.

Off to The Center For Living to drop Tricia off for 4-5 hrs of physical therapy and transplant classes. Usually stop somewhere on the way to pick up lunch or snacks for Tricia.

I either find soething to do in Durham or return to the hotel to eat lunch and do some blogging, check email, do some work, walk my pug, watch some OJ Simpson drama, etc.

Return around 4pm to pick Tricia up between 4-4:30.

Return to the hotel and hang out for a little while.

Grab some complementary dinner at the hotel Mon-Thu. Dinner varies every night:

> Hot wings
> Golden Corral pot roast
> Chilli and rice
> Spaghetti
> Pizza
> Etc.

Return to the room and either hang there for the rest of the night or go out and find something to do.

Get to sleep.

That's about it. Not too exciting at this point. We'll find more to do in the area as we stay here longer. I'm learning my way around the city and surrounding area, and we've found all of the close shopping places, etc.



Megan and Company said...

Ok. So. I was looking at other hotels for my visit. Now I'm thinking yours might be the way to go! The food makes it worth the extra cost. :)

CFHusband said...

that's what we think...