Friday, July 18, 2008

A Gentle Reminder (again)

There is a person (or maybe a few people) who continually comment on this blog with the sole goal of stirring up trouble. Most of the time, this person's comments revolve around ignorant statements/questions concerning our finances, crude statements/questions concerning my wife and daughter, and/or unfounded statements concerning my character. This person chooses to remain anonymous, and I am certain that it is somebody who we don't know, because they obviously don't know us. I (and a few other people who help me) spend time every day monitoring comments, and usually I am able to delete these comments before most, if any people read them.

I really couldn't care less about this person's comments (it's been going on for long enough that I simply feel sorry for this person), but I don't like to see my other readers getting upset or actually thinking that this person and his/her comments are anything more than an attempt to be a disgusting jerk. I also don't want my other readers responding to this person's comments, which is why I also delete any comments that do respond to this person.

So, if you see one of these comments, PLEASE, just realize that it will be deleted soon, and that this person doesn't spend any time actually reading any responses that you might want to post. If I can ignore this person and their comments and not get upset, so can you! You'll save me some time and energy by simply choosing the higher road.

I hope all of that is clear.

Thanks so much to the thousands who are always encouraging and supportive of me and my family!