Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Round 4

Tricia's at her fourth round of chemo right now. As I've mentioned before, she has experienced no side-effects at all from the drug. Everyone reacts differently, but this is also due to the fact that she has a weakened immune system...side-effects from drugs are typically caused by your own body reacting to a strong, foreign substance...Tricia's body is probably just too drugged up to care.

Anyway, we travel back to Duke early next week for appointments for both of the girls. Hopefully we'll have great reports on both of them! In the meantime, my mom is busy getting ready for the shower, while both Tricia and I have family coming into town. We're looking forward to a fun week.




Lynsey said...

I continue to pray for you all. That baby is delicious with her funny faces. Way too cute.

Allison said...

Your family is my prayers!

Paige Hinrichs said...

So happy to hear that you're all getting to enjoy family life. Gwyneth is just too absolutely yummy!

Praying every day.

Tricia said...

Tell Tricia she's awesome and to keep going! Your baby girl is gorgeous and developing so fast. It must be such a joy in the midst of all else that the two of you deal with on a daily basis. We continue to pray always. Keep :)
Tricia and Clan (N. VA)
PS : My kids had another lemonade sale and I will post the proceeds (which were over $40.00) onto Tricia's Great Strides site. xoxox

Kerry said...

Praying for Tricia and this treatment today. Also for appointments for both of your Girls next week. Prayers for You to.
Enjoy the family that always helps break the things up a bit when there is all this medical stuff needed to be done.
I am sure Gwyneth is keeping you both on your toes to ;) Have a good day.

Stacemoe said...

Thinking and Praying for Tricia from Dallas....Hope ya'll have a great week. Can't wait to see pics and hear about the shower. I know it will be wonderful!

Blessings From Above said...

Thanks for the update on Tricia. So glad that she is not experiencing side effects from the chemo. Praying for positive results for both your beautiful girls.

Paul said...

Looks like you have quite a week planned. Thanks for the update. Good luck on the shower.

Emily said...

I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers! Gwyneth is absolutely adorable!

Mary said...

Praying for Tricia right now.


Emmie said...
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Emmie said...
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Emmie said...

I'm getting my words all mixed up...lets try again! Hehe!

Thinking of you all, so glad you are getting to enjoy some truly special family time together after all you've been through over the last few months.

I'm hoping that the treatment is a complete success and that finally you will be able to stop dealing with so many health problems all the time.

Much love
Emma xxx

RoseGirl said...

Yeah, I've said it before, but here goes anyway - Gwyneth is too cute - love the funny faces (I'm guessing that she gets those from Dad?)

Anyway, praying that all continues to go well with Tricia and her treatments and that these have succeeded in kicking the cancer's %^&^%*(#@ out of her body completely!

Blessings, courage & strength to you all,

Southern CA

Emily said...

LOL too drugged up to care. :)
I've been there....

Scott said...

Hopefully, her body will respond in a positive way. We are praying for years of life together that has some quality for all of you.