Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July

Here's a little OBX secret...the absolute best place to watch fireworks is on top of Jockey's Ridge...not only do you not have to fight the traffic and the crowds that invade the beaches that night, you can easily see not one, not two, but three different fireworks displays from the biggest sand dunes on the East Coast! Here's another secret...the best place to park and walk up the dunes is at Nags Head Church.

Along with free parking, there will also be free Boar’s Head hotdogs (seriously some of the best dogs ever), free Seafreeze Slushies (nothing better than something ice cold in the middle of summer) and some awesome free activities for kids (can you say two moon bounces?). Did I mention that everything is free?!?

If you're wondering where I'll be tomorrow evening, you can find me in the parking lot of Nags Head Church.

Hope to see you there!


Parking is limited, so don't be late!


Rick Lawrenson said...

I'll be there parking cars and greeting our neighbors and guests.

Zaankali said...

We are from Michigan and just got back last week from visiting the OBX for the first time and LOVED every minute of it. I wish we were back there. We stayed in a rental in Kill Devil Hills.
Enjoy your fireworks and know that there is a family in Michigan wishing they were there. Wink.

mom nana nelson said...

What a welcoming invitation, if we didn't live such a distance I'd be there...looking to help out in any way. =) =) We will be headed down to Cedar Beach as we do every year. You go all the way down by the dock, find your spot and watch the beautiful fire works display from the next beach over. It is like your own private show. You also are able to see the fireworks display in Port Jefferson 2 towns away. hen fight the traffic out of the beach headed home. It's a lot of fun for all ages and the perfect thing to do after a good Bar B Q to celebrate the 4th of July. ENJOY THE HOLIDAY !!!!!

Janice said...

Giving away 4th secrets - yikes! ;o) I would absolutely be there if I lived anywhere near the OBX.

Sarah-Anne said...

I'm a long time looker, but never commented until now!
Do you happen to know Stinson's? They are good friends of my parents, plus we used to go to church with them. Sorry to contradict you, but THEIR house is the best place to watch the fireworks...Sitting on the roof of their cottage watching the fireworks brings back memories!
Have a happy Fourth!
Sarah-Anne in East NC

BS said...

Just came home from spending a week in Salvo - wish I could have convinced my group to stay one more day to see the fireworks from your church parking lot... passed it on the way down and wanted to come and visit on Sunday, but I wasn't driving and I lost the vote. But I was thinking about you and your family just the same.

Nina Diane said...

we sat out on the beach at mp 9...that is where my BIL's condo is. I've never even thought of going up to Jockey's Ridge! Just came back today after 8 days down there....I love that place!!! You are so lucky to live there.