Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finally! Ladies Home Journal Article

After over a year of waiting, the article about our story is finally being publish in Ladies' Home Journal. You can pick up your copy in stores next week, or read the article online Here!

We'd like to thank our friends, David and Tammy Molnar for the photos that appear in the article!



Cathy said...

Hi Nathan---Would you care if I shared your story on my facebook page? There is so much bad in the world and I would love to share with my family and friends your wonderful and God-blessed life. Your family really brings to me the message that God is so good---ALL the time!
Thank you---
Cathy Tingley

anita said...

I never, EVER buy magazines, but WILL buy this one to show my support! Love you guys!

sl said...

I just read your story. When I saw the title I thought I know about them. It was a nice story. I wished they had given your blog address for others who have not followed the story. Good luck in writing your book.