Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Below is one of the posters I've designed to promote our upcoming TRUNKorTREAT. 75 crazy points go to the first person who can correctly identify every member of our families who's picture can be found in the poster. There are at least 3 and no more than 18 members of our families in this poster...if you've followed our blog closely for a while, this shouldn't be too hard...

Make sure you identify who they are (their relationship to us), their first name, and what they're wearing in the pic (ie Nate's cousin Bob in the alligator costume). The contest will end at 5pm EST tomorrow (Thursday).

If you've met us or anyone in this poster in real life, you can't participate! Have fun! (hint: click on the poster to zoom in)



Katie Lamont said...
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Katie Lamont said...
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Blessings From Above said...

I've been following your blog for awhile, but I stink at this contest!

The are only a couple I know for sure:
~Your dad Rick is in the chef costume.
~Your mom Gail is the Snowflake Fairy/Princess
~I think your BIL Ramon is in the sideways picture on the far right w/a mustache, although I can not tell what his costume is. Or is that Frank?
~ Tricia's dad (Mr. Kirshner) is in the pirate costume.
~You (Nate) are in the blond wig, although I have no idea who you are. Please don't tell me you are dressed as Marilyn Monroe!

Oh well, I tried!

Heidi said...

Nate's Sister Rachel - bumble bee
Nate's sister Sara - next to Rachel
Nate's dad - Mr. Lawrenson - chef
Nate's BIL - Ramon - Super Mario
Nate's BIL - Terry - blonde wig
Nate's mom - Mrs. Law - Snow fairy
Trish's dad - Mr. Kirchner - Pirate eye patch...

BrunetteKoala said... goes...

Your Dad is a big pic with an apron on...looks like he's working the BBQ grill.
I spot you as Napolean Dynamite with the glasses.
I spot your sisters (I think) Rachel is dressed as a bumblebee. Sarah I can't tell what her costume is.
Ramon is near to them, is he Mario (as in Donkey Kong)??
Tricia's Dad is dressed with eyepatch.
Your Mum is a snow queen type person near the bottom.
Your Uncle Andy is wearing a blonde wig.

And I also wonder if the person on the top left who is possibly 'man in the iron mask' or something might be related to you, but it's hard to tell.

If I have that totally right, I'm scaring myself in case I've become like some weird internet stalker-type person.

Can I just say, that how envious I am of this whole Trunk or treat thing. It looks like so much fun. Hallowe'en is so much more about the occult side of stuff in the UK more than it is about candy.

Dawn said...

Just got to catch up on the last few posts. I hate it that you guys will have to wait longer for results on Tricia, but maybe it will be good results in the end which would make it all worth it. Still praying for God's will and His mercy.

Jenna said...

Nates dad rick is in the chefs apron

Designher Momma said...

ummm.....I don't know you really...but looks like a good time for sure!!!!

Hope said...

I love the Napolean Dynamite! You did a great job with that.

Elaine said...

Cute poster...I know I can not get them all, just wanted to tell what a great poster it was.

~j~ said...

oh man! I can only recognize your Dad, Rick, and you stuck in there looking like a geek and uhm, i think i might spy your brother in law? I should know all of you by now but I could spot you Tricia and Gwyneth from across a crowded football stadium! :)

Florida_Mom said...

Dad Rick - Free Food
BIL Ramon - Super
Sisters Rachel and Sarah underneath the word treat
Uncle Andy - Blond wig above #31
FIL Don under the NK of trunk
Tricia far right sideways photo
Mom- Gail blue fairy costume bottom upside down
You with glasses to the left of Cow people photo
Three kids upside down above Friday oldest 3 neices and nephews (Janet's kids)
Pumpkin baby - Young Ramon??

Michelle Jamie said...

Nathan Lawrenson - The "nerdy" guy with the glasses
Andy Lawrenson - the upside down photo with the curly hair
Rachel - Bee outfit
Sarah - next to her with that beautiful red hair
Tricia's dad - Pirates Eye
Rick Lawrenson - Chefs outfit
Gail Lawrenson - Snow Queen outfit
Terry - Super Mario Brother

Michelle Jamie said...

Who is Napolean Dynamite?

Kristina said...

I am not going to take a stsb at the contest, but I am so excited because one of our local churches will be doing trunk or treat and I am so happy!

Jenny said...

Well, darn it. I don't have THAT much time on my hands. Good luck to the rest of you!