Thursday, October 23, 2008

TRUNKorTREAT Poster Winner

Actually, nobody got them all exactly right (including first names), but BrunetteKoala was the closest, so he/she wins the 75 points!

From left to right:

My dad, Rick, with the apron and chef's hat.
Me, with just my head sticking out, wearing the glasses (just left of the cow-people).
Tricia's dad, Don, up top wearing the pirate patch.
My mom, Gail, at the bottom middle dressed as a snow queen.
My sisters, Rachel and Sarah, dressed as a bee and butterfly, respectively, just right of The Incredibles.
My uncle, Andy, wearing the blond wig, upside down on the bottom.
My brother-in-law, Ramon, dressed as Super Mario.



Sleepy Girl said...

FYI, I was not a spider, I was a beautiful beautiful butterfly!

Katie Lamont said...
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Katie Lamont said...

I really thought Sarah was a spider! I got them all right but I didn't read all the directions before I answered and Greg pointed out to me that I couldn't play...

Lindsay said...

I tried using your labels to find this answer and I wasn't successful! I wondering if I could have the website of the lady that makes necklaces and such that you have talked about. I used to have a link on our blog but I lost it. My aunt is ordering her daughter one for Christmas!!!! thanks Nate!

BrunetteKoala said...

yay!! I've never won a blog contest before (I am a 'she') btw...!!

Props to people who dressed up as the Incredibles as well. LOVE that movie. The kids I used to babysit for used to insist on calling me "elastigirl" or "mrs Incredible"...

Hope you guys are able to have fun at Trunk Or Treat.

~j~ said...

Congratulations!Great contest Nate!
always enjoy your creative genius :))

Christy said...

I know this is off topic.. But, if you haven't seen this blog: please.. please.. check it and send up your prayers.. they need it ever so bad right now!

twin power mommy said...

That was super hard.

The only two i recognized was Tricia's dad and you.

Thanks for telling us...cause i would have never guessed them all!