Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Update

> This Christmas was very different, but very special. It will be our last as non-parents, and hopefully our last with CF lungs. I don't want to spend another Christmas in a hotel, but I wouldn't trade this one for anything.

> Waffle House is the only restaurant open on Christmas, and they are hopping. I basically ate cookies all day.

> Breathing is getting harder and harder for Tricia as the baby gets bigger, and her nose is clogged up, which makes it hard for her to breathe her extra oxygen.

> We're almost at 24 weeks, when our girl could survive outside of her mommy's belly.

> Tricia just asked me what today's date was... (duh!)

> Our next doc appointment is January 8. Hopefully we'll have more pictures then.

> I got season 3 of "The Office" on DVD for Christmas...I still need to finish season 2 first.

> We're going shopping at Babies R Us tomorrow!

> Meka is seriously scared of my new camera...every close shot I get of her, she's got her ears tucked back.



Patience Leino said...

i've been thinking of you both all day today. merry christmas, lawrensons!

CFHusband said...

Thanks Patience! We were thinking of you guys too. We pray you had a wonderful Christmas!

Rick Lawrenson said...

It's hard to remember specific Christmases when you've had as many under your belt as I've had. But this is one you'll always remember and treasure.

We missed having you two at home.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas guys! You are both so courageous. I think you will make the best parents ever. Your sister (Janet) has been keeping me updated and I wish you three a Merry Christmas!!