Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekend Update

> Tricia and I will be staying here in Durham this weekend. We'll miss spending this time with our faimly and friends back home, but it's nice to be together without much to do.

> Our friend, Cindy is doing as well as she could be and is hoping to be going home by Tue/Wed. Thanks for your continued prayers for her.

> We're going to try to go see a movie called "August Rush" tonight. It looks like our kind of movie.

> The baby is moving around a lot, and Tricia is finally starting to look pregnant.

> We bought Meka a ginormous bone the other day. She's been chewing on it non-stop.

> Thanks to everyone who's been sending us cards and such. It's nice to get mail here. Email me if you want our address.

> My family (nine of them) is coming up next weekend to celebrate Christmas with us here in Durham. That's very cool of them.

That's all for now.



Megan and Company said...

Oh! Have fun at the movie. I want to see that one.

I'm going to need some Pregnant Tric pictures asap!!

Anonymous said...

You know your uncle andy, aunt misha and cuz ty are coming to see you too! :)

CFHusband said...

oh yeah!

Coach Prentice said...

Oo Oo, I want belly pics, too! Pretty please! :)

Anonymous said...

We will miss you guys at NJ. It is a great blessing that our daughter has such wonderful In- Laws and family. Thanks to all for making the upcoming trip. Ginger would like to know if she could have the remains of the bone.

Agnes said...

The Lawrensons are such a wonderful blessing to the Kirschners. So glad we found you. We love you all!!