Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tricia's On TV!

Tricia was on local TV yesterday. Check it out Here! You can see Tricia in a red shirt drinking a bottle of water in the distant background of the first shot from the report. She's only visible for about 2 seconds, so don't miss it.



Andy Lawrenson said...

She is a tv star!
I like how she just casually sips her water near the obese man with "basketball" stomach.

Anonymous said...

haha, there i am... taking a water and eating break. i do this each hour while at the center. all that moving makes me hungry!


CJolly said...

Wow! First you get published, now Tricia is on TV. Left the small town to find fame in the big city! :) Pics and blogs are nice. It will be better when we can see you both in person.

Megan and Company said...

Um. That's cute and all. But I still want a preggo-belly shot!!