Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Our friend, Cindy was able to go home today with her parents. She's recovering well, although she won't be back to normal for at least a few weeks. Thanks for your prayers!

Our nephew, Jack is still in the hospital, and they're not yet sure what's going on inside his belly. He's in pain, and they're not giving him anything to eat or drink for a few days. They hope it's just a virus that will wash out of his system in a few days. Pray that the docs will figure it out, that God will heal him, and that his family will be at peace with the situation. And, pray that he'll be released in time for Christmas.

Thanks to our good friend, Sophia (and her imaginary husband) for coming over tonight for dinner and a card game. And, she brought Christmas gifts...always a plus!




Anonymous said...

Sophia was no doubt trying to get in on Tricia's air time on TV. She will be visiting Tric at the center in hopes of appearing with her.Were the Christmas gifts for you or did you win them in the card game? Trust you guys have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

I had a great time! Tricia, I hope you enjoy the to all three of you!