Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just To Clarify

Seems a few people are unsure about the following:

Tricia was never on the transplant list. She would have been in late Sept. had we not become pregnant, and she will hopefully be sometime after the birth.

Outside of a few short stays at the hospital, we have been staying (living) at a Residence Inn hotel in Durham while we're here. We get a different room every week. It looks and feels more like an apt. complex, but it functions like a hotel. When we have gone home on the weekends, we have been staying with my parents. Once Tricia or both of us are here full-time, we'll continue to live here, but be in the same room/apt. all the time and be renting on a monthly basis (instead of nightly as we have been).

We can receive mail here, although we are keeping out Nags Head PO Box as well. You can email me for either of those addresses.




Coach Prentice said...

What is an address we can use in Durham at the Residence Inn, Nate? I'd love to send things and people have been asking. Thanks!

CFHusband said...

shoot me an email if you want the address. BTW, hotmail has been acting up on us all week.

Anonymous said...


Martha Marie, Half pint, Meme and I are all praying for yall. You guys have been a Great blessing to us and we are looking forward to seeing more of the 3 of you soon. We are praying for your strength and for both Tricia and the Lil Ms to be healthy and happy. We're praying for Strength for Both Tricia and the Lil one so that all will go well with the pregnancy and birth. Yall hang in there, we are sending our love and pray all will go well.

Billy and Martha Marie Galloway, Ashley, Meme, Bobby and Faith. WE're the folks up here in Wakefield Va at the Va Diner. We look forward to seeing more of yall next year. Hang in there yall.

Anonymous said...

Could you or Tricia send me your address in Durham?
I love you both and I hope you got some good sleep in last night!
I am amazed at all the people checking out your blog...God is amazing and all is in His hands!
Thanks for keeping us informed.

CFHusband said...

Thanks, Billy!