Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm Not Sure If I Should Mention This

It's hard, as the husband of a wife who will soon be awaiting new lungs, to know how or what to think of this, but I though I'd mention it, first so that you'll be extra careful, and second so that maybe you'll stop and say a prayer.

Tomorrow night is the Super Bowl...the biggest event in the US sporting world. Unfortunately for organ donors and families and fortunately for those on the lists, it's also one of the biggest nights for transplant calls.

Enjoy the game and the fun, but please, be careful.


(Read This for some thoughts on how to pray for an organ transplant)


Patriot's fan in New Hampshire said...

You're a smart man to mention this!

Scott said...

Nate after that post I think I'll only drink some water while enjoying the game :)

Tammy C said...


I am sure besides this night New Years Eve must be another big night.For somebody not waiting for transplant calls I would have never thought about this.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Guess I'll be listening a bit closer to my pager tonight.

Brent~Jamie~Ansley~Ace said...

Just checking your blog before we head out to church this morning. Its amazing to me how thoughtful you are of others during this time, but I know its one of the many qualities that Tricia feel in love with.

My prayers this morning will be with those tonight that you mentioned.

Thanks for pointing it out!

Anonymous said...

Having been in an accident involving a drunk driver, I had actually already had this on my mind! Thank you once again for using your blog to bring to people's thoughts another VERY important issue! Do be careful and extra alert, you don't have to be the one drinking to be hit by someone who is!

Sasha said...

Huh. That makes a lot of sense. I'd never thought of it.

Anonymous said...

My uncle received a double lung transplant 8 years ago- he got the call during the night of July 4th.
Holidays that are known for celebration are also sometimes tragic. A great reminder for everyone to be safe.
Thanks for your frequent updates, Nate. Hope you all have a terrific day.

tripleblessings said...

That link about prayer for a transplant donor is really helpful. Thanks.
Praying daily for Tricia and Gwyneth,

Anonymous said...

You helped us make up our mind about something today: we were debating whether to drive to a Superbowl party or take the train... Score one for public transportation!

You all remain in my daily prayers.

Anonymous said...

I have never thought of that before. I pray for your family and for the families of those that will donate organs today and in the future. It is a tough road ahead for EVERYONE.

Ginger said...

My husband is an ICU nurse and has worked with situations of organ donation in the past. It is very sad that someone has lost their life, but by their donation(s), many, many people will live and many others will have their quality of life improved.

He and the organ procurement team have received letters back months later, thanking him for his assistance and telling him about the people whose lives were impacted by the organ donation(names and locations are never disclosed).

I feel very strongly about organ donation. Also, people who wish to be organ donors NEED to verbalize their wishes to their family members so they will know ahead of time.

Praying for Tricia and sweet Gwyneth....

Anonymous said...

Yes! I've been praying off/on all day. Your post is so TRUE, and I'm glad you posted this. I also love your dad's post on how to pray for an organ transplant-well said!

When I worked in dialysis there were many of my patients waiting on a kidney. Someone recieved the call during the night-there was a championship basketball game that night and a person fell from the top of the coliseum, and unfortunately didn't make it, but fortunately many benefited from this person's donations, with one of them being one of my patients who I so excitedly saw transplanted! As soon as the clamps were released it started functioning (urinating!) Urine is sterile until it leaves the body I learned;) I also learned that during such events as your post states can lead to transplant calls.

Even for the families that suffer the loss of their loved ones donating their organs and helping so many others helps them with their grief. A donor family once said that they were hurt deeply by the loss of their loved one, but deeply comforted knowing that their loved one they had lost had helped change and save the lives of so many others.

Praying for donor families past, present, and future.

Praying for recipients past, present, and future.

Praying for Tricia, her donor/donor family, her baby, her husband, and her family.

amanda mb, sc

AlaneM said...

Wow, that is sad - kind of like new years. I've never thought about that in reference to a family waiting for a transplant before. All I can say is yay for all the organ donors out there!!