Friday, September 5, 2008

1 Year of Blogging

Today marks one day since I began this blog. It started, on our second day in Durham, as a simple and fun way to stay in touch with family and friends back home as well as an opportunity to educate the random stranger who might find their way here. Who could have imagined...

Nearly 6.5 million hits later, it's incredibly hard to believe it's really been a year. I can remember very clearly when the idea for this blog came to my mind, late one night, a few days before This First Post, when I couldn't sleep. I had no idea what lay ahead for us, but I somehow knew it might be a good idea to document it.

We kept the pregnancy a secret for three months, and it was often hard to figure out what to blog about, knowing that there was so much more going on in our lives than we were yet willing to share with more than our family and a few close friends. Those first few months were, in many ways, the most difficult and uncertain, and the blog, and those of you who have been with us since the beginning of the blog, gave me an incredibly therapeutic outlet to laugh and vent and share.

So, today, I'm inviting you to leave a comment and help us remember this past year of blogging. Whether you've been here since day one, or have just joined us in recent months, consider contributing to this post and helping us celebrate.

When did you first start reading CFHusband? Why do you continue coming back? What has been your favorite moment of our story so far? Do you have a favorite post or picture or video?

Thank you so much for your continued support and kind thoughts and words. You have truly helped make this past year very special, and we will always be thankful for your friendship.

Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth Rose


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Kori said...

I keep coming back because I know what it is like to love someone with CF. We pray for all of you everyday. It is a miracle all that ya'll have been through and continue to face everyday. Your Faith is an inspiration to many including our family.

What a blessing you have been to all of us, your loyal readers.

christine said...

I started reading this blog in December last year while my then 18 month old daughter was in the hospital for failure to thrive and respiratory distress. She was during that stay diagnosed with CF. I have continued to come back because your blog has given me hope that my child can grow up and have a future even with her disease.


Marianne said...

I think I started reading in the fall, when you showed up in my Google Reader recommendations. I keep reading because you all remind me why I have faith.

Andy Lawrenson said...

I started reading from the start (oh, my. the apple pie just came out of the oven) of the blogging adventure. Next to the miracle of the birth of Gwyneth and the miracle of Tricia's transplant the biggest moment for me was when I signed up to be a donor. The blog has been a great way to communicate God's work in your lives.

Gwyneth's Great Uncle Andy

Carmen said...

I started reading the day after Gwyneth was born.I found a link to your blog while reading someone elses blog, she was asking for prayers for Tricia and Gwyneth. I loved the pictures of Tricia fianlly holding Gwyneth. My favorite video clips are of both you and Tricia holding Gwyneth for the first time. I come back to make sure Tricia and Gwyneth are ok. I check on them like I do family members.

Life As A Newlywed said...
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MamaMia said...

I started reading your blog in January(I think). I keep coming back to "check up on you guys". Also to watch you're adorable munchkin grow. Your family's strength and faith reminds me that no matter the circumstances one can always remain faithful!

Life As A Newlywed said...

A year already?! Wow! I found your blog through Boothe Farley's (Copeland's mommy) just a few days before sweet little Gwyneth was born! Like everyone else...I've been hooked ever since!

Out of all of the beautiful pictures you've taken my favorite is the black and white one of your two bald beauties kissing (Aug 27th, 2008)!

Aside from that sweet baby being born, the most touching blog was when we found out that Tricia's surgery was indeed sucessful, and not another "dry run."

I can't wait to see where your family is one year from now, I know God has some MIGHTY WONDERFUL things in store for yall!


Jennifer said...

I started reading your blog about 2 weeks before Gwyneth was born. I can't tell you what a blessing this blog has been to me! (I was also pregnant at the time and gave birth to a baby girl on 6/11). God bless you!!!

Trish said...

Hey guys, I started reading in December on teh recommendation of my friend Julie who is friends with someone that know you, but I'm not sure who.......

hows that for random?

I have loved your blog from the very beginning. I love you faith and honesty.

I am excited to see how God is using you all to impact the Kingdom.

Andrea said...

I remember reading a friend's facebook and it said simply, "will you stop and pray for a couple you have never met?" I clicked on the link and began to read a story of a family who longed after Jesus and a wife who longed to be a mother. I cried as I read about Tricia's journey, her uncomplaining spirit, and deep desire for Motherhood. My one month old daughter lay sleeping in the floor and I knelt over her and prayed for complete stangers. I asked that your family would know the joy I had been so freely given and taken for granted. I had to come back and see what God was doing and thank him for being faithful. Watching you (Nate) hold Gwenyth in the ICU was priceless. Although I realize your journey is far from over, I know whom I have believed in, and am convinced that he is able to guard what you and I have entrusted to him for that coming day.
Thanks for sharing this long journey with complete strangers.

Mills Family said...

I began reading right around the transplant, though I had "crossed" the blog a few times before that through a link from an adoption board. My favorite photos are all of them, the reason I keep reading is I love hearing how God uses people, and He has certainly used you guys!!!

Carol said...

Nathan -

I found this blog through the blog of a good friend of your sister-in-law - she made a simple and eloquent request for prayer and it got to me - I went to you site in December and it totally grabbed me. You and Tricia have completely inspired my faith journey and I have have been growing, I hope, ever since. And I have celebrated all the wonderful, happy miracles that have come your way and prayed so hard through all the tough times. I sincerely pray that Tricia's chemo works beautifully for her. I was so moved by her blog about how the story of Esther inspires hers.

You two have the most beautiful little girl and the most beautiful faith. Thanks to you both for sharing so much. (Today my Dad passed away and after the struggle he has seen at the end, I am happy that he has moved on - I am so sad but I so grateful that he is now with God - and I think I am a little better with this because of this blog - so thanks in a very specific way as well).

You and Tricia - you are amazing in your faith - wonderful in you sense of humour and bravery - thanks for sharing.

Hope Hanna does not interfere with your walk this weekend

And, how much DOES Gwyneth weigh?

Tabitha said...

Congratulations on your first year of blogging. I have followed your story for quite a while ~ all 3 of you are just wonderful.
Sending you all a big hug from the UK XXXX

תַּמְצִיתִ said...

A friend in Australia directed me here to hear how differently you shared your journey - never complaining, never blaming, always giving glory to God. Many years ago I used to run a Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis clinic so on so many levels I was committed to reading your blog and praying for you all.
I first met you when Gwyneth was a very newly born and Tricia was still sedated. I have been following your journey in a blog reader. My children have loved watching Gwyneth's progress in the videos. I do enjoy your photography and your love for your family which is VERY evident. Blessings to you from the Middle East.

Heather Nicole said...

I started reading in December, I found you through BabyLenio. I kept reading because you were so faithful in updating and it helped me to pray for you, which, in turn, helped me have perspective on my own pregnancy. I think my all time favorite post was when Tricia held Gwyn for the first time. Amazing. Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives!

Growing Up Rutledge said...

Happy Anniversary. Thank you for sharing your lives.

Julie said...

The day I started reading was the day Tricia went into the OR for the emergency C-section.

I cried out to the Lord on your behalf that day, and continue to do so to this day!!

My favorite picture was the first one that you posted of Tricia after she woke from her coma. I remember thinking (and I may have even commented to the effect of) "She's been in a COMA for Pete's Sake, and looks fantastic! I don't look that good when I spend 2 hours in front of the mirror!!

It's been so amazing to read how your lives have been changed through this whole thing, and to "watch" Gwyneth grow.

I've thanked you before, and I'll thank you again....thanks so much for sharing a glimpse of your lives with us!!

Stacemoe said...

I am from Dallas and came across your blog through another blog, don't remember who's exactly, but they gave the link asking for Prayer right when Gwyneth was born...I was hooked from Day one. Your live are so amazing and you are such an inspiration. I love the pic and videos of when Sweet Gwyneth was first born. I know I don't need to tell you what a miracle she is and to look at those first photos brings a tear to my eye. I have prayed for all 3 of you often and am so thankful Gwyneth is growing so strong with very few complications. It was so exciting when Tricia got her new lungs and continue to amazing everything that has happened in 365 days...Still praying for Tricia in this next chapter of her life and that she is on the road to a full recovery soon. Nathan, you are an amazing man, husband and father and your girls are truly blessed to have you! I am blessed to read your blog everyday...thank you so much!!!!

Renee' said...

I started reading just a few days before Gwyneth was born. As you can imagine I was hooked from day 1! I think my favorite post would have to be the video of the first time you held Gwyneth in your arms and you talked to Tricia because she couldn't be there. Another favorite would be Tricia holding her sweet daughter for the first time. God is good. I am so glad His plan included answering Tricia's secret prayer!

Mrs. Dan said...

I started reading shortly after you started the blog; one of my friends had posted about it on a message board asking us to pray for Tricia.

I started reading, and couldn't stop... especially when you announced that Tricia was expecting Gwyneth!

My IRL friends have gotten used to me asking for prayer for your family.

The biggest times for me over the past year was seeing your faith while waiting for Gwyneth to grow big enough to be born, and then the transplant (I must have gotten up every hour that night to refresh the blog!), and then when y'all went home... man, I was stoked!

It's hard to believe it's only been a year... it seems like a lifetime, oh wait, you've lived a lifetime this past year.

God is good. We love you guys!

Bev J. said...

I started reading your blog when some other Canadians in the metro Vancouver, BC area suggested it to readers of There, a youth pastor and his wife document their journey with their newborn son Josiah, who spent his first 15 months in BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver. He has a rare syndrome called Pallister-Hall. My pastor-husband and I visited the couple and baby at the hospital and read their blog regularly and pray for them. Josiah has been home for a few months now and is doing quite well - PTL! His parents have been a real inspiration.

I was instantly drawn to your story because you are a fellow pastor-couple but also because of your positive faith and tenacity. The most memorable event for me to read and see in photos was when both Tricia and Gwyneth came home from hospital. What a victory!

I feel like I know you and continue to check regularly and pray for healing, strength and wisdom for your family. ~ Bev in Surrey, BC, CANADA

Totally Taylor said...

I started reading in early Feb 2008. I found you through a site I lurked on and a poster requested prayers for Gwenyth and Tricia ( The poster is a member of your church, I believe. Anyway, I clicked the link and was hooked. I read everything from the beginning. I check this blog everyday for updates and everyday include your family in my thoughts and good wishes. The tireless effort you have made to make the world aware of CF is amazing. Still wishing you the very best.

shelly said...

i was first introduced to your blog about 5 months ago from a dear friend ~j~. she was telling me your story and it resonated with me as i lost a brother at an early age to CF. I know the hardships it can bring. I truly enjoy checking in with you and your family daily and watching Gwyneth grow and become a strong baby. What an answer to prayer. And i know that the LORD will prevail for Tricia as well. HE is good and will never fail! Thanks for blessing us all with your story. Keep sharing. Much love and many prayers for the three of you.

Paulette said...

I am drawn to your blog because of Tricia and her strength, I want to be a prayer warrior for a woman I have never met, I want to see her become strong enough to raise her baby girl, and I want to see her in total remission from the cancer.

I have been reading your blog since right after Gweneth was born but was a silent observer and prayer warrior for both your girls.

I think you are a blessing as well Nate and I love the compassion and love you have for Tricia.

Kathy said...

I heard about your blog just before Gwyneth was born, added you to my Google Reader list and have been following your story ever since. Happy 1 year blog anniversary! = - )

Rose_J said...


I first learned of your story in the News & Observer article that was printed in Early January. I also read about your story (as well as Tricia's and Miss Gweyneth's) on one of my friend's blog and I have been reading your blog on a regular basis since then. I also met you at the Apple Store in Durham in early June.

Your story is certainly a blessing to all.

Melony said...

I started following your blog the day before sweet Baby Gwyneth was born. I keep coming back because I love to watch God show himself so amazingly in your life. I love your honesty and the way you love your family and God!! I have learned so much about CF that I may have never learned had it not been through this blog. On this one year anniversary, my prayer for your family is that God will continue to work miracles in Tricia's life and that a cure will be found soon so she will have many, many years to share with you and Gwyneth. MY favorite video was the very first one of Gwyneth mixed with the song Miracle...I love that song and when it comes on my Ipod, my daughter's call it Gwyneth's song!!

Melony said...
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Nora said...

Thank you, Nate, for being so open with your family's story.

I began reading the blog in February, I believe, before the transplant and after Gwyneth was born. I was mesmorized by the pictures and the story of what Tricia, you, and Gwyneth had been through... and your positive outlook on life in the scariest of circumstances. My favorite posts had to be the ones at the time of transplant... my friends and I were checking the blog every minute, even through the night, praying for Tricia's safety and the doctors and nurses. As she got better and better it was such evidence of the power of prayer! How awesome?!?!

I continue to read because I am anxious to see how God continues to move in your family's lives...

Thank you for this blog and using as a tool to bring glory to our God!

Jeanette said...

Congratulations on one year! I started reading in January just as Gwyneth was born. At this point, I can't even remember where I read the simple prayer request for your family, but as soon as I began reading, I was hooked. I don't comment often, but follow through Reader to keep up with your amazing journey. The most memorable post was Gwyneth's 1 month video. I was moved to tears as I watched her first days of life. Continuing our prayers for you and your family.

Rose_J said...


I first learned of your story in the News & Observer article that was printed in Early January. I also read about your story (as well as Tricia's and Miss Gweyneth's) on one of my friend's blog and I have been reading your blog on a regular basis since then. I also met you at the Apple Store in Durham in early June.

Your story is certainly a blessing to all.

Tori said...

I'm sure lots of other people will say this, but my favorite pic/moment was Tricia's first pic with Gwyneth! I've been following since a few days after Gwyneth's birth. What a ride it's been!

jerilynn said...

My sister-in-law told me about your blog when Gwyneth was very new and I was hooked. I have been a NICU nurse for 16 years, lived in Norfolk for 6 years, am a HUGE fan of OBX, and am birthmother who relinquished my daughter 22 years ago.... on so many levels I have connected and loved following your journey. I pray for you often and check multiple times a day. :)

Clarks N Idaho said...

I want to thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. I want to thank you for introduing the Lord to me in a different way. The love that you and Tisha have for our Father is so strong. I want what you have and the peace that you have. Thank you

Julie D. said...

You, Tricia, and Gwyneth feel like friends. I've been reading since december of last year and I feel so blessed to have laughed and cried with you guys through the last year. Thank you for sharing your strength, humor, down-days, and up-days with the world. Your lives are a testimony of God's amazing power in each of our lives. When I pray now, I pray in FAITH, as witnessing the miracles of Tricia and Gwyneth have impacted my walk and how I pray. I continue to pray for a miracle in Tricia's life and complete healing from cancer. Your journey really seems unfathomable...thank you for walking it with such grace and reliance on the One who holds us up.
God bless,
Julie in Vancouver, WA

Kelly B said...

Wow! One year and going strong! I stumbled across your blog somehow that I am unsure of in December sometime - but I'm ever grateful for it. Your story continues to inspire me each day!

I love all of your pictures that document this journey of faith. However, the black and white of your two beauties on August 27 is my favorite thus far. It's so heartwarming to see the two of them together with so much love!

I continue to pray for you all each day. Thank you for sharing your story and journey!

Julie D. said...

i forgot to add my favorite post...there are so to the first pictures of your the post of Tricia's first visit with her...

As a mom, I knew that really, that was 'the best post ever' and the fact that the fact that it was able to happen in the first place. amazing!!

oh, and the day tricia got her lungs...

Julie in Vancouver, WA

Ang said...

Wow what an honor to post on your blog!! My friend Mary called me ( I can't remember how long ago) and said YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK THIS BLOG out..WE HAVE GOT TO PRAY RIGHT NOW SHE IS GOING IN FOR we prayed right there on the phone for you and your family & I have come back weekly..sometimes daily ever since!! check mine out sometime I know you are busy but it's You are truly an inspiration & God has blessed you all beyond measure!! I pray for all of you often!!

Katie said...

My name is Katie and I'm from Lynchburg. I stumbled on your blog I think in early December. I saw where you guys went to Liberty and that is where I went so I thought it would be cool to keep reading. I'm a nurse on the Pulmonary floor at Lynchburg General Hospital so I have a special place in my heart for people with CF. I had recently spent practically the past year caring for a very special patient with CF that unfortunately didn't make it to Duke for his transplant. I also love anything to do with pregnancy and babies, so I was hooked right away. I know that there is so much about you guys that you don't post, but I feel like I know you all so well. Your faith has been an awesome example in my life. I have had all three of you in my prayers often. I could barely sleep the night Tricia had her transplant. Your story is amazing and has touched my life in so many different ways. I love all your pics and videos, but by far my absolute favorite is the video of when you first were able to hold Gwyneth Rose. It has truly been a priviledge to see how God has worked in your life and how He is using you to work in so many others.

Katie said...

My name is Katie and I'm from Lynchburg. I stumbled on your blog I think in early December. I saw where you guys went to Liberty and that is where I went so I thought it would be cool to keep reading. I'm a nurse on the Pulmonary floor at Lynchburg General Hospital so I have a special place in my heart for people with CF. I had recently spent practically the past year caring for a very special patient with CF that unfortunately didn't make it to Duke for his transplant. I also love anything to do with pregnancy and babies, so I was hooked right away. I know that there is so much about you guys that you don't post, but I feel like I know you all so well. Your faith has been an awesome example in my life. I have had all three of you in my prayers often. I could barely sleep the night Tricia had her transplant. Your story is amazing and has touched my life in so many different ways. I love all your pics and videos, but by far my absolute favorite is the video of when you first were able to hold Gwyneth Rose. It has truly been a priviledge to see how God has worked in your life and how He is using you to work in so many others.

Pioneer Mom said...

I started reading a couple days after Gwyneth was born. I just couldn't stop coming back and for a long while I was checking in several times a day. I still check in almost daily and pray for your family each time.

Sarah in Missouri

Tami Wyatt said...

I keep reading because I love how you love each other. You and Tricia always just roll with the punches. There is never any complaining, just praises to the Lord for everything He has given you. This is a blog of hope.

Amy said...

So I was reading a good friends blog on January 24th 2008 and this was her post:

Friday, February 22, 2008, 4:58:16 PM | (Candi)
Recently I came across a blog (through Renay Valiant-Thank you Renay!) that has really touched me in so many ways. Please stop by and read their story (it may take some time! Nathan is wonderful at updating). This family has been through so much and have so many trials ahead of them. Please remember them in your prayers!

To Nathan, Tricia & Gwenyth- Your strength and faith is inspiring, I will continue to check your site and pray for you! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

I was so touched when I read your blog for the first time and was hooked from then. I admire your faith in Our Father in Heaven and the trust you put in to him. You are so strong and so positive and it is very touching. I look every day and think about your family often. My favorite time was when you all got to go home as a family for the first time. I was so excited for you. I think so far my favorite pic is the one where the three of you are all bald. That is one of the most awesome pictures, knowing what you are going through. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you an awesome blogging year to come.

Amy said...

I think that I found your story via another's journey's...& then I'm really not sure, but I've been a faithful clicker since late Oct/early Nov. Anyhow, I've been excited & disappointed w/ you riding each wave of your journey towards Gwen & Tricia's new lungs.
Your family's faithness & devotion to each other & Christ has been very touching & reminds me each day to do more, give more for my family & DH.
Looking forward to no more chemo for Tricia & no more O's for Gwen & lots more pictures!!

Jane said...

I was addicted that day the beginning of December when the Leino's posted your prayer request. (I read that post within 24 hours of them posting)

my favorite moment/picture... how can one choose? but if I HAVE TO....the first picture of Tricia meeting Baby Gwyneth. my second would be when you posted that Tricia was out of surgery after receiving her new lungs.

my passion for people keeps me coming back. your life story is better than any N.Sparks book.....and he is good! praying for your family, petitioning our wonderful creator on your behalf... it has been a true honor and pleasure.

and...just so I know in advance: is your family a hugging group? 'cause I am and I don't want to offend anyone. Realizing that germs are still not good ;)

Kimberly said...

Starting reading about a week before GR was born, a very dear friend of mine who went through her own preemie experience with a grandchild sent me the link. I've since shared it with probably 50 other people.

Your faith in God to lead you through - both you and Tricia - is why I continue to come back to it.

Favorite moment - now that's just not fair to ask - not really a moment, but several events - when it became very clear that GR was going to make it through her not-so-excellent adventure that started her life - there were times when it seemed touch and go on that with some of the things going on with her - and maybe that was just my impression - but when I realized that you realized she really was going to come home with you at some point in time, now that was just cool, and the night that I got a call from a friend who said - Tricia's gone to the OR, she got her lungs - check the blog -- ran in her and sure enough -- woosh off to surgery -- that answer to prayer, that's a sweeeeettttt feeling no matter who the prayer is for!

Fav post, pic or video - the first pics from when you took GR to the hotel in Durham -- you 2 have such a look of amazement (tinged with trepidation) in your eyes -- it looks like you are thinking -- they gave us this baby, what were they thinking??? those are some classic pics of the 3 of you and getting to see you out of the hospital environment all 3 together for the first time -- a victorious, prayer-filled moment for sure!

Truly, it is your faith, unending, unadultered, even in the crappy times, faith, even when your faith isn't feeling strong, that draws people to your story in my opinion. You are helping people of faith be more dedicated to pray, and helping people without faith see the road they could walk if they choose to fall into the Father's arm - that's powerful stuff!

Chantal said...

When did you first start reading CFHusband?

I first started reading in late December. I came byway of a link from another blog or a Caring Bridge site (I have no idea which one, though!)

Why do you continue coming back?

I keep coming back because I love reading your updates, and I've fallen in love with your family. How could I not?

What has been your favorite moment of our story so far?

I don't have one favorite moment... The two parts of your story that thrill me the most are how well your White Rose has done since birth, and Tricia's transplant.

Do you have a favorite post or picture or video?

My favorite picture is the one of Tricia when she first held Gwyneth. As a mom, I can appreciate holding your baby for the first time, although I admit that I have no idea what it felt like for Tricia. She amazes me with her strength.

Pip said...

I started reading after Christmas but before New Years.
I was in awe as to how strong and motivated Tricia was to have this baby and be her Mommy. I was blown away by your strength and honesty.
I still read because I am rooting for you all and even though we'll never meet or talk or even cross your minds-I feel like a surrogate aunt..or at least a cousin twice removed that you only see in the corner at family reunions.

North Carolina Mom said...

Ella said...

It's a long and boring story but the short version is that I started reading in the very early days (mid September-ish from memory). We had just found out that we were moving from Australia to NC and I was interested in reading 'local' blogs. I stayed around because, quite simply, I couldn't stay away.

Jennifer said...

I began reading YOUR blog when you announced that Tricia was pregnant. I somehow found out through Patience Leino about you and began reading every day since then. However, I had stumbled across your wife's blog sometime back. I have no idea how that happened.

I've been blessed to have met you twice once at the CF walk in Cary and once at C3. I am also going to be blessed a 3rd time at the CF walk in the OBX (as long as weather permits for me).

The day I remember the most of your blogging adventure? I was about to go to C3 for First Wednesday and I got online to see that possible lungs were found. I had my friend text me if the Lungs were a go or not a go. And right before worship was to start, I got the text saying the lungs were a go. My arms got chills and I ran around like a chicken with my head chopped off trying to find Patience b/c I knew she would want to know immediately.

terri c said...

I can't remember how I even got here, but I think I started just around the time that Gwyneth was born. I keep coming back because I love the writing and the photos, and because I wish all of you well.

Christy said...

Uhh.. what were the questions??? :)

I started reading your blog in early January! Since I have CF, I was told by a friend to check it out!

Why do I come back?? I'm not sure what the "hook" is other than just wanting to know what's going on in your family's life. I have come to care about you guys and want to know every chapter!

After meeting you guys at Duke, I knew I would never stop reading your blog and praying for you guys! You, Tricia, and your parents are all so genuine and kind!

I love your photos.. especially the ones of you, Tricia and Gwyneth.. that is my favorite part!

Sara said...

When did you first start reading CFHusband?

I began reading in January - right after Gwyneth was born. A friend shared it with me so I could pray for you and I've been hooked ever since.

Why do you continue coming back?

I love your family.

What has been your favorite moment of our story so far?

The day Tricia held Gwyenth.

Do you have a favorite post or picture or video?

I have a special place in my heart for the early Blooming Rose videos.

Becky said...

Congratulations on a year! And thank you for sharing your lives and your faith with us. It's nearly impossible to put into words what you mean to me, to so many of us.

I started reading right before Gwyneth was born and it quickly became a daily thing for me. I love all the photos and videos, many have brought me to tears! My favorite posts are probably The Story of Us posts. I did of course obsessively check in and pray and worry for news of Gwyneth's birth and Tricia's transplant. I continue to pray for you all and look forward to following your story!

marcia said...

Congrats on a whole year of blogging at this site!
The day after Gwyneth was born was the first I heard of the Lawrenson family, when a friend directed readers of her blog to your site. I was first drawn to follow along because our DIL was due with their first child within about ten days of when Gwyneth was originally supposed to arrive. I kept envisioning our grandaughter as the same size as Gwyneth, and was amazed by all the details of their development at such a young gestational age. But what really hooked me in was the astounding experience of seeing not only one, but TWO, miracles unfolding before my eyes, and your transparency in telling the story of all God was doing in and through your family and your experiences of this past year. Actually, it was three miracles, the third being how God is using this blog to introduce Himself to countless thousands of people who might not have ever viewed God as wanting to be personally involved in the lives of individual people.
Thank you for continuing to share your lives, even at times when you probably just wish for some privacy for even a day or two! You are an amazing witness to the power and love of God, and I am so grateful for the privilege of "knowing" you here, and praying for your dear family! Will continue praying for a good week for Tricia, and for minimal side effects from this round of chemo, for the amazing Gwyneth to continue to grow and thrive so very well, and for the safety of you and yours as the storms are heading your way this week.

asplashofsunshine said...

I started reading this about 6 months ago. I have NO idea how I stumbled across it. I just know I have never stopped checking in. That must be a strange feeling to have so many people that check in on you guys.

There are no favorite posts of mine. Every one is special. The photos are amazing! I would love to be a professional photographer in my next life, so I love seeing great photos. Thanks for opening up your lives to the world.

Karen in SF Bay Area, CA

Beverly said...

I think I started reading in January...I can't really remember what lead me to this blog...I think it may have been an online prayer chain.

I keep coming back because our son has an disease for which there is no cure (not CF but a disease called VHL), your faith is amazing and your joy for life is beautiful, and I love watching your daughter grow!

Thank you for including us in your journey!

Stefanie said...

Hey! I found your blog through the blogging world around feb. 2008 and fell in love with your story. I have kept coming back, because your Faith in God is AMAZING. Seeing you and Trisha take on everything life has handed you and still have great Faith in God. Has made me Thankful to God for giving me such an amazing Faith to live out everyday of my life.

I think my favorite video has to be when Nathan and Trisha got to hold Gwyneth for the first time.
I love seeing pictures of Gwyneth, she has gotten so big and is so beautiful.
Also I love the pictures and video of Trisha leaving the hosptial after her transplant. I was so excited and happy for you guys.

I feel blessed to have read about your lives in the last few months.
I know we haven't met but I feel like I am part of your family.

I hope You (Nathan), Trisha and Gwyneth have a happy and fulling life together.
Forever in my thoughts and prayers!
God Bless

Ann said...

I found your blog the day Tricia got her new lungs. I keep coming back because your daughter is beautiful, your writing is clever and your faith is inspiring! My favorite video is the one to "Safe and Sound" and there are too many great pictures to pick a single favorite. My 3 year old sees Gwyneth's picture and says "look at that beautiful little girl."

Thank you for being so real and willing to share with the world.

Shari said...

I started reading your blog last January after someone emailed me with your blog address. I keep coming back because you are a source of encouragement and I love to look at your pictures and keep up to date on how to pray for your family. How's that for a run-on sentence? I have two favorite parts to the story. The first is by far when Tricia received her brand new lungs! The other is when everyone was finally at home under one roof! My favorite picture is when Trician got to see Gwyneth for the first time mask free!

McLeod Family said...

I started reading a few days before Gwyneth was born and I have literally been "hooked" ever since. Although, I have been a Christian for years, the ride you guys have been on has made my faith even stronger. I can't tell you how many times I have cried with you guys, smiled, thanked God for His blessings and literally got on my knees begging for mercy. Thank you for sharing your journey. I think the thing that really sticks out for me the most is the Love story between you and Trish. I have been married 9 years and I just sense the love you guys have for one another through your words and it makes me work harder on my own marriage. I want to make sure I always have what you guys have!

Becky Norton said...

I haven't the foggiest idea who you guys are in real life, but I saw a link to your site from a friend's blogspot and thought I'd check it out. Who knew I'd get hooked on complete strangers? It's like getting to read a never-ending novel. I have been so encouraged by your family's continual faith in the Lord despite struggles, trials, and circumstances that are beyond reason. It is a blessing to hear of the victories God is winning in your lives through so many different things and I am better. May God bless!!

Aspiemom said...

I was familiar with Tricia through and had actually visited her blog before visiting yours. I found yours through her blog. I think it was at the time she announced her pregnancy there that I started coming here.

As far as what keeps me coming back, I guess it's because I've come to love you guys and want to know how you are doing!

My favorite blog...was the day Tricia got to see Gwyneth for the first time in person.

Meredith said...

I started reading your blog the day Gwyneth was born. I was looking on a friends blog and she had asked that her friends pray for you, Tricia and Gwyneth. She also had a link. I keep coming back because I am so drawn to your story and your faith. My family has been through an amazing amount of trial as well and as Gwyneth was born, my sister in law was growing her own little miracle after having surgery to remove her colon at almost 20 weeks along. Thank you for sharing your faith with others. You and Tricia and Gwyneth are an amazing testamony of God's faithfullness. My favorite post was the one where you did the video and played the song Safe and Sound. I sat there bawling, not only watching Gwyneth, but thinking about how my own neice or nephew was going to be safe and sound too. You guys are amazing!


Lisa C Photography said...

I started reading your blog on December 2, 2007 when you guys announced you were pregnant. I found out about you from Patience Leino's site as I had kept up with her about her precious baby boy. I was immediately drawn to your story and wanted so badly to connect with you guys in some way. So I made you guys a scrapbook and boxed up a bunch of goodies and sent it your way. I sent you guys a scrabble game too which I think you played a few times. :o) We also sent you a letter introducing ourselves. We felt very connecting to you since my husband and I are church planters and he is the worship arts pastor at our church. We prayed for You, Tricia and Gwyneth every night and began praying at our weekly small group. I will never forget those moments sitting at work the day Gwyneth was born, crying and praying and just clicking "refresh" again and again on your uncle's and dad's blogs waiting for news. You guys have had such an incredible, miraculous journey this year and I know it's not over yet. We're still here praying in Georgia! Thank you for letting us be a part of all of it!!!

-Lisa Collinsworth

Amy E. said...

I started reading your blog shortly have Gwyneth was born. We have friends that, at the time, had a young baby with CF. Her research led to you..and she posted your blog...that's how I found you.

Favorite moments...every time you Praise the Lord for your life..not matter what that particular day might have been like..

My favorite picture..The FRaggle Rock hat!!! It still makes me giggle!!

I come back b/c of your honesty, your truth and basically because you guys are funny!! I am blessed every time I read your blog. You guys just Rock!

Sheryl said...

I don't remember when I started reading, sometime around when the baby was born. Keep writing, I always like reading.

April said...

I've been reading since the day before Tricia had Gwyneth. I found a link from a thread at I keep coming back because your family is inspiring and beautiful!

lolo said...

i started reading when gwyneth was less than 2 weeks old. my best friend has cf and i have loved learning about it from reading your blog. i have prayed for you all and felt closer to god and more appreciative of my own children. my favorite video is when nathan first holds gwyneth. i watched it several times and cried. i also love the photos of tricia with her head shaved. she looks so tough! i love reading your story, thank you. you all are amazing.

Angela said...

I started right after your baby was born, I had heard of your blog from a friend who said Tricia was waiting to get a new set of lungs and she was so inspired by your blog! I am still here because I love to get updates and see how Great our God is (its a wonderful reminder for everyone's lives) , My favorite post was when you knew the lungs were a good match and she was about to get them, I just remember Praising God for your miracle. I'm touched by your love for your family and your willingness to share it with the world! I know you have many obstacles ahead, we will keep praying here!


You are listed on my blogs as one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Congrats on 1 year of blogging. I have been reading your blog for awhile. I think I found it when Jessica Claire did your photos. I check in daily (sometimes more)...The strength that you and Tricia have is amazing and VERY inspiring. I continue to pray and think of your little family often. Thanks for sharing your lives with us! Oh and thanks to the post about visiting the OBX...I think I need to get down there. I love photography and would love to explore all it has to offer!
Cari in Chicago

~j~ said...

i don't remember how I got here, i am just grateful i did! 7 months ago the story of you and Tricia and Gwyneth helped pull me out of a very dark time in my life. As a believer I am praising God for the joy your family has brought to my life and while this might sound strange to some the love I have in my heart for you and your girls is nothing I have ever experienced towards complete "strangers". As for why I keep coming back... because you remind me of what a great God we serve, how to stay real, and to love like no other!
I really am so beyond blessed that you started this blog,that you have allowed us all to be part of this blog family and have exemplified the meaning of what a true leader looks like!
Happy Blog Anniversary Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth! xxoo
Love julia
p.s. does this mean we get to have another blog party?! :))

Brenda Boitson said...

I have been part of this blog since just a few weeks before Gwyneth was born. I love this blog because it's very encouraging and helps me keep my focus on the important things in life. Who would've known that just 6 months after following this blog, my husband and I are in some pretty similar circumstances as your family. It has been a blessing to follow. God Bless.

Melissa said...

I've been reading your blog for about 6 months now. I love reading your story, and how you and Tricia manage to find God's strength in every situation. Even though I haven't had any medical struggles, i've had plenty of personal ones. And you guys give me a lot of inspiration to grow in my relationship with Jesus!

Anonymous said...

When did you first start reading CFHusband?
I started reading CFHusband the day of Tricia's transplant.

Why do you continue coming back?
I love reading about how Tricia's doing & the story of Gwyneth Rose. My Niece was a preemie as well so I can relate to your NICU stories.

What has been your favorite moment of our story so far?
I don't think I really have a favorite moment. If I had to pick I would go with Tricia & Gwyn getting out of the hospital!!!

Do you have a favorite post or picture or video?
I loved the head shaving and the White Rose Blooming Video!!

MagzD said...

I stumbled across your blog in May - the day before Gwyneth came home!

That is still my very favorite post, because it brought back how amazing and blessed I felt the day I brought my preemie twins home :)

Your family's strength gives me strength. Thank you for sharing always.

Jeff said...

i have been reading and LOViNG your blog since pretty much...the beginning! my favorite moment, while very hard to choose, would have to be when tricia got her new lungs. as a mommy, i just wanted her so badly to get to enjoy her daughter and you for lots more time! thank you for sharing your journey with us. i think anybody that has been touched by your story has been touched by something truly blessed. here's to many more kisses, snuggles, and smiles with your girls!
happy blogging "birthday"!
meredith & family

Katie Lamont said...

I started reading in about October... though I don't remember how I found out about it. At the time I didn't really know how sick Tricia had been but realised that getting a transplant must mean serious. I have always remembered the times that Tricia and I were leading youth at camp and at youth group for a summer or two together when I was in college and she was, too. I have several posts that brought tears of joy or fear... but the best two were "I'm a Daddy" on Jan 8 and It's a GO on April 2 along with all the follow up posts. All the pictures of your girls are wonderful, but my favorite is one of you and Gwyneth while you were "Waiting for Mommy" while she was in surgery, and Gwyenth has just the most perfect expression on her face... Anyway, I continue to follow because of my love for your whole family!

Tara said...

I've been with you guys since the beginning. I think i found you through a post Tricia made on at some point. I feel a connection with you guys, as a young family and mother with CF. It's been great watching you through the blog over the last year. Thank you for sharing your story.

Unknown said...

I started reading back in January, I believe. I was following a friend's blog, who had just had a baby, but she wasn't updating as much as I'd hoped, so I started reading the blogs that were linked to hers. I was hooked here instantly!

My favorite period on here was around the time that Tricia got her transplant surgery. We were all on here checking for updates on her surgery CONSTANTLY, praying, and losing sleep because we simply had to wait for the update. I felt so connected to God, this family, and all of the other faithful readers. I couldn't stop thinking about this family, and every time there was good news in your story, I wanted to share my excitement for you with anyone around me (but of course that would take a lot of explaining about this blog, family, and why I'm so wrapped up in it!).

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Someone posted about this site on a message board and I started reading a few days after Tricia had the transplant. I went back and soaked it all in and you are still on my bloglines!

Thank you for sharing your incredible life with all of us!

Tricia said...

I came to your blog through a friend of a friend's blog. I still don't really know how they were linked to you. All I know, is that when I read your story (right after Gwyneth was born and Tricia was sedated) I was in awe at your FAITH and ENDURANCE through it all. I was so fascinated by your wife Tricia and the amazingly strong, courageous woman that she was and is. It made me more grateful for my own health and that of my children. It made my problems (which were many at the time) fade into insignificance, compared with your reality. It, on many levels, brought me back to the faith that I've always had, but which had been lagging, due to some events in my life.
Mostly, I (and my two little ones) WANTED SO MUCH FOR TRICIA TO LIVE AND GWYNETH TO SURVIVE and for YOU TO BE OK. We learned about CF and other things and we learned to reach out to the CFF. My children were so attracted to your story and very serious (and still are!) in their prayers for you. They held three lemonade sales and wanted to help. It brought my own family together.
Wow! To think that someone sharing as openly and honestly as you did, could bring all this to one other family and millions of others. It brought GOD to the forefront of our lives, which is where he should be. It renewed our faith in miracles.
I could go on forever, but I'll spare you, stop now and just say THANK YOU for taking the risk of sharing your world with us. Thank for for giving us the privilege of praying for your beautiful, wife, baby, you and your little family.
You remind of every day WHAT IS IMPORTANT.
We will continue to pray, blog or no blog, but hope that you will continue to let us be there for you (albeit in a virtual way) for the journey ahead. Keep up your wonderful faith and keep sharing it.
Much love, Tricia and Family
N.VA :) xxx

Unknown said...

I just started reading this blog in the past week or so. A friend recommended it when I was looking for some new blogs to read.

So far, I appreciate you and your wife's attitude. It is so positive and you are so grateful for everything. It is a great example.

I'm also coming from a perspective of having known someone with CF. My friend and her husband took in two foster daughters for about six months. The elder girl was 13 and has CF.

Knowing a little bit about the condition now, helping out (I was a respite care provider) and doing night feeds, doling out enzymes, trying to get her to do her breathing treatments. Her situation was sad because she had never had the amount of care and support she should have and was rebellious about her treatment. I worry about her and what her future holds.

Anyway... It is so nice to read what the possibilities are for someone with CF, someone with faith, good support, determination. I will be praying for your wife's health and your baby's.

Happy Blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back because the love and faith you all have during this journey inspires me. I've been reading for about six months and I enjoy it so much. My favorite posts or pictures are of you all on the beach. I'm from Durham and we spent summers on the Outer Banks, so it brings back such great memories for me. I also love seeing pictures of your beautiful Gwyneth... my daughter is almost 2 and it's gone too fast.

Judy said...

I first read this blog after sweet Gwyneth had been born.. I kept following to see how she and Tricia were doing. I love the songs that you have put to the videos some of them have become my favorite songs such as Ordinary Miracle.
I was always saddened by those who were inconsiderate and hope that you know that there are millions of us out here that have lifted your sweet family in prayer and continue to do so...

Although we most likely will not meet this side of heaven, I look forward to seeing all of you on the golden streets...may Christ be glorified in all that you do.

Kathy said...

Happy blog-o-versary! I started reading sometime in late April, I just had a baby and your story struck a chord with me because we were "due" around the same time. I keep reading because I believe you guys are an example of how awesome God is, and sometimes its hard to remember that. Gwyneth and Tricia are truely in my hearts prayers. And you too Nate, you're a good guy. Keep up the blogging!

Joy H said...

I have come to you by following a link from my friend Janet the day Tricia had her surgery. I spend FOUR hrs. that night reading your story and archives. I continue b/c it's like witnessing a miracle everyday.

Too many favorite pictures to pick one.

Ellen said...

I stumbled across your blog through your facebook page requesting prayer back in January. The transparency of your walk with the Lord kept me coming back for more. You have inspired me to be more intentional in my daily life, knowing that each day is a gift. My life is what most people would consider "the american dream" (house, yard, dog, kids, cars...) and yet I have been given no more promise of health, weath and prosperity then anyone else. In March I started my own blog to help me remember all the things that God has taught me and to journal my days as a stay at home mom.

I think my favorite post was the day after Tricia got her new lungs - I had been out of town for two days and when I checked back, it was better then my birthday!!! What a wonderful turn of events that had transpired while I was away.

Thank you for sharing your story with the world (even when it hasn't been easy). May God bless you richly as you continue to seek Him!

Praying in Delaware!

Rebecca said...

When did you first start reading CFHusband?

I stumbled across this blog the day Gwyneth was born. What a day to start reading!

Why do you continue coming back?

Because you're such a good blogger, and you have such fabulous subjects to blog about, ie your lovely family.

What has been your favorite moment of our story so far?

The day Tricia got her transplant.

Do you have a favorite post or picture or video?

Tough to choose between them, but I think ... the recent one of Gwyneth playing with her toys, it shows just how far she has come. Favourite photos were probably the family ones on the beach, as the love your family has for one another really shines through each photo.

Thanks for deciding to blog about your incredible journey, the three of you are so inspirational.

Becky xx

Amy said...

Hi, I've been reading since about 2 weeks before Gwyneth was born. I found out about you through a lady who adopted from the same O that we are adopting from. She was Tricia's sister's room mate in college (or something like that) and asked all of us to pray. I keep coming back because I appreciate your outlook on life and your faith in God. We've been struggling with a Haitian adoption for 3 years and our son is still not home. I'm also currently leading worship at our little church so that was another way I identified with you.

One of my favorite pics still is the one of Gwyneth in the pink fuzzy hat. That's hysterical.

Keep it up!


Michelle M. said...

I think I started reading almost immediately after Gwyneth was born- what a miracle! We've prayed for you guys all along the way. And I'd have to say one of my favorite (photo) posts is "Bald is Beautiful, Especially in 3's" from August 11th. You are such a beautiful family! Your story inspires so many people with your strength and faith. Our prayers continue for you all.

Jenn... said...

I started reading this about a week before Tricia's surgery and I've been hooked (and praying for you) ever since! God Bless
~Jenn in Gainesville, FL

Megan @ SimplyThrifty said...

I first started reading when Gwyneth was a couple days old. Your story/testimony of what the Lord is doing in your lives, as well as your writing style (and the fact that you actually post on a regular basis) is what kept me coming back for more.
My favorite moment was probably when I found out that Tricia got her new lungs on your Birthday. It still makes me teary eyed thinking about it. I've loved it all...the pictures of Gwyneth, Tricia, you. Everything. You have an amazing testimony and have done a great job sharing it with the world.

Kristi said...

I started reading a month or two after you started the blog... when Tricia's sister (an online friend) shared the link. My own little baby was due around the time Gwenyth was and so I really connected right away to your story and all the fears about Gwyneth's prematurity.

Your blog has a been a huge blessing to my life. The renewal of my faith that I'd been ignoring for a long time.

Thank you.

Brittany said...

I started reading cfhusband when Gwenyth was about 10 days old.

I keep coming back because I'm a born again believer and I believe in the power of prayer. I knew a cf'er growing up and I'm the aunt to 28wk preemies who are now 8 1/2. Several things about your story appealed to me.

Favorite moment of your story? The day you all went home.

My favorite picture(s) is the one you took every Tuesday to show Gwenyth's size w/ her pug. I wish we'd have done that with my nieces as one forgets just how very tiny they were.

I have grown to love you guys and am so blessed by your willingness to be open and honest. I appreciate your faith and you being able to use this blog as a way to share it with others.

God bless you!

Tumbleweed said...

Your blog page became a God given blessing, to me, shortly after Tricia went into the hospital to become stabilized, so she could deliver Gwyneth. I have been a faithful reader, since, and often think about Tricia, and her tremendous courage. Your blog page has brought me closer to God, by having a more purposeful reason for prayer. I have been awed by the number of Christians that have responded, and the number of prayers that have been lifted up for the three of you! I have also been so moved by your passion to work towards raising money to assist in finding a cure for CF. You have heightened an awareness, of this horrible disease, as well as show people ways that they can help.

I will continue to follow your's, Tricia's, and Gwyneth's story, and pray as much as possible. SOMEDAY, SOON, THERE WILL BE A CURE FOR CF!!! Keep the faith!!!

Amy said...

I started reading your blog soon after Gwyneth was born. In a period of a few days, I had emails from several people that said I just "had to check out this blog written by this husband...". I have been hooked from the day that I did. Mostly, I think, because yall are so real. You have super-huge struggles, and you still cling to your faith in God. I love that! I have learned from that!

I think that my favorite moment so far has been when Tricia got her transplant. Praying and anticipating and hoping with you in those days before. I checked in often during that time hoping that there was good news... and when there was, I think I cried for yall! I also loved the Love Story posts, and all of the sweet videos to music that you have made... the ones of yall holding Gwyneth for the first time were my favorites. And I love your photograhy, Nate. I am interested in photography too, and I love looking at pictures that others take.

Happy Blogoversary. Thanks for letting us have a little glimpse of your life. You are all 3 awesome people!!! May God continue to bless you!

Judy said...

I've been checking in with you since January. I started a blog last Sept. too. This blog introduced me to the world of intercessory prayer through blogs. Your blog is now one of many that I check to pray for people. The most memorable posts for me were the ones from the night of Tricia's transplant. I was up in the middle of the night with my infant and that night I didn't really care if she slept or not. I just kept hitting the refresh button and praying!! I love your blog because I have used it to point so many people to Jesus. I have shared your site several times on my own blog and I know of several people in my life who check it who don't have a relationship with the Lord. Your testimony of faith, answered prayers and miracles is pointing many to the Lord and many to a more pro-life stance!! Don't ever stop blogging!!! I know that the Lord has been honored through your words and actions!!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but it must have been some sort of Duke connection, as one of our sons is a heart patient at Duke. I have been blessed by your sweet family, and think of and pray for you guys often! That little Gwyneth Rose is a cutie-pie!!
Your sister in Christ,

Elena said...

Happy Blogivesary! What an amazing year! I don't even know how I found your blog, but it was right before Gwyneth was born. My favorite video is when Nathan got to hold her for the first time. I cried my head off. I love to come back and hear the progress all of you are making.

Christy said...

I don't even remember whose blog I was reading that linked me back here, but I have been reading for several months now. I keep coming back because it keeps my life in the correct perspective to know that my "problems" aren't really that big of a deal and that God truly cares. Seeing your positive attitude and days that you struggle helps me too.

RoseGirl said...

I started reading your blog in early January...right around the time of Gwyneth's birthday.

Why do I keep coming back? Well, God just connected your family's story into my heart. I consider it an honor to pray for others out here in the blog world - and your story has touched me as few others have. You all are a shining example of the love of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and a testament to what His power, through our faith can do in mere humans' lives.

It is a pleasure to continue to lift you all up in prayer and to watch your little one grow and develop. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you and protect you all in the midst of this wonderful and scary place called the internet.


Southern CA

John & Michelle said...

We have several "irons in the fire" right now. All of which are completely out of our everything really is anyway! Following your journey has improved my prayer life, restored my shaken faith and reminds me almost daily of who is really guiding our path!!! I dearly loved the video of Nate holding an incredibly tiny Gwyneth on his bare chest. Knowing that she needed to feel your warmth and smell her new daddy made me sob! My favorite photo is of Gwyneth in the "fraggle" hat!!!

Lindsay said...

I've never commented before but I check this blog almost daily. I randomly stumbled on this site when googling my name. Our names were on the same prayer list in a church in Winston-Salem, NC. I come back to see how the Lord continues to sustain you. Your life encourages me more than you'll ever know. Thank you for sharing so much of who you are.

Alison said...

I started reading your blog last Christmas via a link through the CF trust site in the UK.
Other people's blogs have coma and gone - yours I cannot bear to miss, I guess I love a happy ending!
Seriously I love your humour and refreshing honesty. through your post I am rather addicted to Megan's blog - she is so funny and via her I love Michelle - so much like me. And finally - Pioneer Woman rocks!!! The rest of your family , Rick, Andy, Janet and Terry are cool too! I must now signoff before I sound too much like a stalker!

Mary said...

Somebody asked for prayers for your family around the time of the transplant and I got hooked. I have a friend whose 3 year old has CF and I stuck around as a way to understand the issues she is dealing with now and will deal with in the future.

Drew's Mom said...

Hi Nate, Trisha and Gweneth,

Coming out of my "lurking" status to leave you a note...

I found your blog through a premiee Mom blog (The Furlough Family) the day that Gweneth was born. I have been reading ever since - I find your family's faith, strength and determination incredible.

I think my favorite post was when Trish was able to hold Gweneth for the first time. Truly priceless..

Praying for you in Ohio,

Drew's Mom

Laurie in Ca. said...

I have been blessed to follow your journey from the beginning. I cannot isolate a favorite part because it all has been amazing, watching miracle after miracle, answered prayer after answered prayer, holding my breath as I read each post. Being witness to your faith, you and Trish, and having my faith increase as I prayed for you every step of the way. I am just so thankful you shared your experience with us, inviting us all to be part of a miracle as it unfolds. And I truly believe the best is yet to come for the three of you!!!:) Not everyone I pray for gets the miracle they hope for, but I pray anyway because I know that our God is able. I trust His plans for each life and I am so blessed by the plans He has demonstrated in you and your family's lives. Be safe with these storms headed your way. However after the year you have endured, these storms should be a piece of cake:)!!! I love you guys so much.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

sarah said...

the first time i read your blog was just after gwyneth was born (a friend of mine sent me here and asked me to pray). i went back and read everything up to that point so that i could catch up on the full story, but i've come back almost every day since then - often multiple times a day. when tricia was in surgery, i was up in the middle of the night praying and checking your blog, and of course every day asking God to give gwyneth strength to keep fighting and thriving.

i've never met you two, but still i consider you friends and even if i never meet you here, i still know i'll see you some day. until then, though, keep writing, because i'm hooked on this beautiful story...on your love for one another...and on that miracle of a baby:)

Loveday's Day said...

I started reading your blog through baby leino's blog. I have been here for the pregancy and the lung transplant. You guys have a wonderful testimony as to the power of our God.

Gothic ʚϊɞ said...

I was introduced to your blog through a friend, I remember losing my computer for awhile and that friend calling me to tell me that Tricia got new lungs. I check in each day, and love reading about your beautiful family. You all have been such a big part of my getting back into a relationship with Jesus. Thank you!

Becky in VA said...

Happy One Year Anniversary!!!

My daughter told me about your blog. She is an on-line friend of Tricia's sister. I have been a daily reader since right before Gwyneth was born. Back then you allowed anonymous posts, and I simply said "Love to All."

I think I told you that January 8 is a special day for my family - it was my grandmother's birthday and the day my only sister was born . . . AND GWYNETH!!!!!!! Oh, and of course Elvis!

Nate, you write from your heart and that is way I read every word you write. I feel like I know your family and I truly appreciate how you share the very serious times as well as all your sillyness.

If I had to choose just one photo, it would be one of ALL your family on the beach. Your family is strong and loving and an example of strength for all your readers.

Your birthday gift this year was sent by God to Tricia. What a miracle!!! The hardest time during the past year was the night of the transplant and for days after - when your Dad filled in for you on your blog. Your absence spoke volumes about how difficult a time it was for you. You are so strong - just like Tricia and that precious adorable beautiful little girl you two created!

Now stay safe while Hannah blows up the coast. Hope Tricia is feeling okay.


Jenna said...

I started reading I belive when Gwenyth Was 2 weeks old. Your family is amazing, Tricia your attitude towards life and obsticles really teaches me to enjoy and embrace every situation, good or bad. My favorite video/photo was when Nate you held your baby for the first time to -"safe and sound"- I had tears and chills watching that.
Thanks for sharing your journey, I will always follow you all as you are such an inspiration and a family full of nothing but love for each other. Happy 1 year!!

Mary said...

I began reading CFH around January of this year, a day or so after Tricia had Gwyneth I believe. I keep coming back so I can see how God is blessing your family and how He is using you and your blog to reach others.

Favorite Video: Safe and Sound
Favorite Moment: When Tricia got to see Gwyneth for the first time and when you got to hold her the first time. (These all make me cry each time I see them)
Favorite Photo: Gwyneth in her Fraggle hat!

Love you guys and I pray for you every single day.

Your sister in Christ,

Unknown said...

I found you through a link from a friends site. It was right after Gwyneth was born and my favorite pictures are of her! By the way, it is about time for another picture of her next to the stuffed dog...

Kristen said...

This is my first time leaving a comment, but I have loved you all since January. My favorite pics were of Gwyneth under the lights in the NICU...awesome shots! My favorite posts...definitely when the transplant occured. I remember waking up in the middle of night prompted by the Spirit to pray. There were days where I literally could not stop thinking about your family, which lead to intense praying. Thank you for allowing Him to work through you and your journey. He is indeed glorified! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I started reading the blog about a month before Gwenyth's birth, and got totally hooked on the incredible amount of love and faith I read about everyday. I had never met a person(couple) so young, yet having gone through so much, and still showing solid faith and grace. I was intrigued, touched, and ministered to on nearly a daily basis.

I put Tricia and Gwenyth on my daily prayer list and even my family began asking about how they were doing. In the early days, I checked the site faithfully(okay, more like obsessively),looking for updates and would pray during the setbacks, and rejoice with the victories. I have loved seeing Gwenyth's pictures and seeing her grow and make progress everyday. I call everyone in for "baby alert" picture and they have become almost as hooked as I have! And seeing Trica looking so beautiful and just glowing with love when she looks at her husband and baby is precious.

I keep coming back because it's a true blessing and inspiration to see God moving and to see the two of you face all the uncertainties with grace and love. Your family is an amazing testimony to what God can do, and somehow, without meeting you, you've all become part of my heart.

Also, because of this blog, my entire family, including my daughters(20 and 24), have become organ donors. They have seen the second chance at life it's given Tricia, and the chance for Gwenyth to have her mommy with her, and it caused us all to realize the importance of making that decision.

stevensprecious said...

I started reading sometime during the early spring. I keep coming back because it is intriguing and I have a little girl born in December, so maybe feeling for fellow parents and a little girl so close in age, in one way, to my own. I read to pray for you and watch your little one grow.

Sarah said...

Happy 1 Year!! My name is Sarah and I live in Winnipeg Manitoba. I first visited your blog one night in February when I saw it referenced on a message board I visit. The first night I started reading I had to read the entire thing, I was just in awe of your family and your faith. I still am and think about you guys often.

My favourite post is the video of the first time you held Gwenyth. It still puts tears in my eyes as your joy and pride just shines through.

I wish you all the best and look forward to the next year!

Miki said...

My best friend got me all addicted to be honest, and it took some convincing at first because I hate to read. After she asked me if I was reading and I ashamedly said, "no", she told me, "...she's pregnant, she has CF, it's her husband who blogs, not her."

That peaked my interest enough to start reading every day myself, but it wasn't until the videos of Tricia and you camping that moved me to take a personal interest (near the beginning of all this).

Tricia was so special...her...not her CF, or her predicament. She was willing to let you look at her. She was willing to live, even on camera, and almost invite you watch. I've never met anyone like that before, or since.

This however, didn't get me to BAWLING, until Gweneth was born, and you did that darn video to the music. BAWLING at my computer screen. All of my memories of having my own children flooded back to me, how joyeous it was, how I didn't know how special it was until my children were just a bit older (around 4-5 years of age). Here you were, not worrying about what I was worried about--"am I going to be a good mother? Am I ready for this?"

You thought, "please, just survive..if God willing, just make it." See, I'm choking up just thinking about it. I took so much for granted, especially life.

I bawled againg when Tricia got to hold Gwyneth for the first time. It reminded me of my first time holding my baby. When it happened for me, I was surprised that I was a spectator without emotion. I just stared. I held my baby. I held him, and just looked at him. This was my baby, and I was finally a mother, and it was slowly (even not) sinking in...not real at that moment.

When Tricia was nearing her transplant date, I just couldn't take it....I just couldn't. I was begging in my mind for everyone to quickly become a donor. I thought, "please save her, please save her, someone. She's not going to make it."

She did...she did...she did. She made it...she made it. Gwyneth made making it.

Now, I wonder of your future, of Gwyneth's future, of Tricia's future. I never take simplicities in life for granted anymore, or at least when I do, I remember you.

Even when you told us of the other CF person (who ended up being a fraud), I just couldn't comment on their site, even though I checked from time to time. It just wasn't you and Tricia. I want you to appreciate something here...I stay to myself. I NEVER comment on other's blogs. I have a private blog, and only let about 12 people see it. For me to do's special.

Also, there's something about a man telling things through his eyes. In case you haven't noticed, many of us bloggers are of the female type (go girls), but there's something special when a man is so raw, so stripped of everything, and he will share, even doubts of his abilities to be good enough. It's rare, and it was treated, by me, with respect. I was grateful for that insight.

On another note, I was JUST commenting today on another persons blog about you (one of the lucky ones I just invited to mine). I was telling her how I was going to become a donor because of your story. I'm still terrified, and I've given myself until my next renewal on my driver's lisence to do it, because I'm still so scared, but I just wanted Tricia to make it so bad. I can't imagine what it's like to be at that sort of doorstep in your life, to be facing certain tragedy, and know that you could be saved if only....

I want to help someone...oh but it's so hard to think about. About the grief my family will be in...about the hope another family will face. It tears me up. I'm worried about what I will look like for my family....I'm honest.

This is why I come check in on "my family" who made an impact on my life. Thank you for sharing.

The absolute most gripping post was the one where you were honest about your feelings....the one where you said, "I don't deserve the thoughts of so many, telling me I'm so great..." It went something like that. Also, I liked the ones about telling us of your "not immediate connection" to Gwyneth. It totally made sense. It does take time. It does take a while. It does take work on our part (the parent). It's a decision to be a Dad, it's not so natural/emotional (like Hollywood would like us to believe). Most of the beginning is spent just staring with no emotion. You're simply just there. The emotions come later (sooner to some, and later for others), as you look back on things.

I'm choking up again thinking about it all! Sorry so long winded. I know I won't comment again for a long time, so I wanted to make this one count. I hope it did, and I hope it was what you were looking for...and I'm happy to share my most deep thoughts once again.

Kat said...

Hi Nathan,
I've read your blog daily since Trisha's lung transplant, it's your attitude and amazing spirit that keeps me coming back, I dont have anything to do with CF,nor am I a christian, my connection to is simply as one human to another.. my faith in the human spirit is restored every time I have read what you have written, even when you have a bad day you manage to inspire both inspire me ..please keep it up, you write about an amazing journey with an amazing spirit

The Posti Family said...

I started reading your blog about the time Gwyneth was born. I was so touched that first day, and I have been obsessed since. I check out your blog everyday, if not more than that! My favorite two posts so far, and the ones that made me cry like a baby, were the Valentine's Day video's (both part 1 & 2) and also "My Child" video when Tricia held Gwyneth the first time. You are amazing with your videos and they are just so touching! I am sure I will enjoy your blog for as long as you continue to post!

Suzie said...

I found your blog through a prayer request on another blog that I frequent. I think it was shortly after Gwyneth was born. I clicked over and have been hooked ever since! Although there have been so many wonderful and inspiring moments, some of my favorites are the day Tricia had her transplant, the day she held Gwyneth for the first time and the day that you brought Gwyneth home. You and Tricia are an inspiration and your unwavering faith rejuvinates me!

I wish you all many blessings today and always.

Julie said...

I found your blog through a comment on a friend of mine's blog - and when I popped in, you were only a week or so away from your first thought of "new lungs" and I went to bed that night with tears and prayers for you all... I keep coming back as I love reading about how God is being glorified, and to be challenged in my own faith to trust God despite any challenges or trials that come... as you, Tricia and even little Gwen are a testament to God's blessings and a strong faith in Him. Thank you for being so open, willing to share your heart, and sharing Jesus to the world! Blessings upon each of you ~
Julie (Florida)

Julie Nickerson said...

Happy 1 year birthday CF Husband!

Has it really only been a year?

To answer your questions:
1) I started reading in Dec. when Tricia was still pregnant. We found you through Patience and Jordan (My husband's, Seth, sister was friends with them from Liberty.) We are Liberty Grads too so I felt and instant connection to want to pray for you all.
2)Your story was fascinating and I love your personality and just the things you would blog about. I also got so concerned about Tricia and the baby.
3)When Gwyneth was released from the hospital. (I also loved Tuesday with the pug) Can you show us and updated picture of her next to the pug?
4)Favorite picture by far is the Bald is Beautiful esp. in threes. That needs to be enlarged and framed on your wall.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are such a great FATHER and Dad...and blogger, of course!

Justine, Romy's Mama said...

Hey there, I started reading your blog around February of this year. I was looking for other preemie parents' (mother to an 8 month old former 25 weeker, 1 pound 3 ounces) blog, and I found you. Your family is simply amazing. You guys carry so much strength and it's almost impressive how much faith you have. I too, turned to the Lord and he hasn't let me down since. You have also opened my eyes to the heartache of CF. I never really knew what it was, and have learned quite a bit, and would love to join you in the fight against it as well as the fight against prematurity. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Cristi said...

I found your blog, after my daughter gave birth to a 2 pound preemie, our Avery. I did some major reading online on preemies and on everything to expect. I was drawn into your story and now am truly interested in your family. My favorites are "The story of Us" posts. I love all the Gwynneth pictures, especially those of her beautiful eyes. God Bless you and know that you are in my prayers.

Kerry said...

I started reading a few days after Gwyneth was born and Tricia was still in a medically-induced coma. I've checked your blog at least once a day ever since! I always enjoy the posts with pictures of Gwyneth and also ones where you discuss the specifics about CF, prematurity and where Gwyneth and Tricia are in their journey medically (I'm a knowledge geek). Congratulations on your 1 Year Blogging Anniversary. You will have loyal readers as long as you choose to continue. Thanks for the updates!

Dawn said...

I came upon your blog through a friends blog when she had posted about Tricia getting her new lungs. I have been hooked ever since! I keep coming back because I love your story and think your life is a beautiful testimony to the Lord's love and grace. I think you are a great writter and have wonderful things to say. I love to see new pics of your 2 girls and hear about how Gwyneth is growing and hear how Tricia is progressing so that I can pray for you all.
Keep up the awesome job Nate, I doubt any of us will ever know exactly how many lives you have inspired and maybe even changed.
In His Love.

Samantha said...

I started reading when I was in the last month of my own pregnancy. It was at the time you had found a match for tricia. I was hooked from the moment I read your blog. I have checked up on you and your family everyday.

Susie said...

A friend from church is an old high school/college friend of your dad's and his family...she had sent the link and requested prayer..that was the first week of January and WOW how amazing is GOD!!

Your families are a true testimony of what it really means to have Faith and Glorify Jesus!

One of the most amazing things was to watch your map with very few dots along the east coast multiple to thousands and millions of dots all over the world within in just days and was then that I realized the power of prayer and how quickly via internet people can spread the word and how through your posts others would be blessed and learn what loving God is all about and God's unending love for us! Internet can be used for good things too!

Also I'll never forget checking in on your blog counting down the days until baby Gwyneth projected arrival and then reading the post "I'm a Daddy" before actually getting to that date!!

I am truly blessed to have covered your family in prayer. Your site has also been a teaching tool to my children for them to visually see a miracle right before their eyes and for them to understand the importance of Life at all stages and in all circumstances along with importance of being an organ donor! Praise Be to God!!

May God continue to pour out his healing on your family!

Thank you again for sharing and Happy 1 year Blogging Anniversary!

Rachael and Travis said...

I think I started reading when you announced on WT that Tricia was pregnant. It was strange because for whatever reason, I had been thinking for a couple of weeks before this how sad it was that you guys would never have children.

My favorite post? "Not Sad," hands down. But that whole time right before Gwyneth was born and when Tricia finally went home from the hospital was pretty intense. (Do I even have the right to say that?) I was in constant prayer for you guys and I can't tell you how many tears I shed. Strange how that happens with complete strangers. I feel like a freak just saying it. LIMH

I check your blog daily, continue to pray, and stand amazed at what God has done and is doing through this blog.

I know others from WT who check your blog daily and pray for you. In fact, several have been praying for you guys before Gwyneth ever came into the picture.

If this blog and its comments have been an encouragement to you, praise God!!! But I think this blog has been an encouragement, blessing, and inspiration for many, many others out here in Cyberland. Thank YOU for taking the time to blog.

Allison said...

I started reading when I found your post through a blog that I frequent. She had asked for prayers for Tricia and the baby.

The reason why I keep coming back is because there is nothing more I love than watching our AMAZING God at work. The second reason I keep coming back is that my stepsister's mom died of CF when she was 2. This was over 30 years ago. Anna is a gift from God and a miracle. They told her mother not to have her and she did. She sacrificed so much to have her, and I am so thankful and grateful. Tricia has been able to give me a glimpse into the sacrifice that Anna's mother made for her.

I am still praying for your family and love coming and seeing pictures of your sweet girls:)

Nan in NN said...

Hi Nathan, Tricia, and Gwyneth. I first started visiting Confessions of a CF Husband in January, a friend at church told me about the site. Don't know that I have a favorite picture or video, I like them all. What keeps me coming back? It's the CF connection, the OBX connection and your testimony of trust and hope in God. I have two children with CF, a daughter 22and a son 17. My daughter's getting married in December and we've enjoyed looking at your wedding pictures. We love the OBX, I grew up vacationing there and my children have grown up the same. We have also been blessed worshipping at Nags Head Church on vacation. Thank you for opening up your lives to me.

Shari said...

I started reading right after Gwyneth was born. I found you from PJ Ramsey's blog--he has spent lots of time at Duke. Hard to believe he is almost 2! Their family are members of our church in FV and his mom posted the link as a prayer request. Any kind of chronic illness is a learning experience--I have MS. However, a new baby, and a sick mommy and a dedicated dad and husband and the miracles God has given you keep me coming back. What a great family--now I want to watch Gwyneth grow and Tricia completely heal from the transplant. You guys are kind of like family now!! My favorite pic--there are so many but I think the #1 photo is the one of Gwyneth right after she was born with her great-grandma's hand. Now I would like to see some current pics with the pug! What a testament to Christ you have been thru this blog.

Love and continued prayers,
Shari NC

Nicole said...

I began reading your precious blog a few days before Tricia had her double lung transplant. One of my friends found you somehow. Initially I read through as many entries as possible. Crying with your sadness and smiling with your amazing faith. I enjoy checking in with you daily to see how your family is doing. You are in my daily prayers.

I am blessed to have 3 full term healthy babies that are now 5, 3 & 1 year old. Your story reminds me how lucky I am for that. Your baby is growing into a beautiful perfect little girl. Thank you for everything you share.

2greengirls said...

I started reading your blog just after Gwyneth was born and I kept coming back hoping that mom and baby were ok. You have touched alot of people in many ways which is truly amazing. Your words are a gift! Thanks for sharing your life story with the world.

Full of JOY said...

i first heard about your blog from my aunt, who lives in NJ. tricia and i were buds when i lived in NJ as a kid! so my aunt knew that i'd want to hear what was going on in tricia's life. i had been praying for her, and the night before gwyneth was born, i started reading the blog. since that day, God has put it strongly on my heart to pray even more for tricia! gwyneth was born the day after my own birthday! :) i frequently check, and continue to pray! love you, tricia "K"!! ;)

Jennifer said...

Began reading your blog through experiencing our own miracle here in Michigan after my daughter was told that her unborn son would live only minutes to hours after birth. He was diagnosed with lethal skeletal dysplasia. He was born screaming and healthy with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. Cat (my daughter) started her own blog to chronicle their journey and somehow through hers I circled round to yours. I keep reading because I do believe in miracles and I will continue to read because I enjoy watching your miracle unfold. I will keep praying for you here in Michigan and will be watching your lives for many, many years to come.

Joyful said...

I was introduced to your blog by a friend on April 2nd. She had written a post on her blog asking for prayer for your family and I clicked over to find out more.

Being a preemie myself, (born at 25 weeks, weighing 1 pound) I have been fascinated to read about Gwyneth Rose as she has grown - what a little miracle.

I also had a friend with CF and am familiar with some of the journey you are on.

I keep coming back because your posts are so real and so God honouring. It's refreshing to visit here.

May God continue to bless you.
Ontario, Canada

Anxious AF said...

I found your blog in January through the Stanfield blog (baby Maddox) I check in every day!

Meredith said...

I remember the first post I read was maybe a week after the baby was born. A couple blogs that I had been reading posted to this one.

I was so upset that the baby wasn't out of the hospital before I had to leave for vacation on May 8th, and I was very glad to see when i got back on the 20th that she and Tricia were very healthy. That was my favorite...I was gone for two weeks and everything was good :)

00 said...

I can't even remember now how I found this blog, but I check it about a bajillion times a day now :-) My all time favourite pic is one of Gwyneth when she was still VERY wee, and was in the NICU, and you went to visit her and put your wedding ring on her wrist/arm, and it looked like this giant bangle bracelet on her. I don't know exactly why, but I loved it the first time that I saw it, and I still think that it's awesome :-)

Rachel said...

I began reading your blog back in March. One of my friends requested prayer for you on her blog and linked your blog to hers in her post. I pray for you all often and will continue to do so. Thank you for letting us in on what is going on in your lives. I am blessed, rebuked and inspired by your faithfulness to our Awesome God.

Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog right before Gwyneth was born and check it all the time now!! I think my most favorite part of your story (and the one I cried the most) is the time when both girls were finally out of the hospital. I just gave thanks to God while I wiped tears away. Thank you for sharing your story with us and inspiring us all. You are all a blessing to me and have such a wonderful testimony of our Creator Jesus Christ!!! Keep sharing your story and living for Jesus.

Malena said...

I don't know how I came upon your blog but it was right after your baby's birth. You are an inspiration to me, and I come back every day, or almost every day, just to see what you guys are up to. I love to see Baby Gwen thriving and the love you and Tricia have for each other is just beautiful.

Karie said...

I have been reading for awhile...i'm not so sure how I found you.
I come here, everyday, because you and your beautiful family inspire me. Your faith and love is heartwarming. I love seeing the pictures of beautiful Gwyneth..I love to see how she is thriving..thanks to her wonderful Mommy and Daddy. Tricia is amazing to me, and I pray for her everyday.
I want to say thank you for sharing your life with are all truly an inspiration..God bless you.

PattyB said...

I have never left a comment before but have been reading your blog since the day of Tricia's transplant. Your family's story is amazing. I have two children of my own and realize every day what a blessing they are. Your Gwenyth is a blessing from God. I'm in awe of your love for your wife.
Hang in there and remember, this too shall pass.
God Bless you and yours!

Heather said...

My sister in law shared your blog on her blog around the first of the year. Of course I had to check it out. I added it as a favorite to all my blogs. Your story is amazing. I look forward to looking at your blog each day for updates on Gwyenth and Tricia and of course your wonderful photography!
Thank you for sharing your story. I have learned so much about CF. I work in the medical field so I have an interest in all that you go through.
Your family is a blessing. Keep blogging! Happy 1 year blogging annnivesary!

jbrew said...

A friend of mine recommended your blog and I keep coming back because it is awesome to see what God is doing in your lives! Thank you for allowing all of us to be a part!

Nikki said...

I have never commented before, but I just wanted to let you know that I began reading shortly after Gwyneth was born. I fell in love with your family, especially that beautiful baby as I read through your older posts, and I couldn't stop coming back. I was most excited when you two were able to take Gwyneth home from the NICU. My youngest was in the NICU for minor things for his first 2 weeks and I just remember the joy of taking the baby out on your own. Your blog means a lot to me. Thank you!

Deb said...

I found your blog through a link from someone that I knew from home (NJ) I think the day that Gwyneth was born- maybe the day after. I bookmarked it the first time and have been checking in several times a day ever since! Oh- and not just because you guys are so interesting and amazing. I went to church with Tricia for a long time back at FBC in NJ. So there is actually a real life connection too!
So Tricia- check out my kids, too! and my little was a preemie too- and look at her now!

CulyQFun said...

I started reading in Jan and have been hooked since then.

Your tremendous honesty even in the hard times, commitment to one another & the Lord are what keep me coming back. Plus I love how you tell it how it is = bluntness.

The video where you held Gwyneth for the first time still brings me to tears. Especially when you tell Tricia thank you....oh my the tears really flow then.

I love the pics of her now. She is growing so much & changing daily which is fun to see.

Keep up the good work! And I'll keep reading.

May the Lord continue to bless you & your family.

Chelle' said...

Congratulations on the success of this blog but more so on the health and wellbeing of your family. I've read/prayed for you, Tricia (and Gwyneth) since late last fall... and will continue to pray for you as I do my own family.

Hang in there... and keep writing along the way.

Bryan and Chelsey said...

I know I'm just a *hit* out of millions, but I became an organ donor this week, b/c of Tricia. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all!

Leslie said...

I've been reading since February, I think. I think I linked from the Living Proof blog? Anyway, my favorite post was Tricia getting to hold Gwyneth for the first time, followed by all the slideshows of your little one, and then by your announcement that you would be speaking at your church on the weekend that my family would be at the outer banks. What a joy it was to worship with you and to be able to tell you how much your story has impacted my life. Thank you for the work that you've put into this in the last year with all the other bigger stuff you've had going on.

One Crowded House said...

I started reading after your sweet baby girl was born.... I come back because of your honesty and your love for the One who carries us through the good and bad times! I have sent up many prayers for your family.... Your whole family is an inspiration... rather you think so or not :)

Anonymous said...

I believe I was linked to your blog early this year from sweet Haley Palmer. I continued to read because your faith and love amaze me. Tricia's strength is just mind blowing. I checked your site often from that day. When Tricia was dx with Lymphoma I felt even more connected being a Lymphoma survivor and mother myself. She handles every thing with such grace, she inspires me.

Thank YOU for starting this blog. You have an amazing and beautiful wife and daughter that I believe thousands of people love and pray for daily. And, you're a pretty funny guy sometimes too. I like to laugh at you, it's like medicine :)

Irma said...

Started reading, umm, maybe four months ago, but I have read every single word.

My favourite post / story was when you were able to take Tricia down to see Gwyneth.

My favourite picture is one of you, holding impossibly small Gwyneth (possibly for the first time, can't remember) with tears of joy, pride, and fierce love in your eyes.

My favourite SENTENCE of this blog was when you admitted Tricia's "secret prayer".

And now I feel like a big weirdo stalker, ha ha.

Thank you for allowing us to follow your family on this journey. We laugh, cry, and pray with you.

Kristin said...

I have been following your blog since March. We were just beginning the process of lung tx and you guys had such a difficult journey. You were inspiring. Your faith was encouraging. Your honest was great!

jess1979 said...

I started reading in January. My son was born the day after Gwyneth, and I came across the link to your blog somewhere when I came home from the hospital. I've checked in for updates every day since then. My favorite video was of you saying "hey" to Gwyneth and her saying it back and smiling at you. :) I also loved the video you posted where you had "Safe and Sound" playing in the background. I'd never heard that song, and being a new parent myself, that song touched me, and I often sing it to my son now.

Your family's incredible faith in the face of hardship is what keeps me reading...I pray for you guys all the time. I also love to hear about new milestones your baby girl is reaching...there are so many cool and fun things she will do soon and I'm excited for you guys to experience them. Best wishes to you, Tricia, and Gwyneth!

Kingston's Mom said...

I started reading your blog the day Tricia found out she was getting new lungs! Your blog is the blog that got me addicted to blogs and started me blogging myself! My son and Gwyneth are about a month apart in age and I loved the early pictures of Nathan with Gwyneth. I'm a sucker for a dad with his baby! I fall in love with my husband all over again every time I see tender moments between him and my son. Maybe we'll see you around the Outer Banks!

Ali said...

I've been following since April. I remember b/c I was in Folly Beach when I heard of another blog from a friend and yours was linked on her blog. I read regularly and have recommended your blog to others. Thanks for sharing.

Kerri said...

I started reading just after Gwyneth was born... I saw a prayer request on another blog and popped by. I have been here everyday since though I very rarely comment :) I keep coming back because your journey of faith amazes me. Your family is an inspiration and by opening your lives you are making a signifigant impact on this world! I look forward to my daily check in. I laugh I smile I pray and I shed the occasional tear! I look forward to the next year!

The Stoycheffs said...

I started reading about a week after Gwyneth was born. I read every single day to remind me not to take my issues too seriously and to keep my faith front and center. I really loved reading the story about how you two met and started dating!! It's always great when you're left in suspense even though you know how it ends!!

Thank you for letting us in and putting up with the "celebrity" of it all.

Manda said...

I started reading your blog after someone (cant remember who)posted on the CF Trusts forum asking for prayers for Tricia, Gwyneth was just born and Tricia was still under sedation, Your familys story touched me so much I found myself logging in on a regular basis for updates and occasionally leaving my best wishes for you guys, just like this ;)

I love to read how Tricia is getting on as I know too well how CF affects us sufferers, and I cant resist a peek at adorable Gwyneth.

I even follow you on Twitter ;)

Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives.

Love Manda xxx

Jen said...

Someone linked me to your blog back in January, shortly after Gwyneth was born, because I've had 2 micropreemies (a 23w 4d angel and a 23w 5d miracle that spent 6 months in the NICU) and a 27w 4d preemie that spent 7.5 weeks in the hospital (she was just born in March). I guess what kept me coming back was the faith that I could feel coming through your entries that everything was going to be okay despite all the hurdles and you and your family were facing. I'll read your blog as long as you have it up and running! You, Tricia, and Gwyneth are always in my prayers : ). Congrats on one year!

Justin and Jennifer Harris said...

I started reading your blog Feb 1. I can't begin to tell you what an inspiration your family is! God has used you in a mighty way! I keep coming back because I can't stop!:) You guys are such a great example of God's love. My favorite moment so far has been Tricia's transplant and the moment you knew these lungs would be "the ones". Thank you for opening up your life to us. I look forward to following you as long as you feel led to share. Praying daily for all three of you!

Unknown said...

I found your blog on an ebay discussion board when Gwenyth was about a month old. I check in frequently becuase I enjoy watching Gwenyth grow. My favorite posts were when Tricia was waiting to find out if she was a match the first and second time. I now follow two other blogs that I found through your blog role. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life and family with total strangers.

Christina said...

I started reading your blog right after Gwyneth was born. After reading the story of her birth and what Tricia was going through, I went back to the beginning and read all the way through.

What a blessing it has been to read about your journey! I have prayed for your family often!

Hilary said...

I started reading your blog shortly after Gwyneth was born.
I've been following ever since! I read because I want to see how you, Tricia and Gwyneth are doing and because I'm inspired by your family's faith and determination.
I continue to pray the best for your family!
Oh, one of my favorite posts on your blog was the video where Tricia spoke to "us" blog readers during a time when it was so hard for her to speak. It was so heart warming! And, when she was able to touch Gwyenth for the first time!
Blessings to your family.


Pamela said...

I started reading right after Gwyneth was born. I kept reading because I knew I needed to be praying for you. And I still do, every day. Your story has strengthened my faith. Thank you.

Amy said...

I began reading your blog right before Gywneth was born. I think it was really just days before as I know it was after the holidays. It took me a few days to read through all of your previous posts to catch up to what was then present day...and I shed a lot of tears with everyone else who got involved with your lives on this blog. It's been a great inspiration to me and an honor to "know" you and to want the best for all three of you even though we are strangers.



J&J said...

I first came to your blog shortly before Gwyneth was born. I found the link on Patience Leino's site. I think I fell in love with your story because I was born at 30 weeks and I love hearing the stories of other premies. One of my favorite videos is of you with Gwyneth one night in NICU and you were holding her and at the end you had her to tell all her family good night calling them all by name. That was so cute. There are many more great ones but that one stands out in my mind.


Heather said...

I've been reading since about January and I keep coming back because I have a 2 yr old daughter with CF and your family gives me so much hope for her.

Teacher in the middle said...

I've enjoyed reading your life! It's been so wonderful of you to share it with all of us. I began reading when I pinged off a prayer site I follow...last December just a few days before Gwyneth was born.

Thanks for the blessing of your life made public.

Bonnie said...

We were with you all from the first. Your willingness to share this journey was an incredible gift to us. It gave us specifics to pray for, inspired us, let us feel we were a part of your lives, and gave us an outlet to share the faithfulness of God in a way we had never been able to before. It became the first and last part of our day (and often the middle, too). In many ways, it gave us a new boldness. We cried, prayed, rejoiced, cried and prayed. Thank you for opening yourself up to us.

BMB said...

I started reading your blog in November of last year. You are the first blog I check in the morning. I feel like I know you as family members and I have to check in with you everyday. I've never commented before so here's to my first comment and your blogiversary! You guys are truly AMAZING! And like other's have said, you continue to stengthen my faith everyday!

Amy B. said...

I started reading a few days before Gwyneth was born. Someone had a link to your blog and was asking for prayers and I have been reading every day since. I enjoy your family so much and I love your dad's blog too! Thank you for sharing with all of us. If I ever make it to Nag's Head (and I hope I some day do!) I would love to thank you in person. God's Blessings!

Angela R. said...

I want to start off by thanking you for sharing this blog, it has been amazing sharing this journey with you.

I started reading your blog back in March when a friend shared it with me and have read it everday, about 3 times a day since then, I must say it is addicting.

I have kept and will keep coming back because I am a 22 year old CFer and I find your story as well as your family to be truly inspirational to me.

Your blog has changed the way I look at life. It has answered almost all the negative questions and doubts I have had about faith as well as living with CF, from the good to the bad. Your onging blog and story has brought heartbreak, fear, and tears during your roughest times as well as happiness, inspiration and smiles during your happiest of times.

Tricia and your positive outlook are to be looked upon. You guys have had one emotional rollercoaster after another and have gotten through every step courageously.

Tricia is truly remarkable in my eyes. She has faced some of the worst fears and has fought through them all. Her strength is unbelieveable and remarkable. As for you Nate, you are an amazing husband and father and anyone with or without an disease would be blessed to have you in their lives.

You guys have changed my life on so many levels. So once again I thank you and Tricia for sharing and continuing to share your amazing journey!!

God Bless!!

Emily said...

I started reading right around the time our daughters were born- Audrey was born Jan 3rd 08 and weighed 9 lbs 8 oz. :) So I see now Gwyneth is just now catching up ... imagine birthing her! Been there done that.
SO enjoyed keeping up with you guys, and many friends I have sent your way admit to being close followers of your story.
God Bless

April said...

I've been reading for months now. I keep coming back so I can see how your cute little one is and for inspiration becuase you have a very strong wife. And because you seem to be just as strong as she is!

Deege said...

Although I can't remember exactly when I started following your journey, I do know it was before Gwyneth was born.

The "why" is much easier. It is your perfect love story. It is the inspiration we get from following the journey of a young couple and their family, who even though faced with adversity that most of us cannot even imagine, continue to show the world their faith and love for each other. Truly inspiring and reminds me daily the importance of faith.

Thank you for sharing your journey with the world.

God Bless

Oksana said...

When did you first start reading CFHusband? -- In March, I think.

Why do you continue coming back? -- Because no other personal blog had really changed my life as much as this one. I read through most of the archives, and, by the next day, felt like a new person... your blog changed my outlook on life completely. I feel like you are a part of my family, and I want to be there to share in the story God is writing for you.

What has been your favorite moment of our story so far? -- Well, the day of transplant had me checking your blog at school in every class that had a computer!

Do you have a favorite post or picture or video? -- I love the Aug 27th picture, but as for posts, way too many to list! They have all blessed me in some way. Thank you!!

I really admire your openness... I read a devotional by Oswald Chambers the other day that talked about pouring out your blessings to the Lord instead of harboring them for yourself. That's exactly what you are doing. You are sacrificing your privacy to bring us this story -- and bring God glory. I know he is pleased with the way you are handling his wondrous blessings!

jessicagv said...

I started reading on January 8th. I had just settled my youngest son to bed after his birthday party and somehow, I can't quite remember what I was searching for, I was led here.

I keep coming back, because you, Tricia and Gwyneth are inspiring. I keep coming back because, it is comforting to know that there are people in this world who don't bemoan the life they have, but choose to make the best of it and make a difference through any challenge. I keep coming back because even through your strength, you also show us the moments of frustration and grief. It is what makes it so real, even though I know we mostly only see the surface of it all. Understandably so. Finally I love that you use your blog to bring our attention to others who fight similar fights to Tricia's

As for favorite post, mine is probably quite different than most. My favorite post, other than the ones showing your and then Tricia's first pictures holding Gwyneth, was one where you set the record straight to people who were perhaps trying to tell you how to go about caring for Tricia and Gwyneth. You made a comment to the effect of "Until you have cared for someone who has spent time in ICU, you have no idea"

I cheered for you then, because I spent two weeks in ICU, in and out of a fog of consciousness and I remember that feeling of no one understanding what it was like once I was released. Because as you said, unless you have been there, you have no idea. ANd if you haven't been there, you have no idea how important it is to have a strong advocate for you "on the outside"
As odd as it sounds, I was so happy to see that your first priority was Tricia and Gwyneth, not keeping everyone happy as so many people do. Added to it all, you did it so eloquently! That takes an incredible amount of class.

My favorite video clip is set to Coldplay's song "Fix you"

My super long post is over now!

Congrats on one year of incredible blogging.

Leigh Ann Osteen said...

I began reading your blog in early January when Tricia was asleep and Gwyneth was so tiny. My favorite part of your story was definitely when Tricia got her transplant. I was so excited to find out if they were a match for her that I didn't sleep well that night. I loved reading how people were praying and having my same thoughts. I've been amazed at what God has done. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us. Praying in Nashville, TN. Leigh Ann

Kaylee said...

I first came to your blog when you first went to the hospital and had your baby! Someone said, "you have to read this..." So I did. And I have ever since. I keep coming back because I think you and your family are a beautiful testimony for the Lord and I love watching that get proclaimed to so many people. AND I love watching God's miracles for today....Praying for you all and confident in His plan for your matter what happens.
Blessings from Shelton, WA; Peoria, AZ; and Phoenixville, PA

Emily H said...

I first started reading right before Gwenyth was born. I was referred from another blog I read often I keep coming back becuase once I read the first few posts at that time, I was hooked and I love seeing what God is doing in your lives! It reminds me that miracles are still happening all around us everday! I also keep coming back because since beginning to read your blog I have encountered several people with CF both professionally (as a speech pathologist) and personally (not by coincidence, I'm sure). My favorite moment was when Tricia got her lungs on your birthday! And when everyone came home to be's a tie. I think of you all often and lift up prayers for you! I am amazed at your faith and hope I can reflect a bit of what I see in your blog in my everyday life! :)

Emily (Fay) Hasselbeck ---I got married a few weeks ago!

Jerri said...

A friend sent me your blog last December and asked me to pray for Tricia and Gwyneth. I was so touched by your story and wanted my 14 year old son and 16 year old daugther who both have cf to know Tricias testimony. We have been praying and following ever since. It has been such a blessing to us to see all the Lord is doing in each of your lives. Thank you for every video and photo, we love them all. My kids often say Mom did you check on Gwyneth today? It gives me so much hope for my kids future with cf and you have been such great examples as husband, wife, mom and dad! Thank you! We are praying for you all and look forward to seeing what great things the Lord had in store for each of you! I would love to know any advice from Tricia of how to teach or led my two kids to live to their fullest through these teenage years, and is there anything I should do as their mom to help. I pray they will glorify the Lord through their life with cf like Tricia. We witness His faithfulness to us every day!

C said...

Started reading in Feb. My favorite videos are the first video of Gweneth and the one where Tricia gets to hold her for first time. I have become a donor because of you and your family. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I started reading in early January. I keep coming back because I feel like I know you. I feel your ups and downs. You tell it like it is. My favorite moment was when Gweneth was born (but I was also so uncertain about Trisha). Happy Blogiversary! Praying for you all in FL!

Kathy's Korner said...

I was referred to your blog by my missionary friend! Thank you dear friend.

I started reading right before baby was born...and right after baby Gwenyth arrived my kids joined in asking daily about the tiny baby.

I keep coming back to read about the living mircle you have become. And how "normal" you are in the face of it. It reminds me that God is there present in a miraculous way for each of us...each day.

Favorites...well several of your videos brought tears to the eyes for sure....but the one where Tricia FINALLY gets to hold her sweet girl sent them spilling over the edges in torrents. Oh the journey you went through to get to that moment Tricia!!

Favorite lungs ON Nate's birthday? Seriously, what are the chances???

Another poster said how much they love the bald is beautiful family pic...put me in that yes vote too. It is just so honestly beautiful.

Mindy said...

I've been reading your blog for only about a month or so. I came across it via blog links of a friend of a friend of a friend as I was surfing through one day. Once I started reading, I literally sat in a chair all day and much of the night reading each and every post. Your love, commitment, and faith in one another and in God is truly amazing. I've loved to see how Gwyneth has grown. Your video of Tricia holding her for the first time brought me to tears. I keep checking in, like most have said, like I'm checking up on my own family and to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. God Bless!

Donna said...

I joined you the day Gwyneth was born! I keep coming back because it is so amazing to be a witness to two miracles, and because your story brings glory to God! My all-time favorite thing is the "Safe and Sound" video, which always makes me cry. Love you all!

Eden said...

I began reading your blog in January 2008. I read your story before realizing you were a couple from my hometown...after finding that out I instantly felt even more drawn to your story. After writing a blog post about how touching your story was, I was flooded with emails of other people who already read your blog and knew of (and knew in real life) your family.

Your story continues to inspire me each and every day. I enjoy reading your blog because of the positivity that you three emit daily. It is refreshing to see, in such trying times, the optimism in your posts and heart.

Love from NY!

Kelley said...

Hmmm...I think I stumbled on your blog just after Tricia's transplant. I read the initial post and then went back to the beginning to read it all in chronological order before I'd allow myself to find out what was going on in "real time." It took me three long nights to be up to speed. Though I've only posted maybe once before, I check in nearly daily. Your story (and your family!) are inspiring. :)

indianmoonchyld said...

I started reading when my friend Susannah (Gwenneth's nurse) told me about the blog. I keep coming back for the encouragement you bring through hardship and for the photographs. A great photograph tells a story better than any words ever could...and you take a lot of really great photographs!

Kathryn said...

I first saw your blog on my friends China adoption site right before your wife received her transplant and having been following along everyday since your journey began. You have been inspiring and I pray for you and your family often!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you all!!!

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