Thursday, September 11, 2008

Story of Local CF Girl

As some of you may remember, as we were planning for last year's Great Strides Walk, a few CF families from Elizabeth City (about 1 hour away) became involved in our walk, helping us organize and ultimately raising a large portion of the money raised at last years walk. When Mary Soria, CFer Seth's grandmother (and, please, pray for Seth as he's had a recent bout of pneumonia) first showed up at one of our meetings, I told her and the others there that one of my personal goals was to see her and the others from E. City start their own walk ASAP.

Sure enough, Mary, along with Cindy Winslow and several others are having their first Great Strides Walk the same day and time as our walk this Saturday. On Tuesday, an article in The Daily Advance was written about Cindy's daughter, Reilly. You can read the article Here.

If you live near the E. City area, please, consider attending the walk (info can be found in the article).




Jennifer said...

As always, thanks for sharing these special events. Hopefully, one day we will be able to attend one to show our support. Thinking of you guys!

careysue said...

Yes, thank you Nate...the awareness is critical for all of your causes!

Plus--helping others is what it's all about.:)

Lisa W said...

Thank you for posting the link to Reilly's story. She is our blessing in life. We all should tell the story, to raise awareness, to raise the money, to fund the research, to find a cure. Thanks for promoting our walk Saturday. Good luck at the beach and as always Trish and your family are in my prayers.
Lisa Winslow

Anonymous said...


I am Reilly’s mom. Thank you for featuring the article from the Daily Advance in your blog. Awareness is the key to finding a cure, and I believe there is a cure out there somewhere. We were thrilled to participate in the walk at the Outer Banks last year. (We were Reilly’s Rebels) Through that experience, we were able to get an idea of what it takes to organize a walk, which we have done this year. Without my Mom (Lisa Winslow), Mary Soria, and Robyn (she has a little girl with CF), I don’t think we could have done it. I will keep Tricia & Gwyneth in my prayers. I check on your blog every so often just to get the latest!


Kimberly said...

have you considered a t-shirt sale for a fundraiser? like your walk t-shirts? or what about those little wrist band things all the kids wear now, like the lance armstrong group does for livestrong... they can't be that much of an overhead to produce and you could probably get a dollar or 2 each for them -- my 1 young friend must have 10 of these things and wears them all the time - I've even seen adults wearing them

Amy said...

Nate...I just found your blog and I have a family friend that I have known most of my life who is 36 and living with CF, she has a daughter who is now almost 14. She had a sister die at I believe 35 of the disease...I think it is so wonderful that you are informing people about your wife and your daughter and your family and your daily battle with CF

Emily said...

hello nate... Im on the cf board in tulsa and I just got an email with this link in it

Its about the Proud American movie that is coming out to support CF. Good luck at your walk this weeekend.. we will be thinking of you guys in Tulsa! Thanks for always sharing your story! all my prayers!! emily