Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keeping Up

As most people know (because I've mentioned it a few times), I spend time every week (used to be every day, when most of my time was spent in a hospital chair) googling for mentions of our story on other blogs and websites and leaving a comment on every one. Most people also know that I respond (although I'm currently a few weeks behind) to every email (unless it's something that I feel doesn't deserve a response because it's crude or argumentative) that I receive from blog readers. To date, I've received about 4000 emails from blog readers and (this one's an educated guess) have visited close to 1000 blogs/websites that have mentioned us (and I'm sure I've missed a bunch).

Several people have asked me why I do these things. A few reasons:

1) Even with thousands of daily readers, I still find it fascinating that others would take the time to mention the blog, our story, etc. on their own blogs. Even if I didn't feel the desire to respond to everything, I'd still want to see what people are saying about is...some of it is very interesting...

2) I have tried, to my best ability, to document our story as much as possible, including what others are saying about us. I think it will be a very cool thing, especially for Gwyneth, to look back in 20 years and see just how amazing this adventure has been (and continues to be).

3) Unfortunately, there have been a (very) few people who have said some untrue and unfriendly things about us on their blogs/websites, and I like to know what those things might be in case anyone asks me about it.

4) I value the ability to say "thank you" to anyone who would (in a positive way) take the time to email us or mention us on the internet...most people email simply to be encouraging, and most people mention us on blogs/websites, at least in part, to point people our way and add to those who are thinking and praying for us. As I've mentioned many, many times, the support of our internet friends has been priceless this past year.

So, there you go...now you can sleep peacefully tonight.



Kate said...

Nathan, I have mentioned you in my blog a couple of times and have always been amazed when, as you indicated, you leave a comment! Thank you for taking us along on this journey with you! Still praying for Tricia's health and Gwyneth's progress!

Jennifer said...

I've listed you on my myspace, but have never told you. I am praying for you and Tricia and your sweet baby girl!!!

sami2009 said...

Have to tell you, I am working on a story of me and my boyfriend, similar to your "the story of us" posts. Thanks, it's a great idea and something I'll always treasure, and so will our families. I always keep you and your beautiful family in my thoughts and prayers. Congratulations on the house!
Love and hugs,

The Beaver Bunch said...

I thought you were going to say..."Keeping Up....with the Joneses"
(Jokingly, of course) but then show us a pic of the new house. Stinkers!

Oh well. And yes, you ALWAYS comment, and say thanks. I think it shows your character and that the person we all feel we "know" from your entries, is one of gratitude, openness and humility.

It's why I keep coming back!

Sonja said...

Nathan, you never cease to amaze me in your "pleasant" way of letting others know what they want to know. :)

I see a novel in your future. The Life and Times of a CF family. What do you think. :) Or maybe, Gwenyth Rose through the eyes of Love.

:) Have a blessed Day. I am really excited for you both on the purchase of your house. Enjoy.

Unknown said...

That's an amazing commitment that you've made to keeping up. I'm sorry that some people have written untrue or negative things...

The Powell Family said...

Speaking of Your sweet girl reading this later...have you been saving it somewhere? A friend of a friend of mine just about lost everything she had written (she uses blogger), but somehow blogger did restore her blog. I think it scared her into considering some options...Lori

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

I think it's kind of you to stop by as many "mentions" as you can. :)

Amber said...


I just gave you an award on my blog and very briefly mentioned your story. Just wanted to let you know. :-)

Carolyn said...

I have to tell you my husband does radio blogs for WMBI, Moody's radio station, and his last one was on blogs. He didn't tell me until after it was recorded, but he plainly announced my blog on the air (so much for my private blog though I think only a couple of people actually went there), but he was also telling about the blogs I follow. He told about Beth Moore's blog and yours though he did not have the name to give, so he just described it about a husband whose wife has CF and a premature baby (or something along those lines). I was sort of glad he didn't know the name as we wouldn't have had the chance to run it past you! If I get time one day, I'll set up that list of blogs I follow and put yours on there if that's ok. I haven't figured that out yet. I am slow at this and truly not trying to generate an audience as much as just praise the Lord when I feel led as a nice distraction to a busy life. Praying for you this night... may you all be blessed and sense God's peace and presence in your lives. And I'm excited to hear how God has brought you a new home! I praise Him with you!

Emily said...

Hi Nathan,

Tricia's story is listed on my marathon training page: pages.teamintraining.org/nca/wdw09/ebear

Congrats on the new house!!

Always praying for Tricia and your family!


Jenn said...

I haven't mentioned you in my blog. But I have been reading here since before Gwyneth was born. :) I'm one of those silent addicts, I guess.

Anyway, just wanted to say congratulations on your first house! It's a big deal. My husband and I are remodeling my dad's home, and as soon as we're done, we'll get our home loan and be in the same spot you're in - Owning our first home! I hope the touching up you have goes fast and easy, with no nasty surprises.

Unknown said...

As the others have said, I was amazed the other day when I had a comment on my blog (took me a minute to figure out it was you). My first reaction was, "why is he commenting on MY blog??" until I realized I had referenced your "7 things." That is really very sweet of you.

Daniel said...

I've put your link on my website. Haven't mentioned you (that I can remember) just enjoying keeping up on your story. Would love others to read your story and be encouraged. Thank you for letting us pray with you for your health as we pray for ourselves.

Daniel said...

oops, forgot to give you my blog address..... it's hbstory.blogspot.com

CEO C said...

Nate - I started my first blog today and linked to your website! I am very excited to help in some little way get your story out.

Marni said...

I may not comment on a regular basis, but I read all the time. I've recently added you to my blogroll just to be able to keep up!

Thinking of you and praying everyone is doing well.