Monday, September 8, 2008

Cool Transplant Story

Here is a very cool story of a 7 year old, CFer boy (Devin Bowman) who just received his transplants (Kidney and Liver). His parents got the phone call in the middle of a fundraising event for his medical bills. How cool is that?



bkmanary said...

Miracles are everywhere!
Thanks for pointing us to this touching story!
Vancouver, BC

Michele @ Rasmussen said...
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Michele @ Rasmussen said...


I was reading your blogs about your wonderful family and the challenges you have faced. and your family have been so strong and that is amazing. Your little girl is must be so proud.
I have been a blodd donor and bone marrow donor for over 8 years. I am O+ and CMV- (which means my blood goes straight to the babies ward; virus free). There is no better feeling then after I have donated and I am on my way home. I decided to become a bone marrow donator when I heard a story similar to yours, but locally. People say I am brave for this, but we all know the real brave people are people like your wife. It is amazing with the amount of strength and love these people face.

Keep up the post Nate - would love to hear more.

Also I am a new blogger and would love for you to check out my blogs. I am blogging about being an online student and a fulltime caeer person...random blogs about life and my surroundings. Please check them out and give my your thoughts..Thanks

Smile Always,