Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long Sunday

This afternoon, we (along with my parents and Rachel and Ramon) drove up to Carova, NC (remember This Post?) to visit some family that is in town for a week. They're renting one of those houses that is only accessible by 4-wheel drive. Although it was too windy to enjoy the beach, we had a great time hanging out, watching the Redskins victory and enjoying some great Venezuelan food!

We have not heard back from the seller about the house. Maybe tomorrow...

Tricia has been feeling very good this week. She and Gwyneth have been busy together. She'll be receiving her next chemo treatment this Thursday.

Gwyneth is really starting to show a lot of great signs of developments. She holds her head up very well, is starting to roll over, and is spending more time talking, spitting and laughing. I'll try to get some stuff on video over the next few days.




Schroyer Family said...

What a cutie!!!!!

Jane said...

praying for the house offer to be accepted!

praise God that Tricia is feeling good this week, unfortunately she will not be feeling so good in two weeks.

You do know that you will not be able to keep up with Gwyneth here very shortly!?! praise God for her developing and being so healthy. God is gooooooood!

April said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you guys on the house!!! glad you guys have been so busy doing "normal" stuff. you deserve it!

Kerry said...

Praying about the house.
Happy to hear Tricia is feeling well and able to do things with Gwyneth.
Well send up a few extra prayers that chemo goes well.
I am so glad that Gwyneth is doing well. Good to hear she coming along and doing well.

Sara said...

love that peek-a-boo photo!

kidsworld said...

Asking for some prayers for a woman whom I've never met but stumbled upon through my blogroll. You were the first person I thought of when I read of this family needing a miracle! Please check it out and send some of your amazing words of courage to this family in turmoil.

refreshing in ohio

Angela R. said...

Sounds like all good things to me. Hope you guys had a nice little get away. So happy to hear that Tricia is feeling well and doing things with Gwyneth. Im sure she is keeping her very busy! :)

Will be praying that your offer on the house gets accepted and that Tricia stays feeling good and Chemo goes well on Thurs.

P.S.- Love the pic, shes without a doubt a CUTIE!


kidsworld said...

In checking the above blog, I realized it really doesn't explain what happened just a short week ago. Here's a synopsis from another blog...

Hyatt is a mother of two (3 yrs. and 6 mo.), in her thirties, married to a man named Troy, and currently in need of a HUGE miracle. She had a heart attack (possibly) on 9/11, is in a coma, and has a ton of brain damage. Without a miracle the outcome is dire. She and her family need your prayers desperately.

refreshing in ohio

~j~ said...

This is an awesome picture. Love the colors and her sweet little expression.
Aslo praying for the house purchase. I am so excited for you, I feel like I am buying a new home!!
The Lord!!! So GOOD.