Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pics at 12:54am

Here are the pics I promised you.

Our great friends, Bethany & Josh came up on Wednesday to hang!

Tricia was dying for a new haircut to make things a little easier, so the in-house hair guy (he had a French name...) helped her out.

Tricia's favorite person at Duke - Barbara brings all of her meals and knows exactly what Tricia will order.

Tricia is so encouraged by each and every comment (and she has read them all).

New pics of our baby girl taken yesterday! Note the hand in the first one.



Anonymous said...

I linked here from a friend on Xanga....Praying for all of you and the journey He has you on. To God be the glory. May He strengthen you mightily in the days ahead.~Amy

Jana Weaver said...

Good luck with everything! I have a 5 year old daughter who was born at 26.5 weeks and she is the most amazing little person. We were very fortunate that she has suffered no ill effects from her prematurity beyond a slight tendency toward pneumonia - and she was pneumonia free all of last winter - so perhaps even that has passed! I am sending you lots of good vibes to keep that baby in as long is is possible!! But I'll tell you I have a friend with a baby born at only 24 weeks who is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, your story has touched my heart, it's also taught me that God is in control. Keep your eyes on the Lord. I will continue to check in on your blog and hold you in prayer.
Karen, CT South Africa, I'm the little red dot on your map.

Pete, Ali, Charlie and Rosie said...

We're still praying. Glad to hear that Tricia is a little better, and counting the days with you until 26 weeks! With love, Alison, Pete and Charlie xxx

Shelly said...

love the 4 D baby pictures! we are praying for you all over south jersey!

stephanie garcia said...

The pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

At our meeting at 6am this morning the Elders of Nags Head Church prayed for God to bless Trica and the baby, day by day. We are encouraged by all the support form all over the country and the world and the many prayers being lifted to our God. We hope you are encouraged and know we are in constant prayer for you. What a powerful testimony this will one day be, indeed already is! Our God is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I hope this morning brings you a smooth day!! I too know that peace you speak about. It is the most incredible thing you could ever experience. My son is 10 and at 13 months was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer. God took that time and chose to give us a daughter 18 days after his treatments started, At first I was upset to think God could plan so poorly. Then the realization that His plans are the best plans! Our daughter became the best distraction in our lives.!! I share this because at the end of his treatments our son needed a liver resection for the last of the tumor. I his mom was going to be a living organ donor. This had never been done before like the scenerio the Drs. set up. I always pushed for every option. They never need me and it was successful. God also knew when the Drs.and I didn't, I have a bleeding disorder that would had never allowed me to survive such a surgery. The surgery was 8 hours long and the waiting room was filled with supporters. When the surgery was done the surgeon even hugged us and tears ran down her face. I am thankful the Lord used such an illness to show me who He really is. The morning my family prayed over my son I saw Jesus in my mind. He was telling me whatever the outcome He would pick up the pieces and heal.I then knew calm and peace. I hope you are encouraged by my sharing. My family and I have been praying for all of you. I hope to meet you all one day.For now I will just pray!
Love, beth :) (janet's friend from nj)

Andy Lawrenson said...

I'm still thinking Andrea is a great name.

Uncle Andy

CJolly said...

Good morning! Just wanted to say hi, we love you and are still praying! Nice haircut Tricia, and always that beautiful smile! Your faith shines through! Thanks foe the updates, they mean so much to all of us!

Anonymous said...

Tricia and Nathan- We are praying for you here in Camden. Be encouraged! I gave birth to a baby girl 15 years ago at 27 weeks. She went home on an apnea monitor for a few months, had issues with asthma that she outgrew after about 5 years and now is a completely healthy, beautiful young lady.
I'm excited to see what miracles God is going to work through your family!!

Anonymous said...


I love the haircut!! It looks so cute on you. Still praying for you and the baby. I was born at 30 weeks 25 years ago and am truly a miracle baby. Just remember that God is holding you all in the palm of His hand.
Hope you have a good day :)


Jane said...

Tricia, your new do looks great on you! But then again, I have hair much shorter than most men, so I say shorter is better.
And love your "darth" look...I pray for you every night when I put mine on. I pray that you don't have to sleep with one the rest of your life (does something to the sexy factor!) However it makes a HUGE difference in my health and attitude, so it is worth it.
We all have our paths that God allows into our lives.
I'm praying my heart out for you guys! All three of you, your families and friends, and all the staff and volunteers at Duke.
Love, hugs and prayers in Jesus' name,
Jane in SC

Anonymous said...

Great way to begin this day with an update from Durham. The haircut is precious. Guess those "frencies" know what they're doing. God bless Josh and Bethany for making the trip. We know they brought a smile to your face. We pray that He will give you the strength to bare the fatigue of the coming day with all that it brings and that you will soon be able to sleep. Love Mark and Sue

Anonymous said...

I have been touched by your journey and your amazing attitudes. I will be praying for a smooth delivery and then a healing transplant.

I honestly feel closer to God after reading your blog. *it's working*