Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog Ads

So, many people have asked me if I've considered hosting blog ads on the CFHusband blog. I did consider it, before Gwyneth was even born, for a few minutes, but decided against it for a few different reasons.

> It doesn't fit with the Purpose Of This Blog. The purpose of this blog has never been to solicit personal financial support for our family. As I've explained before, we'd rather you give to others.

Even if I were to give moneys from blog ads to other people/organizations...

> I think blog ads are usually ugly and distracting. I don't believe I need to say more.

> There aren't many things in this world that I would actually want to advertise for on my blog.

> I sometimes feel used when I visit a blog/website that makes money off of my hit. I don't ever want anyone to feel that way when they visit my blog. Even if nobody did feel that way, I would still feel like I was going against my own character by using blog ads.

And, finally...

> I believe that blessing others is so much more powerful and memorable when you and I do it because we want to, not because we simply visit a blog/website. While we have certainly been blessed by the kindness of others over the past several months, the support of the CFF, organ donation, etc. has been so much bigger and more important. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people who will be affected (now and for years to come) through the ways you have become involved in the things we are passionate about.

Let me be sure to add, if you use ads on your blog/website, more power to you. The above are simply my thoughts and convictions about MY blog, and have nothing to do with you or your site (except that I think they're usually ugly and I might feel used).




Apple said...

Can I just say, since you may not hear it enough...I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to live up to your convictions. You are not a sell-out and you do not allow others to make you feel less because you don't conform to their ideas of who you should be.

I'm glad that you are willing to stand up for yourself and Tricia as Gwyneth's parents...and, not that my opinion matters, but I think that you are donig an awesome job. I don't for a minute believe that you have anything but your daughter's best interest at heart and the two of you are the perfect parents for her. You are right to live by your own decisions for her, too often (and this happens to all of us) people assume that they know what is best for your children...and they are wrong.

You have a fabulous family who supports and loves you. A church family who thinks and prays for you often. And you have an all powerful, loving Heavenly Father!

So, hoorah, to you and Tricia! You are doing a fantastic job, you are amazing people, and I'd admire you both.

Anonymous said...

SO well said!!!! I get a ton of hits on my website and my blog and I have often thought out ads. But I just can't bring myself to do it! I couldn't quite express why, until now. You said it perfectly!! Amen:)

Judy said...

Nate, you do an awesome job. Enough said..It is wonderful to see our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ working in all your lives!

About bone marrow..read this...

Blessings From Above said...

I had wondered why you do not use ads, as you do get so many hits to your site. I am even more impressed with your character after hearing your reasonings for not posting ads.

You are an amazing family!

Lynsey said...

I continue to follow your story daily after reading about it on a friends blog, and I love, love, love getting updates! Pay no attention to blog ad requests, comments with unsolicited advice, and people who simply don't know what you all have been through. That baby girl is the most precious thing I've ever seen! (besides my own son of course...)
Keep up the wonderful work!!!

Sara said...

I agree with you Nate about not using ads on your blog - more power to you for being honest about it!!
cheers mate

dusktym said...

I would like to thank you for not posting ads. I follow a few other blogs and some of them have so many ads and maybe it doesn't have anything to do with them, but it just seems like the blogs load SO SLOW! Dang get me to the blog so I can read the update and see the perfect pictures you post!

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. I struggled with whether or not to use ads on my blog. Yes, some of the ads are ugly and distracting (yikes)... but the organization the ad network is associated with does lots of wonderful things for women, both out in the world and in the blogging community.

On most days, I have about 50 visitors. And I love visitors. Trust me when I tell you that I am WAY more excited about the fact that people are reading (and the joy if they leave a comment!) than by the pennies (if that) I made as a result of the hit.

But, again, I totally understand where you're coming from. I still struggle with my decision.

Thanks for sharing your perspective on the matter. :)

~j~ said...

another post that leaves me smiling and praising God for you and your family, I love these posts!!!! thank you Nate
Hope you and Tricia have another day of amazingness today!

Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

If you ever visit my blog (which is friends only, so you wouldn't be able to read anything later than July of last year unless you friended me, which you are more than welcome to do), please don't feel used that there are ads on it - they are not of my choosing, but Livejournal insists on them! And as I don't care, for several reasons, to have an open-to-all journal and most of my skating friends are on LJ, I keep it there. If you use Firefox with adblocker you don't even have to see the ads....

LindsayS said...

You're such a fantastic person!
Your honesty is refreshing. We need more people in the world like you, who just appreciate life. Gwenyth is very lucky to have parents like you and Tricia.

amy smith said...


Matt Pfingsten said...

While I agree with the aesthetic issues, as well as the ads not fitting the nature of the site, I do believe that, for some people, these ads offer financial support for something that they may not be able to accomplish otherwise.

If someone has a blog up to educate and benefit its readers about a specific issue or issues, and uses the revenue from ads to further that cause, then I believe its fine, and even encourage it.

You didn't say it, but a couple of commenters have eluded to the "sell out" label. Suppose you were to donate all the revenue from blog ads to CF research and/or charities...would that be selling out?

All in all, I agree....I guess I just wanted to present some perspective.

Laurie Johansen said...


Your comments on ads for blogs made me rethink the use of ads on my daughter's blog. Orginally, I did place them there because we need to raise $75,000 to cover her liver transplant. However, I have yet to make one dime off the ads and they have been there since January 2007.

I agree they can be an eyesore and at times very distracting. I do believe that personal blogs should not have ads on them but my intent on my daughter's blog was two fold; one,to keep people informed on her health and daily life and two, to raise funds for her current and future medical needs related to liver transplantation.

Nate, your thoughts on blog ads and the realization that the ads on my daughter's blog are not producing income, I am going to remove them.

Thank you for your honesty and your insight. Sometimes it helps to see things through someone elses eyes.

In His Name,

Laurie Johansen

PS We do have a transplant fund set up for my daughter through the American Liver Foundation. But not many people use the link to donate to them ob Ashley's behalf.

Debby Woolbright said...

I'm sooo addicted to your blog! Praise be to God for His most amazing work in your life as well as the lives of your extended family. The only ad would be for your Dad's church, which sounds like an awesome place to worship! I love reading his blog too.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Nate! Keep the focus on our incredible Savior - and the miracles He continues to do in the lives of your family!

Anonymous said...

I happen to agree with you , nate. Those ads ARE kinda ugly! And, I understand the used feeling as well when I visit those blogs. I am sooo glad you don't post those ads on your blog. It would definitely detract from the main purpose of your blog which is not to solicit personal funding for your family, but to increase awareness of CF to others. Thank YOU!

karen said...

I think the lack of ads on your blog gives strength to your purpose for the greater good. Your love for your wife and family shines so brightly it almost hurts; that you choose to use your experiences to educate and strengthen others is enviable. I am honored to be in a world with people like you.

Unknown said...

CF husband: I agree completely and even have the same reasons (though not as eloquently stated as yours).

Ads in blogs annoy me.

Deron 36 wcf
Check out my blog:

Debbie said...

Thanks for continue to live out your faith & being such an example for the Lord. I know none of us our perfect, but you are doing a great job living your faith. Thanks