Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OBX Sentinel Article

If you're near the OBX today, pick up a copy of today's Sentinel for me and read the article about us...if not, check it out Online (under "Top Stories").

Also (at the Sentinel site), scroll down to "Features" and check out "Looking for money to find a cure" to read more about our upcoming Great Strides Walk in September!




Our Two Blessings From Above said...

Will check it out online.

Lesley said...

Great article. I know you all are excited about getting back to the beach. Praying for you!

Lee said...

It was a great article.....with one *little* mistake. The article indicated that Trish recieved her transplant the day BEFORE your birthday.
Either way, praise God for what He has done and continues to do in your lives!

amandajonalissa said...

Great article!
And LOVE the new header!!!

Amanda said...

I like your new header! Very nice.

The Adoption Of William said...



William's Mom

Angela R. said...

Great article! Miracles do happen indeed and your family is living proof of that. Your story brings so much happiness and inspiration everytime I read it. Can't wait to hear about your first day with your girls on the beach! :)

Praying always!

P.S.- Think they made a little mistake. Didnt Tricia get her transplant ON your bday?

Rick Lawrenson said...

Mistakes? In a newspaper?!

It also said Tricia only needed 5 rehab days, when it was more like 25.

But, still a great story!

I wonder if my weekly column in this same paper ever has any mistakes? Yikes.

amy smith said...

yes, even with all the mistakes, the general feel was great.... looking forward to the post entitled.. GOING HOME!!!