Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trust Fund

I think many of you misunderstood me (from reading the comments) when I said in my last post, "And, because I know people will ask, no, we won't use Tricia's trust fund to help buy a house"...nobody had asked, and nobody has tried to tell us how to handle the trust fund except for the people who manage the trust fund for us (called, go figure, "trustees"), In fact, the trust fund itself dictates what it can be used for (and for very good ethical and legal reasons). I specifically mentioned it in my last post because I knew somebody would ask, "Can't you use the trust fund for a house?"

Please, please, please, don't assume things. Again, you only see a small part of the big picture...if, for example, you had any idea how much Tricia's transplant meds are going to cost over the rest of her lifetime, you'd be incredibly unassuming about my last post. The trust fund is accomplishing it's purpose...providing financial support for Tricia Medical Needs Only. I can't use it for anything I want, even if I did want to. I suppose we could find a loophole for a house, but that wouldn't be helpful for us.

I honestly don't know why I even try last post should have simply said, "We're looking to buy a house on the OBX, thanks for your prayers." If I give just a few details about something, people misunderstand and assume crazy stuff...if I give every detail I can think of, the same thing happens. GRRRRR...

I think I know how Duncan Donuts and Rachel Ray might feel today...

And, while we really appreciate the thought, we won't allow anyone to give to us to buy a house. If you're really that zealous about giving, please, consider donating to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation or by donating In These Ways I've Mentioned.