Friday, May 16, 2008

Yard Sale Tomorrow!!!

Be there or be square!

There is some seriously good stuff to take a look's an email I received a few days ago from one of the organizers...

We have more clothes than WalMart!! We have microwaves, a convection oven, computers, printers, lots of kitchen and household stuff, washing machine and the list goes on and on.

We are also having a raffle:
a 42 piece tool set
2 gift certificates from hair dressers
an autographed photo of Mickey Rooney
limited edition photo of Lucille Ball
a gift certificate for free car detailing
a gift certificate for house cleaning
agift certificate for tupperware
an autographed CD from Coastline Band.

I'm going to do my best to try to make it out there at some point for a little while. Hope to see you there! The weatherman just said it's going to be a "Beautiful Day!"



Erin said...

Yay Nate! I was hoping you were going to post this again today. I have seen the stuff over there, and I can say that the Walmart analogy is correct! I hope everyone can make it out.:)


P.S. Hope you all are doing well now that your baby girl is home.

Em said...

A beautiful day for a wonderful cause. Hope all is going well with parenting.

God Bless Your Family

Blessings From Above said...

Sounds very cool. Best wishes for a successful sale tomorrow.

How is everything going with Gwyneth at home? Hope you guys are getting some sleep!

Sending love and prayers from Ohio

Janet said...

Can I bid on the free housecleaning from NJ????

Angela R. said...

Nate, it sounds great, would have loved to be there. I think it's a wonderful thing they are doing. Wish you much success with it!!

Hope all is well at home with your 2 girls! :)


Unknown said...

Wish I could come, I need a printer. Hope you have a big turn out. How did you sleep last night? Hope Gwyneth cut you some slack:)

Katie Lamont said...

OOOOHHH!! I wish I could try to win the Lucille Ball photo! I have a huge collection... our guest room is fondly refered to as "The Lucy Room" because the walls are covered in I Love Lucy collectables!

I hope the sale goes great!

Hannah Banana said...

Hi- Wish I could be there! Hope it will be a success and that you guys will raise a lot of money for CF! :) Will be praying.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Nowhere near Carolina but I hope you have a magnanimous turnout and enjoy every second!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on being HOME...what a beautiful word!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay , I hope you and Tricia make a ton of money from the yard sale!

Unknown said...

too bad I'm in AZ or I'd come shop! lol. hope you have a great weekend at home with your girls Nate!

~j~ said...

aaaww man! i so wish that i could be there. Can't wait to hear how this sale will rock!
Can't wait to hear how little
Miss Gwyneth is doing (and her mama and daddy, oh and pug)

amy smith said...

praying for a great turn out, and deep pockets!

Gilly said...

So glad that you are home with your wonderful family. You are truly inspirational. I have a daughter aged 7 wcf her name is Grace (taken from the ColdPlay song lyrics 'God gave us Grace')

Just wanted to wish you well

with love MoO (Gillyxx)