Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Story Of Us - Tricia's Version (Part 4)

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It was the day after that trip that Nathan somehow decided to do the whole hot pursuit thing again. He would randomly landscape my parents yard without asking, he bought me flowers, took me on lots of dates, would do anything I wanted at the drop of a hat, and he even washed my parents car each weekend (ok, he wasn’t that extreme). But, you get the picture. He was also extremely respectful of getting me home an hour before curfew.

From a Biblical standpoint, this is just how men were created to be. Can I complain? I still see his love shown everyday right now in the same way it was back in those days.

After much time spent together while growing in our friendship, the next big event I remember was my birthday. May 13, 2001. My bestest girlfriend from DE came to spend that special day with me. We had such a great time together. You remember Gabs, right? We made silly video’s together, went to Jockey’s Ridge, ate out at lots of good seafood restaurants, and had a lot of beach time. Good Memories.

My 19th birthday was celebrated with my mom, dad, brothers, Gabs, and some other random people. Nathan came over to my house and gave me a beautiful ROSE that day. He also snuck into my room for my other gift, which was Hawaiian light switch plates that matched my yellow room (that he had made).

My parents embarrassed me with their gift that year: two Christian books about dating. Apparently they saw something coming that I was completely unaware of. I opened up their gift and quickly hid it before Nathan could see what they gave me, then thanked mom and dad in a 19 year old “thanks for just embarrassing me” kind of way.

Gabbi and I, along with many other friends had many conversations about Nathan. I knew he wanted to become more than just friends, but I didn’t think I could like him any more that I already did, and I was happy to just have him as my friend. I honestly just couldn’t see myself falling in love with him and told my friends that.

I also had many conversations with Nathan and told him the same. I became pretty analytical over the whole thing. I had index cards of why we should just be friends, the pro's and cons... I put way too much thought into our relationship, but it was my first serious relationship and I was 19 and didn’t want to get hurt.

So, hopefully most of you can understand.



kidsworld said...

Tricia...I appreciate your honesty in your side of the story. My husband and I have a similar courtship (somehow mine doesn't seem as romantic since my husband doesn't blog about his version hehe!), but I understand the confusion you felt during that time. No need to apologize...God brought you to where you are today and not one of us questions your love and devotion for Nathan.

So glad you're up to posting! I can only imagine the high you're feeling after holding your beautiful daughter! She has captivated so many hearts around the world and yet she hasn't spoken a word! Amazing!

Praying always for you and your family!

refreshing in ohio

Renee said...

What a great tan!! I am going to see some of my childhood friends this weekend and seeing your picture made me think of what a great time that is in your life. Have a blessed day, you are being prayed for in MS!! BTW...I know you probably know this song but I was listening to it and it made me go to your blog to check in on all of you. It's Give me Jesus by Fernando Ortega. I feel his presence so strongly just by listening to it.

Julie said...

I love reading your version!! You're so TAN in that picture - you look lovely as always.

Congrats on being able to hold Gwyneth for the first time the other day...I can only venture to guess how your heart must have nearly burst with joy the moment the nurse place her in your arms!

Emily said...

I love hearing your side of this incredible love story. I am so impressed with how mature you and Nathan were about the whole deciding to date thing. I wish that I would have had that mentality growing up, I dated far to much and got hurt far too many times (thankfully God saw past my bad decisions and blessed me with an amazing hubby). Good for you Tricia for thinking it all through. It seems that you definately were blessed beyond your wildest dreams with the gift of Nathan as your hubby.

I also wanted to tell you that my heart was so full of joy as I watched the video of you holding your precious daughter for the first time. What a sweet moment! I had to wait about ten hours to hold my baby girl after she was born and I thought that was an eternity. I cannot imagine what waiting eight weeks must have felt like. I am so thankful that God answered that prayer and you could connect with your Gwyneth in a more face to face way!!!

I will continue to pray for you everyday.

My Goodness said...

My husband and I were best friends before we got 'involved' and makes for the BEST marriage, IMO!!

Love reading your story...

Anonymous said...

Index cards of pros and cons… that's crazy! Must have worked out though.

I'm praying for you today.

Kristina said...

thanks for posting your side . . .it is so great to read. I was just thinking today, "I think its time to hear more of the "story of us" . . .and there it was. Do I visit this blog too much? I am still keeping your family in my prayers.

Dorm Mom said...

Thank you for sharing your story with the WWW. Its truely a beautiful thing to read. Many blessings!

Sheila said...


Nathans posts about your courtship are wonderful, but your posts are the ones that I think about during the day long after I read them.

I only wish I had been as mature as you were at that age. Now I know where you get your strength and courage from ... you've had them all along!

The video of you holding your precious daughter made me smile and cry at the same time. I hope you have MANY more days as happy as that one.

We are praying for you here in Kansas.

Rich and Lauren said...

tricia, you are too incredibly cute! we love you!

Emmie said...

I can relate to this. My hubby was my first proper relationship too and I nearly chickened out of the whole thing too by thinking "we should just be friends". May be it shows that we treat our relationships seriously and don't want to flit about with them - or may be it just shows we are a bit nervous! Either way it doesn't matter because like you, I decided to jump in feet first and it was the best decision I ever made. I can't begin to imagine what would have happened if I'd just decided to stay as friends - he's my soulmate and means everything to me x

cmziall said...

Tricia, your marriage is/will be that much stronger because of that friendship! My dh and I were REALLy good friends before anything romantic happened and we've been married almost 12 years and now have 5 children. I couldn't imagine doing any of this without him, my best friend!

Michelle in MO

Mom to 2 Boys said...

Nate and Tricia~

I'm a lurker and first tome poster. I started reading your blog after seeing it on someone's caringbridge site, I don't remember which one. I cannot believe how much I think about you. When I'm doing everyday things that I take for granted and most likley complaining about, you pop into my thoughts.

Is someone telling me you need prayers or that I need to stop complaining?

Seeing you hold your BEAUTIFUL baby girl made me cry buckets. What a wonderful moment, thanks for sharing.

Tricia~I love your side of story!! It is like a novel you can't stop thinking about. I can't wait to hear what happens. Your honesty is wonderful.

Your cute Meka has changed my mind about small dogs! Do you just smother her with kisses everytime you see her? That face!! I have a boxer that is close to 90 lbs. he is the sweetest thing.

Nate~The picture of Tricia at the top of the page, where is that and what what do you think of when you see it? I love it.

I have 2 boys, 6 and 3. If I can raise them to be half of the wonderful man you are, I will have done a good job. You are amazing. If your parents write a parenting book about raising boys, I will buy the first copy.

Regards~ Amy in Michigan

mom2izzyandallen said...

Love it! Your side is the best.

Christy said...

Pretty smart to have pulled out the index cards. And great picture! You haven't changed a bit!

Michelle said...

I had to laugh about the index cards...ha ha.

I'm loving "story of us"!

The Smith Family said...

Trisha, I havecommented to Nate several times but Im not sure I have to you. I thik of your family daily - read your blog daily- and pray for you daily. I am so happy to see you holding Gwyneth! Special times! blogging and photos are awesome things to have of these moments you will always treasure. I have 4 children that have grown way too fast (the youngest is 7) I miss those sweet "tiny baby" days. Have a great day-

Terry Gray Sr. said...

I was going to post something on here like:
When you get home with Nate and your precious little girl, I will have to tell you about the time Rick and Nate were drag racing on the bypass and spun out in front of AutoTech.

But then I saw it was a blog for the girls and thought it better if I did not do it......aawwww what the heck.

Prayers for improvments and health.

Mrs. Wilson said...

I love hearing your side of it!

Carol said...

Tricia, I surely can understand your 19 year old reaction to your first serious relationship. I love reading your side too, but you are leaving us dangling the same way Nathan does! If your little daughter is like mine was, she will make you guys tell her the "story of Mommy and Daddy" over and over. Its such a great story and nice you already have a head start.

Anonymous said...

Aw, who doesn't love a love story? Especially one as sweet as this. A bonus with this one is we know how it turns out. Not only does the boy get beautiful girl, he gets TWO.

On another note, thank you for sharing the best video ever. I can't find the right words to say how beautiful and humbling that was. It seemed like Gwenyth was really trying hard to open her eyes and check out her mommy. Precious, precious, precious!

Amber B said...

I've never commented on here before, but wanted to let you know you are in my prayers often.
A lovely young lady that I went to school with is publishing a book about her struggle with CF and her journey God has taken her on. I'm sure you have heard of it. It's called "Breathtaking." Check out her website if you haven't already at: She's truly an inspiration, much like you guys are!

Sara said...

I can totally relate to your perspective! I was "just friends" with my husband for 6 months before I would even agree to go on a date with him! I was just 18 & was not looking for any kind of romantic involvement. I love reading your side of the story of you & Nate. Praying for you all!

~Sara in MD

kirschd07 said...

Tricia, Mom and I were just discssing if that thank you for the books was sincere. Thank you for answering that pressing question. By the way, Nate still can stop over to do some landscaping at the house. I certainly enjoyed being the father of the bride in this love story.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Terry left out the part about flipping over in the truck 3 times...

Thankfully Terry was around to witness it and call 911. More thankfully we weren't hurt.

I guess we lost that race.

(An interesting aside, Terry, I just ran across my copy of the accident report from that wreck. It was in 1994!)

Melody said...

I love the aside about being embarassed by your parents for the dating books...haha. Parents are great for doing funny things like that. Can't wait to hear of the funny things you and Nate do to embarass Gwyneth one day! :)

Great love story- you and Nate are both very good story-tellers! Guess that is why we all keep coming back for more.

Terry Gray Sr. said...

I was scared to death, I knew I had discovered a very bad situation. I can not tell you how happy I was to find you both were not seriously injured. God truely had his hand on that vehicle and both of you!

Boy Rick, time does fly.

Mom to 2 Boys said...

I want to hear the truck story!

As a mom to 2 boys I need to hear these things! I can't believe Nate ever did anything wrong, he seems like such a good boy!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Terry did some "embellishing" in good fun.
First, we weren't racing. And Nathan was still only 12 years old at the time, so he wasn't driving. We were actually on our way to pick up pizzas for his sister's birthday party.

We were run off the road and I had to take "evasive action" on a wet road which led to the accident.

Debra said...

Tricia, I keep waiting to hear about when you realized you were in love with husband and I started out friends, first, also. It's the best way.

So glad you were up to posting. And the video of you holding Gwyneth was so special...I cried...
Praying for you in GA - Aspiemom

Terry Gray Sr. said...

Ooopppps. I may have started something with this. It was an accident on a rain slick road with standing water.

My point in bringing it up was to tell Tricia, when she and her family get home, that God has played a instrumental part in the early years of Nate's life to bring him this far. I am confident that God had a plan for Nate, as he does for us all, and taking care of His' two girls is a part of that plan. More important is the fact with sharing their life, Nate, Tricia, and Gwyneth have touched so many people and have been a witness to miracles we see today.

I know for myself, their story has moved me to take a different look at life, my relationship with God, and the importance of both.

Thanks to Nate, Tricia, and Gwyneth for sharing.

Continued prayers for improvements and health.

Karen said...

I wonder if we (your collective following) wrote down the difference reading this blog for lo these many weeks/months, what stories would there be?
I know personally, my life, (internet life anyway) and prayers always include 3 people I've never met, tucked away in a hospital some miles below me in NC. I look at my children differently, I look at people with disabling diseases differently, I thank God more specifically for the gift of breathing with ease... and more importantly- I have learned to know, a person is a person no matter how small, in a much more wonderful way. Thanks for making my life better.

terri c said...

Beautiful story. Can't wait to hear more! Suspenseful even when we know the end! Prayers continuing.

Megan said...

I love to read this story from your side. I am praying for you.

marcia said...

Hey, Tricia, it's great to hear from you again! And you are getting just as good as that hubby of yours, at getting the world to drool for your next installment! :) I can't wait to hear what finally tipped the scales, and put that look of absolute forever-love in your eyes, that Nate has become so good at bringing out in his photos. I am so very thrilled for you, that you were finally able to cradle your beautiful daughter in your arms on her eight-week birthday! I am soooo praying for the day when you will be able to pack all three of you into the car for your trip home together...even if "home" needs to be the hotel for awhile, so you can be near all of your wonderful caregivers while you make the transition back into "life on the outside"! I would love to see pics of you and Nathan taking Gwyneth to the beautiful beach where your wedding pics were taken! Tricia, thank you so very much for living your life and your faith in such an open way, and allowing so many people to be blessed by you, even in these most difficult days of your life!

Aline said...

WOW! Awesome story! I also have CF (i was diagnosed when i was 3 weeks old) i was just wondering, how did you tell Nate you had CF? At what point in your relationship? How did he take it?

God Bless - i'm praying for you!