Thursday, January 10, 2008


There have been some questions about the Duke ECard. I do not feel comfortable giving out Tricia's room number on the internet, especially with as much exposure as this blog seems to be receiving. I pray you'll understand that.

But, you simply need to address the ECard to "Tricia Lawrenson" in room # "ICU" and I guarantee it will make it to us. It seems everyone in the entire hospital knows who Tricia is.

Be sure to read below as I've been posting a lot tonight.



Addicted to crafting said...

I did it!!! :)

Prayers sent and the card too. :)

Anonymous said...

it says i need a room number

Anonymous said...

i did it and entered in 8200 or 7800 because Nate mentioned the nurses on those floors, just to have a number to fill in. i think if you enter any number, they will get it to Tricia or Gwyneth.

Anonymous said...

I just entered "ICU" for room # and it went through fine.