Monday, January 28, 2008

A Few Things I'm Learning (or) Making Lists is a Good Way to Kill Time in the Middle of the Night

> I whine and complain way too much.

> Other people whine and complain way too much.

> Living on hospital and fast food can make you really fat.

> Our families mean more to me than anybody else on earth.

> God loves to prove Himself to anyone who may doubt Him (and I'm first in line).

> Pugs are the best dogs in the world.

> There ain't nobody's wife tougher than mine, and there ain't nobody's mother tougher than Gwyneth's.

> Talking with God is so much easier and funner when it's a constant, throughout the day kind of thing, as opposed to a set time before meals and bed (for both of us).

> Nurses need to be paid a lot more.

> ICU nurses need to be paid even more than a lot more.

> People who live with God but without close friends and family have it rough.

> People who live with close friends and family but without God have it rougher.

> Orange FILAs are the most comfortable shoes in the history of the world.

> Nothing beats a God-centered, worship-driven church family.

> Everybody appreciates a smile, especially in hospitals.

> The little things can matter the most.

> God is The Solid Rock.

> Good music is so under-rated.

> The person who invented Blogs should be named king of the world.

> Don't judge other people who don't appear to care when you are in a crisis.

> Hospital social workers are my heroes.

> Sunshine is under-rated.

> Windows are even more under-rated.

> Strangers can be your best friends.

> God never wastes a hurt.



Ashley said...

After living in the ICU for 17 months with our 2 year old daughter, undergoing multiple transplants and all the complications of a micro-preemie I can whole heartedly agree with almost every, single thing that made your list. The only thing I would argue is that a maltese is perhaps an even better companion than a pug. Your words are a blessing and your list gave a very tired set of parents a good laugh tonight. God bless you and your sweet girls. May He hold you all close tonight. Trish and Dave Adams(parents to sweet Ashley Kate)

Anonymous said...

We're still here lifting you up. We love you guys,
The Andersons

Sammie said...

A lot of those make sense, lol. especially the gaining weight... my husband and I both gained so much weight sitting in the NICU the 3 months we lived at the Ronald MacDonald house while our son was in OU Childrens! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm the Mom of a thirty-seven-year-old son who received a double-lung-transplant 7 years ago. He was bed-ridden, on bi-pap 24 hours, ..etc.. - was called into the hospital/put on npo if he was in already/ six different times. The transplant finally happened - weeks after he should had died - but what a miracle!

His lungs were so bad and because of CF so "stuck" that the surgery was difficult - the first four weeks of recovery were really difficult because his chest tubes kept draining - but, once that was cleared - he's become fantastic! He could probably have run a marathon 6 months after the transplant! (But - he didn't want to before, and he doesn't want to now! - the transplant didn't change his personality!)

I do need to thank the donor family - they made a decision in their darkest hour that has given this talented young man many more years.

Hang in there - I'm praying for all of you.

Patience Leino said...

awesome list! one to add: "never underestimate the value of a good poop." :)

Jenn said...

We're still praying for you and your beautiful family!!

"Be not afraid, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."
Deut. 31:8

Anonymous said...

Loved your list, Nathan! It gave me a smile at the end of a LONG day. :) Although, praying for your family has helped put my everyday struggles back into perspective. I have NO reason to do anything but REJOICE! Give Tricia a Hug from us, and know we are praying often for all 3 of you!

Love and prayers,
The Edwards family

Anonymous said...

Your posts bring tears to my eyes because they are so honest and true. You speak the truth so openly. Thank you for sharing with us your journey. Thank you for letting us see miracles in action.

Megan and Company said...

Word to the praying all day being easier. It has truly opened my eyes to how easy prayer can be sometimes and how colossally complicated I make it out to be.

Anonymous said...

whoa! by Windows, you aren't talking computers, right?

Anonymous said...

I do believe that Tricia has to be the strongest women on earth & I can't imagine how emotionally taxing this must be on her. She has you & she has Gwyneth Rose & she has her undying love for God that will get her through these tough times. I am still praying for your family.

Anonymous said...

HA...I love it!
You are such a blessing to me.
Continuing to pray for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Nathan, good to hear from you. I love the list. God Bless You and your girls.

Anonymous said...

The extra sleep did you well! I'm glad I have your blog to re-focus me on the important things of life. With 5 children running around all the time it gets crazy and it's hard to remember how truly blessed we really are to have healthy children running around. Thanks for all your wonderful insight!

Christy said...

Big prayers from KY. You are such a blessing. I am sitting here warm and have gotten a lot done and I was whining earlier cause
2nd son didn't get his math done (I homeschool). I am so blessed that we are healthy and hubby just found a dream trucking job so he can be home with us some. Thank you for reminding me. I have to come here a few times a day and just be encouraged. I AGREE!!! You do have the strongest, bestest wife in the world and your daughter seems to take after her a lot too.

Kim ( said...

Continuing to pray for you all.

Anonymous said...

*new to your blog*

Thanks so much for your posts. A friend in Germany sent me a link to your blog in the midst of my complaining about a 3 month plus NICU stay. I agree with all the things on your list, especially windows and sunshine!! We finally have a coveted window spot, though over looking the parking garage, I'll take it! After reading your previous blogs, if you find a way to set the webcam up, please pass it along!! My husband is in Iraq and would love to see the daily progress of our son. Your little girl is amazing, as I'm sure you know, but maybe I just have a special place in my heart for babies under 1000 grams, as I have had two. I pray daily for your ( and family's) stregnth, patientce, courage and peace as I pray for my own. Being a NICU parent in its self is an amazing journey but doing that while fearing for the life of your spouse...though I cannot understand the whole of your feelings, well, I'm speechless. My our Lord hold all of you close durring your journey and always. Remember daily to inhale the sweet blessings he bestows upon us, even in our time of doubt.

The Ski's M,L,M,W(26 weeker) and our Angel J(27 weeker)

Anonymous said...

You are precious, Nathan!

Anonymous said...

just checking in...give tricia my love...glad to hear things are looking up...still praying for all of you...i thought you were supposed to be taking a break???

--miriam (in CA)

Anonymous said...

You are so right on every single thing on your list!

Praying without ceasing for you and yours.

In Christ,

terri c said...

Hey Nathan I have not experienced you whining and complaining AT ALL. Other than that I agree with everything on the list. Prayers still coming. Please take care of yourselves.

Jenny said...

I love the list. :)

Praying your girls are sleeping peacefully and gaining strength.

Melinda said...

your blog has been such a blessing to me, i always feel encouraged after reading it, especially your list today... many points are so true!

will keep you guys in prayer, i'm excited to see the good work that God is doing in you guys. He is a miracle working God!!

Candy said...

I love all of these things you have learned....But totally cracked up at the Person who created BLOGS should rule the world...I LOVE THAT...I used to think JACK BAUER should rule the world....but now I am chinging my thinking....HAHA

Heather Christine said...

My sister made a move across state, she felt God was leading her. When she got therr (we drove) she started to doubt what God had in mind for her. So, we made a list of happy things and then started up packing. Needless to say that two sisters can have a laughing attach under just about any situation. We added "hats help" to our happy things list. God bless you, your family and your support "staff". Have a great sleep.

Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for you and your beloved girls. So often when I read your posts, my faith is strengthened and I'm encouraged. May you continue to be guided and blessed by our all-knowing Lord. Hugs to all of you - Lynne B.

Anonymous said...

As a hospital social worker, thank you for noticing! It's rare for us to get noticed at all.

Still praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this blog!

I must say you are one cool dude. And also patient, loving, dedicated...I could go on and on.

Much love and prayers to your girls, and yes, like another person said "never underestimate the value of a good poop!".....

I will keep tabs on y'all! Get some rest!

Aubry from Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Great List!

Praying for you and your girls 'round the clock!

Princess Talana said...

Great list Nate. I've been telling people about your site. So rarely can the world watch a miracle in action.
God is GOOD!
Clinic for me tomorrow... hopefully I put on enough weight to not need a feeding tube.
Prayers for you and your girls!

Anonymous said...

You know what Life is hard, play once!!! I look at your blog everyday probably five times a day. I love that we all have children now and really appreciate our families, but wouldn't it be fun to go back to summer church camp. Those memories are always the ones that make me laugh!!

sassyannie54 said...

I'm a NICU nurse and have been reading for a relatively short time. No comments, it's not my place, however, I truely hope for the best for you and to give you the strength for whatever the outcome for all of you. I appreciate the recognization of nurses. Thank you and I hope that we are doing our job by helping you through this extraordinary experience.

Anonymous said...

A friend of yours has asked for prayers to be lifted up for you from Jerusalem. I wanted to let you know that the Narkis Street International Church in Jerusalem is praying for you, Tricia and Gwyneth. May you experience His richest blessings.


Crystal Lee Smith said...

Just a great list. Lots to ponder and appreciate. I whole heartedly agree on the whining & complaining. If we spend more time being grateful and appreciative then we will realize how blessed we truly are. You are wise in your perspective.
One added thought to your list:
laughter is thee best medicine and one we often forget to take.
Thankful to be a part of your life's journey. Praying continually for peace and joy to surround you.
Proverbs 15:30
A cheerful looks brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones.
Reading the "Good News" the only source of true peace and joy....

CJolly said...

Have you ever noticed how some of the people who whine the least are the ones who would appear to have the most to whine about?

And have you ever noticed that many people who appear to have everything one could want in life sure find a lot to whine about?

No one who knows your situation would fault you if you did whine, but we know why you don't. God bless you guys...

Unknown said...

Wonderful list! I have to say that since I have started reading your blog, the constant and every day prayer has become a part of my life. And I thank you and Tricia for that.

Lizze said...

> Don't judge other people who don't appear to care when you are in a crisis.

Isn't it funny how the thing we need to hear most always seems to find us when we least expect it? You listed many things that I needed (especially this morning) but this is one I have a really hard time with, especially when those same people seem to care when others have a hard time but ignore my family during crisis.

I wonder if you know how wise you really are.

Oh, and again I say, (I'll spare you the email this time. ;) lol) YAY FOR POOP!!!!!! Give Tricia hugs from all of us. I'm praying for you.

Much Love & God Bless.

kidsworld said...

I want to spend my 'middle of the nights and I can't sleep' with someone like you! My husband just snores! I love the way you think and I love that you can't seem to stay away! You are do have the toughest wife ever (not to mention that little fighter, Gwyneth!) No unsolicited advice here, but those hormones are nothing to mess with! You can't and will never imagine what Tricia is feeling - I call it the mother fox syndrome! I hope that God takes away whatever pain or anxieties she is feeling. I'm going to go out and get some orange shoes like yours so I can 'walk in your shoes' and discover you spirit! Thank you for posting - sometimes the highlight of my day (2 kids with breathing treatments, steroids, etc and the other two are sick) :o(
Always praying!
Refreshing in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've been following your blog, lifting your family up in prayer. I am 25 weeks pregnant and hold such a special place in my heart for Gweneth since our babies are about the same age, yours is just having to grow tougher quicker!

I love the last line in our posting today. God never wastes a hurt, that really spoke to me today.

I also like the nurses should be paid more . . .I am a labor and delivery nurse too!

TheRagan3 said...

After being in the hospital on strict bedrest for 6 weeks before my son was born, the whole window thing...AMEN!! Funny I never realized what a wonder sunshine could do for the spirit. I had one very small window where I saw people walking by and longed to be with the "real world". And as for the hospital food - both hubby and I are a testiment to that one on your list!
Underpaid nurses is an understatement as well...
And I admit, your wife is one of the toughest women I know... and I don't know her personally.
Continuing to pray for you and the girls-

I'd definately add the value of poop to your list!

Aspiemom said...

I love your list, Nate. You sound tired, but with good humor.
Still praying...Debbi/Aspiemom

Christy said...

This is a wonderful post, and more people should have posts exactly like it.

I woke up, in the middle of the night, with a very sick one year old. I got her back to sleep, quickly, but of course, I was the one having trouble getting back to sleep as I was concerned about the baby, still. My thoughts ran with a vision of you guys toughing it out with worry over Gwyneth, and I had a nice talk with God. He comforted me and I was, then, soothed back into dream world. I hope you guys slept well, last night. Still thinking of you three and lifting you up in prayer.

Momnnashville said...

Praying and knowing that you are in God's wonderful hands. Praying for both your girls and all who love you guys. Praying for the medical teams. Nurses are wonderful people. Glad you are being blessed with some really great ones. Loving all of you in Christ's name!

Thia said...

I am praying you all have more sunshine to look at!
As the daughter of an icu nurse, I know that a can of coffee will brighten their day. (it's the simple things in life)

Anonymous said...

amen. You have no idea how you minister to others . . . thank you for taking the time to post in the midst of everything going on in your life. You truly blessed me this morning.

I continue to pray for your girls!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Nate, your list is so true!! Every item! I was in a similar situation almost two years ago...hard to believe our little miracle is almost 2! She was born at 31+ weeks...I know, we were fortunate! Anyway, she did fairly well, had a few set backs here and there but that's expected. It was me who struggled more, but not near as much as your dear Tricia! While enduring our trial and even to this day, we can see the hand of God at work and knew that He loved us. He drew us closer to Himself and gave us the strength to make it through and be a testimony of His grace.
Praying for all of you often throughout the day as the Lord brings you to mind. Praising Him for the miracles He continues to do in and through all three of you.
In Him,
Beth in PA

Anonymous said...

I loved your list. A lot of them hit home, especially this one: -> "Don't judge other people who don't appear to care when you are in a crisis." Thanks for the much needed uplift this morning. You are touching lives more than you know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list! I needed to hear some of those. Most of them made me smile because they are so true, but there is one in particular that really hit me, but right now I won't say which one it is. I am praying for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list! I needed to hear some of those. Most of them made me smile because they are so true, but there is one in particular that really hit me, but right now I won't say which one it is. I am praying for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you can keep your humor at such a trying time! I'm sure that you are great 'medicine' for Tricia! Prayer and the knowledge your family has in God is also wonderful 'medicine'! I know that your family will do well knowing Him!

Hope all of you get the sleep that you need. My family with continue to pray for peace, strength and healing for all of you!

God Bless You!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Why do you think the cafeteria has a SALAD BAR right in the middle?

Jenny said...

I am a social worker in Idaho... so I wanted to thank for including us (social workers) on the list. Often we're the forgotten "behind the scenes" people.

My thoughts are with you and your family (as always).


Beverly said...

What a wonderful list! I think I'll print it out and post it to remind myself never to whine.

It's good to see the social workers who have commented, thanking you for recognizing their profession...the nurses, too.

Praying throughout the day for you all.

Anonymous said...

i think i'll print it and tack it to my wall just to remind me :)

Anonymous said...

As a mom, lists are what keeps my fried brain in order.
Lists rock!!!!!
Still praying!!!!

Anonymous said...

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Praise God for carrying us through rough times & drawing us closer to him! We are praying for all of you! By the way, I love your list!

~Sara in MD

Amy said...

Ooh, "God never wastes a hurt". Love that one.

Anonymous said...

Those late nights in hospitals can be some of the roughest times, but when you are able to look back on things and breathe a sigh of "glad that is over" relief, memories are made! I especially like the parts about the shoes, the smiles, and the pug, although I was wondering if u might find time to make a list to support that (the pug)! Keeping u in my heart (really I told my dentist about u guys today and he put me and u on his prayer list) always!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your list of what you are learning - sometimes it's helpful to see through another person's eyes! Lifting you Gweneth Rose and Trish in prayer along with all those that are caring for your family.

Anonymous said...

I am a hospital social worker (far away from NC) and have been so encouraged to read the story of your family. Praise God for the answered prayers for your sweet wife and daughter--you will continue to be in my prayers.

candicesalazar said...

I am sorry, I don't want to interrupt you on "the break"... But, I want to tell you...Today was my first day working with a vent patient (as a student).I was sick with anxiety--I was so afraid...and then I thought of Tricia and Baby G. I realized how scared my patient might be, how anxious. And I thought of how strong you (& your girls) have been. I prayed that God would give me the courage ..And I reminded myself, that "if Nate, Tricia, and Baby G can endure 'their' vent experience(so gracefully), I think I can certainly handle a shifts worth of care"...I think of you everyday when I care for my patients. Your family inspires me to be an (even better) nurse :). Thanks for who you are---I am sure you won't know the blessings that you (continue to) bestow, until you get to Heaven....
Candice (NE)

Carey said...

Love it love it! I read regularly but don't comment much! I'm loving your latest realizations, amazing! I had to laugh out loud...yes, living on hospital and fast food does make you REALLY fat! 72 days since September 26 for us! I gained 15 pounds in 4 weeks once! Big slobbery kisses from Chelsea for baby Gwyeneth!

A Marriage After His Heart said...

I will be praying for you and your wife and your precious daughter. It's amazing when God blesses both mommy and child to have a fighter's nature. God will be with you.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how much this post actually blessed me. I've been going through stuff in my life, and all I keep hearing God tell me is "I'm not a pain waster" and reading that last little point ">God never wastes a hurt" was just another reminder. Thank you so much for blessing us with your miracles that are happening everyday. I'm praying for all 3 of you, and have been since before Gwyneth was born. - Praying in NJ.

Anonymous said...

Nate and Tricia: Just know prayers are said daily for you from Germantown, TN. In the hardships I have experienced I have learned 2 things.
1) God is Faithful.
2) Romans 8:28 is real.

God bless you.

Karen in TN

Thoughts From Jeff said...

Amen on the pay of NICU nurses; they are priceless.

sweetnika said...

a friend shared your link. great posts, thank you for just being a blogger on top of a great dad and wonderful husband. I don't usually read anything but lady blogs. :) Your perspective is fantastic. Consider my whole family on your prayer team!
you all are loved
your family in Christ
<>< nika

Bob said...

I like the list. The only thing I might change if it were my list is that, of course, I think MY wife is the best there is, but I do not doubt what you say. Also, I'm kinda partial to dachshunds myself. I have pics of my pets on my blog. Check them out.

God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

You were right. I CAN totally relate, right down to Pugs and hospital/fast food making you fat. Whoops! I mean making ME fat, of course.

Did you know there is a 24 hour McDonald's in the hospital adjacent (connected via underground tunnel) to this one?

Must say I can't relate to orange Filas, although I do have orange shoes and many other orange things because it's my favorite color.

The bit about "not judging those who don't appear to care that you are in crisis" is interesting to me. I am not there yet, as far as not judging them. But the fact that you wrote that gave me something to think about. Hmm....