Monday, January 21, 2008

Multiple Angles

Just a can take a look at our story from multiple angles by visiting the following blogs of people who have witnessed parts of it first hand (all family). They all have their own blogs, and usually don't post about us, but if you scan over the past few weeks, you'll find lots of really cool stuff involving what they've been thinking about what's happening here at Duke.

My dad, Rick
My uncle, Andy
Tricia's sister, Megan
Tricia's sister, Janet

And, if you want even more perspective on our story, read the comments under This Post, or if you have blogged about us, please let me know by posting a comment Here.



beth said...

Hey Nathan, and Trisha,
It is early Monday morning and I was getting ready to turn off my computer when I thought I would just check in:) I joked before that I was going to try to make a 1st post and here it is. I must say I am too tired to cheer loudly about it, but I will brag to Janet when she comes over for breakfast on Tuesday. I am her friend that leaves the LONG posts. I am so encouraged by you both! You are so young and it makes me remember things that were trying for my husband and I when we were your age. I am not ancient,,hahaha.
Good morning! I will check in later.
by the way my daughter is the 9 year old that is regularly praying and posting to you.
Prayers are going up now!
beth from h.h.NJ.

Kari Morris-Guzman said...

Thank you for sharing your life with the world...I'm praying.
Riverside, CA

Laura said...

i have already emailed you about my blog entry about you guys but i just want to say hello again and thank you for sharing a glimpse into God's glory in action here.
take care.
i'm still praying and following your blog for updates.

Scott said...

Thanks for all the news, the updated video in your 8:46 Update post, and for being you. Your story is awesome to watch as it unfolds. Thank the Lord for Tricia and Gwyneth's improvments. We're still praying.

Nikk said...

I have been following your blog since before Christmas and have been praying for the three of you plus your family and friends. You are an inspiring family and fabulous witnesses for the Lord.

"The will of God will not take you where the grace of God cannot keep you."

Stay strong in Christs strength.
Nikkilee (Western Australia)

Anonymous said...

My husand and I have been following your story and reading your blogs several times a day, so that we can keep up and continue to pray. My husband said, "If I were in his situation, I don't think I could keep up a website like he does." I thought about it, and it does seem like the last thing you would want to do is type on a blog site...but, you have elicited so many people's prayers that way! It is amazing. It is so great that you have the strength and motivation to keep us all updated so that we can pray for specific things. You and your sweet little family are such a blessing to us.
Tracy & Jason

Anonymous said...

Tricia... YOU'RE awake. I'm so glad. You can read all the wonderful things God is doing through your story. Yesterday at HH Baptist, our pastor (my brother-in-law) showed pictures of Miss Gwyneth and read your father-in-law's article from the paper. What a cool way to celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday. You are a godly person, and we are proud of you. I look forward to seeing you when you are able to travel again. Much love, Joanna

Laurie in Ca. said...

Praying for both of your girls to continue healing and growing stronger every minute of every day. It is such good news to hear that Tricia is able to communicate with all of you more and more. I can't wait to hear that she gets to see and touch Gwenyth in person soon. And Nate, please know you personally are covered in prayer as you watch your two most precious treasures thrive in this miracle of Gods care. Looking forward to the day you post your first family photo of 3 here!!!! Praying that is real soon for you.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Chatty Family said...

Our whole family has been following your posts. Our son was diagnosed with CF almost a year ago. We all hope your wife and baby are doing well. Much Love,
Cleveland, OH

Renay said...

Have you considered adding ads to your blog like adsense for extra money-while my blog is not highly trafficed, I hear that highly trafficed blogs can make decent money by allowing tasteful ads..just an idea;-) I'd click the links for you;-)

Jim and Jami said...

Have a Wonderful Day! Prayers Being Said!

Coach Prentice said...

At first I thought it said "Multiple Angels" and I thought, how sweet of Nathan to call me an angel! Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading about your family far about a week and I have been so encouraged to see a faith like yours. God is surely pleased and may He receive the glory. You are in my prayers. Thanks for the faith booster.

Meredith said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN! In regards to PS (Risk). Enough said! Meredith/Orlando FL

Mandy said...

I am so glad that Gwyneth's screening came back negative! What a prayer answered. I loved your post about sanctity of life. Of course, many can judge, but no one could ever make that decision for you. Only God can lead you. I am so in awe of you and Tricia's trust in God. We all strive for it, and you are certainly living it!! Sending up prayers in Arkansas!

Kate said...

I was wondering if you had thought about adding advertisements to your blog, since you are getting so many hits, it may be worth your while and add money to Tricia's trust fund. To be honest, I don't know how this works, but other blogs I read have them. is a good one, she even has a recent post about it. just a thought. glad to hear your girls are improving!

Anonymous said...

Sending up more and more prayers and healing vibes. In your song, "Miracle" you do have your hands on a miracle!

I am amazed that someone would have anything negative to say about your situation. You are 100% right, it is your blog, your life, only one true god, he will do his job. You have enough to worry about, let others say what they will, and know that there are others who think your family is AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

I read the below comment on another blog today. I thought it might help those trying to figure out how you are dealing with Tricia and Gwen's health issues. Nate, I see you focusing your attention to the "Mountain mover", not the "mountain". This is what makes your blog so exciting - to both Christians and non-Christians. Stay strong and keep pointing everyone to Jesus!

How do you pray a prayer so filled with faith that it can move a mountain? By shifting the focus from the size of your mountain to the sufficiency of the mountain mover, and by stepping forward in obedience.....

While the children of Israel are perched on the edge of the Promised Land, 12 spies go out to survey it. Ten come back saying, 'You wouldn't believe the size of the cities, the armies, the giants. We'd better look somewhere else.' Two come back saying, 'The God who is faithful promised he would give us the land, so let's go in his strength.' Ten looked at the size of the mountain and fell back; only two looked at the sufficiency of the mountain mover and wanted to move forward....

I challenge you to shift the focus of your prayer. Don't spend a lot of time describing your mountain to the Lord. He knows what it is. Instead, focus your attention on the mountain mover - His glory, power and faithfulness. Then start walking in faith, following his leading, and watch that mountain step aside.

Carmen said...

I'm so happy to hear that Tricia and Gwyneth are both doing so much better.You are so BLESSED.

Anonymous said...


You have given me a big nudge toward allowing God into my life again. I have a renewed faith.

Yes, your journey has done something amazing. It has given me (and many others) a new lease on life by showing us that we should trust God.

After reading your story, how could we NOT trust him. You, Nate and Gwyneth have shown that there really is nothing to fear if you put your faith and trust in the Lord.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog and what an amazing,faithful man you are. You are truly an inspiration for anyone questioning the love of God! Your little girl is is so good to hear she is doing so well. You and Tricia truly have proof of miracles. Now, I pray that God blesses Tricia with new lungs so she may enjoy his miracle for years to come. Having been diagnosed with MS this past year and getting pregnant, I believe God has the perfect plan for each one of us and there is no selfishness or craziness to his plan since it is out of our control. He formed your precious baby for the two of you because she was meant to be yours! Prayers for all of you!

Marc and Charity said...

Nathan and Tricia,

We've never met, but I found your blog through someone's else (can't even remember now!). I've just sat and read every post. Laughing, crying, giving praise to God. What an incredible testimony y'all are. I loved something you said Nathan-that you asked God to consider the desires of your heart. I thought that so sweet and precious.

We are praying that God would do amazing things through y'all- We are praying for healing for your precious wife and precious baby girl. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing with the world your journey.

May God richly bless you today!

The Verlanders, Texans living in the UK

Anonymous said...

I know you disabled comments on the posts about your decision to conceive a child and not terminate the pregnancy, even though Tricia's doctors recommended that you do so ... I just had to put my two cents' worth in on the subject, though.

After my first child was born in 1999 following a severely complicated pregnancy, my husband and I were advised by my OB/GYN and multiple family members that we probably shouldn't even THINK about trying to have more children. That advice just didn't bear witness with what I felt the Lord was speaking to us, and we put the matter in His hands. We went on to have two more children (both normal pregnancies) and give Him all the glory.

For every negative person out there, I know there must be hundreds more like myself who are inspired by your faith and who would like to commend you for living what you believe.

I'm praying daily for you all and believe that the story you are living will be used to draw many to the Lord. Thank you for sharing so honestly with all of us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan and Tricia,
My name is Leah Palmer-I live in Southern Indiana and heard of your story through a bulletin board for moms on bedrest...i am expecting my second son and have been on bedrest for 9 weeks due to preterm labor. My husband and I are also called to ministry-he is studying at Southern Baptist Seminary in Lou KY and I have a first cousin with CF so for many reasons, your story has touched my heart. I just wanted you to know that we've been praying for you, Tricia, and Gwenyth...i am amazed each time i read your blog at the grace and strength with which you are handling this situation. I am always amazed and humbled to see how God is most glorified in our weaknesses-thank you for pointing back the honor and glory to our King. I am disturbed to see that others are taking liberty in questioning your choices-seeing as how this is your blog and it is our privelege to be a part of it. I do appreciate and respect the grace, love, and tact with which you've addressed so many of the questions. You guys are admirable folks! Thanks for sharing and allowing us to grow and reflect on God's goodness through your story. Blessings, the palmer's

Soltana said...

Just checking in again:) I am such a stalker :) I get such a great feeling when I see the love you all have.

I wish you all well and I will keep chekcing in to "see" your miracles :)

Have a great night:)