Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heads Up

Pick up a copy of today's (Feb. 5, 2008) USA Today newspaper and read:

> An article about sleep deprivation in the ICU.

> An article about age and organ transplant.

Both articles can be found on page 12D.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info link to USA Today. Very interesting. It helps understand a little more what you were talking about.

Renee' said...

Don't have the paper, but googled sleep deprivation in the ICU and came up with another interesting article on ICU psychosis... http://www.medicinenet.com/icu_psychosis/article.htm

It states that sleep deprivation could be a major contributing factor.

OceanDesert said...

Nate, thanks for the leads on these articles! Dr. Ardehali at UCLA will actually be my tx surgeon.. hopefully soon! :)

islandgirlart said...

here's the link for the icu article

and for the organ transplant

here's another interesting article on a new breakthrough


Shan said...

While in ICU after the birth of our son, my ADLs (bathing/dressing) were completed at 3 a.m. every single day. I barely slept the 9 days in ICU and it wasn't until I was given a sleeping pill on day 24 that I truly slept - and then did so the next 18 hours! My doctors always joked that if I wanted to sleep the hospital was not the place to be - how right they were. Keeping you all in our prayers.

Sara said...

I hope I can get those articles online since I'm in London, England - thanks for the info Nate!