Thursday, February 28, 2008


> Tricia won our game of Scrabble yesterday by the score of 203 to 199. She is a spelling wiz.

> Tricia has only been outside that one time...the cold weather and the Flu have kept her from going out again.

> Tricia hasn't eaten much except for a little apple sauce and chocolate pudding. She is fed mostly via her feeding tube throughout the day.

I've had several questions about CF/Transplant related diabetes. I am not an Endocrinologist, not do I play one on tv, but here are a few things that I think are true about this subject:

> CFers are prone to diabetes for a few reasons:
- Most CFers are on a high fat/high calorie diet (which usually means high sugar/glucose levels) to help keep their weight up.
- The Pancreas is one of the organs affected by CF. The Pancreas produces Insulin. It makes sense that CFers are prone to insulin deficiency (meaning they produce insulin, just not enough).
- Many CF drugs, especially steroids, can cause diabetes.

> Tricia may or may not have had diabetes before being pregnant, but it wasn't detected until after she became pregnant. Of course, Gestational Diabetes is very common.

> So far (since delivering the baby), Tricia is still having issues with her blood sugar, which means that, especially with the upcoming transplant (and all of the transplant steroids that she'll be taking), she'll probably deal with diabetes for the rest of her life (which will also make for some crazy dietary restrictions...).




The Adoption Of William said...

Praying for Tricia. I knew she would beat you! No offense though

Still praying!

With Love and Hope,

Jen-William's Mom

The Beaver Bunch said...

I was just scrolling thru all the blogs on this 1 page and I seriously do want to know...How does Tricia keep her eyebrows looking so good? I really think this should make it into the next Q&A! I mean, come on, either it's a God given gift (that I'm envious of), or someone is a seriously good eye brow artist. Either way, good stuff. ;) Praying for all 3 of you!

Anonymous said...

So Tricia beat you!!! Good for her! Glad your enjoying the scrabble game (if it's the one I sent). Maybe we need to find some other games to send!

Lisa Collinsworth

Anonymous said...

By the way...I clicked on the link you put in that last post about when Tricia went into the hospital in December. Looks like you thought she would only be there a few days...only God knew the journey He would take you on! I also noticed only 4 or 5 comments on those posts back in December...that is definitely a thing of the past huh? Now it's
100's of comments! You've become famous in those 2 months as well!!!

Lisa Collinsworth

Annette said...

Maybe I missed something but how long have you had this blog? I came on board in January- I check it daily and pray for you all often. Thank You Nate for the "Thank You's" when I post on my blog about your family or your familiy's blog.

Soltana said...

Just checking in. I have been reading everyday..sometimes more than once. But don't leave a comment all the time. I know what "super stars" you are:)

You and your girls are in my prayers:)

Thanks for all the updates and humor:)

Jillian said...

I'm glad Tricia won! You three are just amazing.

Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes is new to me, even as a Type 1 Diabetic. Thanks for sharing what you know, and sending me on a little google trip. Your story has taught me so much.

Jenny said...

Yay Tricia! =]

Thanks for the new info. Still praying...

Kate said...

Hey Nate,

This site was used by Boothe over at to capture the eight days their daughter spent in this world. she raved about it on her site so I though I'd share in case you wanted something different for Gwyneth's baby book (though I'm sure you have several, this one is all done through the computer and seems really cool). Just something to look at when/if you get the time. thanks for keeping us updated on your girls. continuing to pray for gwyneth's growth and tricia's lungs.

Carla said...

Just want to let you guys know, I have CFRD, and they don't restrict my diet, but treat me with insulin instead (so I can keep my weight up!). I don't know what they do post transplant, but I know people who still eat normally, are post transplant and diabetic.

Hope this helps a little!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Close game of Scrabble, huh?

My daughters would like to know if you have named Gwyneth's pug (the Webkinz).

By the way, the "Today" blog entry made me cry. Thanks for ruining my make up. :-)

Still praying!

~Sara in MD

Kristen said...

Could they dual list her for lungs and pancres? I know a CF friend whos is going to be dual listed for those organs cause of her CFRD, and I know a child who got a new liver and pancres cause of her CFRD.
Thanks for answering questions we all have!

Anonymous said...

haha way to go , Tricia, you sound like a scrabble champ!
Is Tricia only eating a little bit by mouth because she has no appetite and its easier to eat thru the tube? Are you allowed to bring in her favorite foods for her to eat? I imagine she must be tired of hospital food by now!
I hope she gets strong enough to eat more and to be able to go outside for some fresh air! Have a blessed day, Tricia! We are all praying for you and Gwyneth!

Jessica said...

Seriously addicted to your blog... I check it 3 or more times a day. It is my first stop each morning and my last stop before bedtime.
My daughter was still born at 26 weeks and also weighed 1 lb 6 oz and was 12 inches long. I love watching little Gwyneth grow each week and am praying for her continued strength. Praying for you and Tricia too!!! Thank you for sharing your story.

Tanisha said...

YAY for Tricia! (Sorry Nate)

I agree with Jessica...I'm addicted to your blog too...but in a good way! :)

Still praying for all of you!

Tanisha in VA

Apple said...

Nate, this might help out those with questions on CF related diabetes (CFRD).

Rick Lawrenson said...

I'm still laughing about the eyebrows comment.

TheRagan3 said...

praying for you all tonight.

another blog that I have been following for a while had a really great story on there. Here is the link if you get the chance. It really speaks to God being Sovereign and how hard sometimes it is to understand that and to let it become part of you. I found much in it that I could understand and agree with. Maybe you will too.


Marla Taviano said...

You misspelled whiz. Tricia should spell-check your blogs. :)

Debi said...

We've been praying for you and although you don't 'have' to do it, I really appreciate you frequent updates so we can know how to best be praying for you! :) And, I just wanted to say that although my husband doesn't have CF, he does have diabetes - type 1, juvenile, and he's on an insulin pump. Our stories are different, but I do understand the 'craziness' of that disease and trying to get the blood sugars regulated. Sometimes it seems that you can do everything 'right' and it still doesn't work! So, knowing what she's dealing with in regards to the blood sugar issues -- we 'understand' and will be praying for all that to stabilize!

In Christ,