Friday, February 15, 2008

The Story of Us - Tricia's Version (Part 3)

Tricia's Version:
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(Part 2)

Nate's Version:
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It was sometime in April. My friend Sheryl from NJ was getting married and I was going to be a bridesmaid. I needed someone to take me to a bridal shop in Virginia. I didn't know who to ask, and I thought of Nathan. He knew how to get to Virginia, why not give him a call?

With the intention of just having him help me get to VA and having a buddy to talk to, I went ahead and called up Nathan in hopes he would take me and give me a tour of VA.

We drove up that day in my parents jeep, and it seems that day my mind changed it’s view on Nathan.

The only distinct memories from that trip is feeling awkward at a bridal shop with him. Most couples who visit wedding shops are getting married. And, having a really good time with him and catching up on our lives.

Lastly and most importantly, driving home and eating a really good McDonald’s meal. French fries, yum!

I believe I started that day to have more feelings for him.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia (& Nate)~ Thanks for continuing to share your story with us! Even though I know in the end of it you guys (obviously) fall madly in love and get married, I love watching (reading) this love story unfold! I actually find myself on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next:) Loved all the vidoes too. Such a beautiful story! Such a beautiful family the three of you are!!!

Still Praying in NY, Amy

bdodge said...

I LOVE hearing your side. Thanks for sharing. Just wanted you to know that we are praying daily for you and your baby!

Anonymous said...

Looks like that drive to Virginia changed the course of your life. Aren't you glad you asked him?

How long were you guys in Virginia Beach? My daughter and her husband have been living there for two years. He's in law school at Regent. He graduates in May. Yea! Then they'll be moving to Louisville, Ken.

I'm still praying for you (three). God is in control—thank goodness—and He is good.

suzie said...

Hi Tricia,

I've only just got up to speed with yours and Nate's story and I'm enjoying reading it a lot, I couldnt help but notice how Nate's take on the day at the bridal store was sooooooo much longer than yours....hehe!!

Does that mean he talks more than you do.

Sending you a massive (((HUG))) and lots of love from all my gang and praying for you and Gwyneth every day.

Anonymous said...

are you guys sure that this is a real story and not just some soap opera on TV, lol.

I agree w/ Tricia Mc.Donalds has the best french fries, YUM! :)

Anonymous said...

Tricia love reading about your beautiful love story.
I am hoping and Praying today is an easy goin' type day for You, Gwyneth Rose & Nathan, tonight and tomorrow too well geez while i am at it Sunday too =) =)
Showering THE MIGHTY THREE and Families Lovingly with Prayers and thoughts of Peace & Joy....

Sara said...

I hadn't thought about the "weirdness" of not being a couple in a bridal shop - that just made me laugh out loud at work, which I think is good for a Friday at 16.52, so THANK YOU Tricia, xx

Anonymous said...

I got a link to your blog from another blogger...
I just love reading your story. I love "watching" your love to continue to grow all the while. You have a BEAUTIFUL family! I am praying that God will make this time go quickly so you can all be home together to enjoy each other with even more newfound joys!

Lamentations 3:22-24


Apple said...

I just have to let Tricia know that she has got a fabulous smile. Watching your wedding etc videos and then seeing pictures of her now...her smile has remained just absolutely radiant.

The Adoption Of William said...

AWWW it is so cool hearing from you! Mcdonalds fries are the best. They are hardly ever soggy!

With Love and Hope,

William's Mom

Anonymous said...

Nice clean up but still need to get out and get a hair cut and shave ;) hehe

Happy Valentine's day (a day late!) to the 3 of you (oh wait, to the 4 of you. Can't forget your furbaby!)

Don't know ya but love ya!
The Wright Family
in Texas

Rick Lawrenson said...

Anytime a man goes into a store with a woman shopping is like an eternity for the man.

Worse than going to a bridal shop would have to be hanging out with her in the "foundations" dept. of a store.

And worse than that is, "Will you run to the store for me? I'm out of (name your favorite) feminine product." As you stand in the check out line, you swear every pair of eyes in the store is focused on you. And they're laughing.

The things we men do for love.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that he did NOT look like his wake up picture at that time!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Tricia & Nate,

What a wonderful story you are sharing about your life. Just think how Gwyneth will treasure those memories of her parents' romance. So sweet - thanks for sharing.

Continue to do well...always praying for your family.


Ben said...

Hey Nate - (humor the math nerd in me for a minute) 1 million hits is crazy, but I couldn't believe that you've had almost 40,000 hits in less than a day and a half since that point! Do you realize that it took just over 5 months to reach 1 million, but at the current rate, should only take amount 1 month to reach 2 million? Obviously hits aren't the goal here and each hit doesn't represent a different person, but the impact of your family's story on the world is nothing short of amazing - GOD IS GOOD!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Hi Tricia,

I am loving reading your side of the story, however, it is breaking my heart:) as I am waiting for you to notice this love-struck puppy at your heels!! But he said he wasn't expressing his feelings yet, who can read minds?? Especially Nates:):) I am just glad to know the ending up to this moment and I want to say that I just love the three of you and the gift of Gods love to you as your miracle continues to unfold. I am praying for you sweetie, and you are the most patient and tolerant and tough girl I have ever seen. I think Gwyneth is following in your footsteps. Praying for all good things to come to pass and hear that you are heading home. This is my wish for you three.

Love you guys, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Tricia's part 3! :)
I really love reading both sides of your story. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more! It's great to hear Nate's version, but it's even better to hear yours!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I started reading this and immediately thought "Why on earth was Nate going to be a bridesmaid?!!" Haha! I mean I know you guys do things differently in the US, but seriously, Nate would have look a bit funny in a frock ;o)

Lovely to hear from you again Tricia! Thinking of you loads.

BIG hugs xxxxx

Scott's Misiz said...

I am so grateful to be able to read your side of the story! Nate's is very good, but there's always two sides and seeing I'm a she and not a he, well you get my point. I'm looking forward to 'part 4'!
Seeing Gwenyth has brought back memories of my first baby, she was premature too. It's tough, but I agree with Nate, you are one tough lady.
You are in our prayers,
Your sister-in-Christ in FL